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  1. 11 hours ago, 3isacharm said:

    20 years next year :triggered:


    Team Britney has a WHOLE fucking year to make sh!t happen.

    I'm gonna give them some ideas.

    1. 20 year-anniversary Box set: Includes all of her albums (yes even BJ) with all the bonus tracks/b-sides and a Blu-ray with all her MVs. A new single (at least)
    2. An amazing BOMT Box set re-release with all the bonus tracks and all the CD singles + DVD with the Crazy 2K Tour and the MVs
    3. Greatest Hits Album: 3 Disc Set. Pretty similar to "The Essential" but with the BJ & Glory singles added plus a DVD Documentary with interviews from Britney, team B, some celebrities about the 20 years of her career.

    I wanted a Vinyl but it's already happening this year with UO 


    We need BOMT TOUR ON DVD 

    Needing that 80s medley and Open Arms in good/decent quality since 1999 :yesplease:

  2. Baby One More Time Tour

    • Soda Pop (From the album this performance needs pro recording vocals are live and even better live)
    • Material Girl (If were counting covers I love this medley)
    • Black Cat
    • Nasty
    • Open Arms (This is great too) 

    Crazy2k Tour

    • The Beat Goes On

    Oops I Did It Again Tour

    • The Beat Goes On (This version is very trip 60s vibe love it)

    Dream Within A Dream Tour

    • Lonely

    Onyx Hotel Tour

    • Shadow

    Circus Tour

    • Mannequin

    Femme Fatale Tour

    • Big Fat Bass (Lol I love this for all the wrong reasons)
    • How I Roll
    • Lace & Leather (This I love the fan interaction I guess?)
    • He About To Lose Me (I love this when theres live vocals)

    Piece Of Me

    • Do You Wanna Come Over (I loved the first performance of this)
    • Breathe On Me
    • Touch Of My Hand

  3. I actually really think this is solid production and fantastic visuals. Tbh I am not a Katy fan I only like Teenage Dream in the beginning of the era and I wasn't here for Prism.

    I honestly do enjoy Witness, lyrically some of the album track songs are fantastic (not the singles). My faves are Roulette, the album self-titled song itself, Dejavu, Power, Miss You More. I am more into the first half of the album rather than the second half. At first I wasn't here for it but after really listening to it, Its not bad at all. 

  4. "Work Bitch"

    "I Wanna Go"


    "Radar" (Interlude)

    "Do You Wanna Come Over?"

    "Breathe On Me / Touch Of My Hand"
    "Slumber Party"
    "Make Me..."

    "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" (Interlude)
    "I'm A Slave 4 U"

    "Gimme More"


    "Scream & Shout" (Interlude)
    ""Me Against The Music"


    "...Baby One More Time / Oops!... I Did It Again"





    "Stronger / (You Drive Me) Crazy"

    "Make Me"

    "Till The World Ends"

    Break The Ice / Piece Of Me"

  5. Underrated

    From the bottom of my broken heart

    Soda Pop

    I Will Still Love You

    Email my heart

    Beat Goes On

    Im Not A Girl 

    (I bop to bubble gum pop :makesomenoise:)

    Someday (I Will Understand)

    Heaven On Earth

    Why Should I Be Sad

    Out from Under


    Til Its Gone

    Hard To Forget Ya - I will never ever understand the hate for this song like that bridge is everything. 





  6. POM

    Britney herself looks way better and alive and I am glad it brought back her energy. Something that I honestly believed was dead especially after FF, X Factor even at the beginning of Vegas. Vegas brought peace into her life. 

    The dancing and energy itself is a lot better than FFT by miles we got a glimpses of Primeney in POM such as February 2016, February 2014, 2015.

    I will say FFT production is better with the visuals and the outfit ideas. But there are some POM outfits I do enjoy. 

    Then theres the CD track vocals :tiffcackle: But that doesn't really bother me tbh cause I just don't really care anymore. We all know whats up pre-recorded or not :quirkney:

  7. Im not a fan of this song. Like I don't hate it, Its just one of her songs I don't care for. I do love the FF Tour version of it.  I wish she picked something different for POM from Britney album like INANYAW (Just for fun with vocals) or Overprotected which is long over due for a performance. :outwithit: Glad she has ILR&R in the show though.