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  1. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    You still on this dude?

    So then don’t you think you should stop saying she looks bad so she won’t get more work done?
  3. Early Mornin’ and ATWK outqualitied
  4. Early Mornin’ and ATWK outsold
  5. Idol come back!!!

    Water is wet
  6. Apple Emoji - 4th Post in a row

    2016: Lemonade by Beyoncé 2018: Apple by Britney Spears
  7. Omg this POM video

    She never been a good lipsyncer
  8. Omg this POM video

    Where did you get this gif?
  9. remember when britney spears did that

    I like Hung Up, Music, Ray of Light, 4 mintues, La Isla Bonita. That’s kind of it
  10. remember when britney spears did that

    Ever. Maybe I’ve heard it before and didn’t know it was LAP.
  11. remember when britney spears did that

    You clocked me with receipts
  12. remember when britney spears did that

    I hate that song a lot of her music has aged for me
  13. remember when britney spears did that

    I never heard Like a Prayer but I’ve heard Like a Virgin
  14. Serious question y’all. I need help.

    it amazes me how someone with a good voice never shows it off
  15. Serious question y’all. I need help.

    Make sure to record when she sings live
  16. Like I said a good song but nothing extraordinary
  17. I think people like it so much because it’s a pure pop song and we don’t have a lot of that anymore it’s a cool little pop song but like you said nothing amazing
  18. This. People act like that album changed the music industry, I mean it has a couple of good songs but nothing extraordinary
  19. I like that song. It was so overplayed in 2012 or 2013 whenever it came out, I got tired of it so I haven’t listened to it since.
  20. Those middle-aged moms love her so it makes sense What About Us was so bad she’s been making the same music since 2008.
  21. Grocery stores are gonna be blasting P!nk even more now