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  1. 3 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I actually enjoyed Dead Petz and recognize it as her strongest work. I think Space Bootz is the best song of her career and I wouldn't mind more stuff like that.

    I agree with this. Dead Petz is criminally underrated and its my favourite by hers. Dead Petz, Bangerz & Can't Be Tamed album are her best in my opinion. I love Slab Of Butter, I Forgive Yiew, Milky Milky Milk, Space Bootz, Cyrus Skies. Its just so different and I was hoping she would go more on Psychedelic Pop for her 6th album. 

  2. - I think Katy Perry's Witness was overshadowed by the singles  she chose which were trash and the other songs are some of her best work in my opinion. The singles did not give this album justice, the more I listen the more I like it.  Roulette is one of my fave songs from 2017 and should be a single immediately. Witness, Power, Miss You More even Deja Vu flawless. The more I listen, the more I love. Tbh I like it better than all of her other albums other than Teenage Dream.

    - Selena Gomez Revival was boring af to me, I literally listen to only the singles on Selena's albums and maybe one or two album tracks and thats it.

    - Madonna's Erotica album is underrated I think its better than ROL, LAP and Confessions.

    - I don't get the Taylor Swift hype at all. Never did and never will. 


    Britney related:

    - I think Baby One More Time album is underrated. I actually like the album tracks like Email my heart, Soda Pop, I will still love you, Beat goes on. Best vocals.

    - Better is overrated. I don't get the hype for it and its my least fave song on Glory tbh.

    - Hard To Forget Ya is underrated. I think its a fun song and I wouldn't mind it being a single.

    - The only qualities appealing about the Circus Tour was the production, costumes and how Britney looks. The rest is just her skipping around the stage. 

    - Vegas >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Circus Tour >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FFT

    - I want a Baby One More Time tour DVD before a Circus or Vegas tour DVD. This one is long overdue.


  3. Roulette would of been way better, Its my fave off Witness and I was hoping for that especially with the costumes she choose felt like it would of belonged in a music video for Roulette. :receipts2:

    HHH is my least fave off the album tbh its trash and basic af.


  4. 1 hour ago, storm said:

    I actually love FTBOMBH and would love for her to sing that but I didn't think many people liked that song

    Thats one of my faves! Its underrated and honestly its my favourite music video by her. Its hold a special place in my heart. I truly think if she is going to sing a ballad live she should this one, it represents her true voice in my opinion.

  5. FTBOMBH I would love for her to sing that live again since thats honestly a single of hers and one of her only singles that is completely in her natural register, this is one song she could ACTUALLY Sing with her voice. I know a lot of my non stan friends and people who aren't even fans of Britney are surprised and love it when they hear from FTBOMBH. If she sang live FTBOMBH I suggest even just for fun, It was a top 20 hit.  You should of put that in the options too. 


    Also 21:40-22:55 Angelique slips up saying Dan Schneider did try to make sexual advances to her mother. He seems to do that with parents makes me wonder if he did that for Jamie Lynn? Especially when Jamie Lynn during her time on Dan's shows from 2002-2005 was around the time Lynne and Jamie had issues in their relationship. I mean Lynne knew about Dan since the 90s since Britney guest starred on his shows such as All That, Kenan & Kel. 

  7. I am not 100 percent sure about Jamie Lynn if anything did happen. But I do have receipts that Amanda Bynes secret account tweeted this and it makes sense why she had a meltdown. She denied this is her account in the public maybe its cause her parents denied it but its her. She posted her drivers license on this account before, look it up. 





    Its sick how this man has done this for years if you watched All That, Amanda Show, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious theres lots of trails. If you hear Angelique Bates story she revealed just a few days ago about how Nickelodeon works, how they would try to get rid of the kids parents so the adults could be around them all day and if they couldn't get rid of the parents they would get rid of the kids. It makes me wonder if Jamie Lynn got Zoey 101 in the grooming way or just because she is Britney's sister and Britney was the #1 celebrity worldwide back in the 2000s. Angelique's story really opened my eyes and I can only imagine what Britney or Jamie went through when Angelique was more of a side cast member, what would the lead cast members have to do. Here is the links to all the stories and interviews from certain people that worked on Dan's shows that have came forward about inappropriate things like an unsupervised pool parties, producers making sexual advances to parents, black balling people out of show business, etc. Will Jamie Lynn have a story to come forward with? or even Britney (doubt she ever would) I mean she was a Disney kid. 






  8. 16 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

    Timeless bop! Anyone that gives Soda Pop sh*t is wrong without question. :likethat:

    Soda Pop the Bop! taste, taste & taste with all this Soda Pop & Sometimes praise :mcry:

    Heres the receipt on her thoughts on Sometimes now 0:26 she isn't fond of Oops or Crazy either yet they get a half performance. :jolieoverit:



  9. I am so happy Sometimes hit 90M just like a week ago or so and its already almost at 91M. I am so happy that it is growing it may even pass Everytime which is at 91M and less than a million to do that. I always felt Crazy was more popular  and thought it would make it to 100M first, but I am happy this gem may make it to 100M. I really love this song I am such a BOMTney fan. Classic 90s. Wish she perform this just once but we know her feelings towards this song...... 

  10. 8 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I wasn't even born or conceived yet, but this is such an important moment in pop. Without Erotica, women in pop couldn't have had their big sexual awakenings, M took all the bullets for the girls.

    It truly is, Without this album would we even have Britney and all of the popstars from the 00s & this decade the way they presented themselves. It would of been completely different. God bless Madge's Erotica Era :urite:

  11. Happy 25th Anniversary to "Erotica" and the Sex book written by Dita. This is considered one of the biggest backlashes in pop music history, she was EVERYWHERE in a negative light. Honestly this is my favourite Madonna era she was courageous and risky, it would of been exciting to watch this all unfold. This is her best album in my opinion I love every song on the album, my faves are Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Secret Garden, Where Life Begins, Words & the criminally underrated single Bad Girl. She also had the fun and entertaining "The Girlie Show" tour which was banned in multiple countries as well. 

    Let me know what your guys thoughts on this era, the album and the sex book? Anyone here who was alive and lived through this eventful era too? Favourite tracks?