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  1. loved her so much, there's only one amy
  2. such a clapback bruh!! i'm speechless at your wittiness...
  3. the more you act like an asshole, the more you are loved and respected on this forum i guess, congrats.
  4. you just like to ruin every fun don't you
  5. sorry but it's like ur stuck its the 90s or somethin, there's plenty of music to discover... you guys act like there's only pop music out there, y'all need to listen to other stuff
  6. Best : Baby One More Time, Toxic, Everytime
  7. lbr most of us wouldn't even care if brit didnt sang blowjob if the music was good
  8. Like in mood ring her deep voice sounds so fkn good, reminds me of the bomt album in some parts, she really needs to use it more. Please Brinny for your next album only sing with your deep voice. + now she smokes so i'm sure her voice is even deeper and sexier.