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  1. POM songs: What would you add/drop?

    Thats one of my faves! Its underrated and honestly its my favourite music video by her. Its hold a special place in my heart. I truly think if she is going to sing a ballad live she should this one, it represents her true voice in my opinion.
  2. POM songs: What would you add/drop?

    FTBOMBH I would love for her to sing that live again since thats honestly a single of hers and one of her only singles that is completely in her natural register, this is one song she could ACTUALLY Sing with her voice. I know a lot of my non stan friends and people who aren't even fans of Britney are surprised and love it when they hear from FTBOMBH. If she sang live FTBOMBH I suggest even just for fun, It was a top 20 hit. You should of put that in the options too.
  3. Do A My Only Wish Performance!

    She had to be reminded by her little sisters co-star about this song