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  1. It's not bad by any means at all, a lot better than a lot of people! but it's also not the best voice out there, you definitely have potential and if you keep singing and practicing you'll sound amazing!
  2. MV Observations Part 2

    I agree with you for the most part but I honestly would have LOVED to have seen the original Break the Ice concept with it featuring chair dancing just like in Stronger but I understand that she wasn't able to make a real life video
  3. I Will Be There is miles better than Thinkin' About You
  4. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    f*ck Baby, marry Crazy, kill Sometimes f*ck Oops, marry Stronger, kill Lucky f*ck Gimme More, marry Break the Ice, kill Piece of Me
  5. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    are we talking about the songs themselves or Britney in the videos?
  6. Should 'Circus' Have Led 'Circus'

    You should make a "Should Do You Wanna Come Over Have Led Glory?"
  7. New Britney Sweatshirt at Forever21 (21MEN)

    is it online yet? I can't find it
  8. Femme Fatale Alternate Tracklist

    I just burned my CD with this tracklist and I threw Burning Up in right after I Wanna Go and Unbroken in right after Selfish and I love it!