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    ...Baby One More Time - Soda Pop (The Bop), E-Mail My Heart, I'll Never Stop Loving You

    Oops!... I Did It Again - Where Are You Now

    Britney -  Cinderella

    In the Zone - Shadow

    Blackout - Heaven on Earth

    Circus - Unusual You, Blur

    Femme Fatale - Don't Keep Me Waiting

    Britney Jean - Til It's Gone

    Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over? 


  2. 6 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

    I'm legit crying hearing something so honest and soul bearing from her nowadays is so rare :crying2:

    This has just made me realise THIS is what I need from her... A good honest emotional performance.

    Same! I want to see this from her. 

    I wouldn't have mind a studio version of this at the end of BOMT instead of Beat Goes On. As much as I love Beat Goes On I could sacrifice it for this song. 

  3. I think its a favourite from Britney because she said this was one of her favourite to perform live I think it was on the Crazy 2K or Oops Tour when she performed it. I also think they wanted to close the albums era with a ballad. 

    This song charted in Canada in the top 30s (#25) and it was always on MTV I remember here in Canada and MuchMusic, as well as Family Channel. In the US it charted at #14 it charted even higher than Sometimes. Its her highest charting ballad to date, even higher than Everytime which charted at #15 in the US.

    I am honestly glad we had FTBOMBH as the final single even though i do think BTMYH should have been released in the US as well. FTBOMBH closes that first era nicely. It also has a beautiful music video that screams nostalgia.  

    A lot of my non Britney fan friends tend to love this song even if they don't like her music very much, when I show them this song they are surprised with her vocals. 

  4. 7 hours ago, ElectricPlatypusLove said:

    She needs to move on from hating it. It's a lovely song. The sentiment actually speaks to Britney's real life personality at this time a lot more than most of her songs. It's a song that maybe was too mature for a teenager even though it's obviously trying to sound like one. I didn't adore "Sometimes" back in 1999 but now I really identify with the lyrics in my early 30's.  Becoming guarded, wanting to "believe in everything that you say" are the sentiments of a person who has experienced a few heartbreaks.



    Its my 2nd or 3rd fave song from the album tbh. :lmao:

    7 hours ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    This should definitely be part of her POM Tour set list. It was a big hit and let's face it none of her recent songs can have that said about them, but they're still being performed... :bichpls:


    Don't shade the hits Britney - the past hits are all you have nowadays :kyliecry:

    she needs to get rid of Boys. I don't ever play that one because its so over played and the POM remix should have never saw its light of day. :meltdown::orangu:

    1 hour ago, Fab britney said:

    Britney should do a throwback section in Pom where she performs her sweeter past hits in a cute way, like the music box from dream tour, those exact 3 songs too actually :mattafact:

    add From the bottom of my broken heart and I am here for it! :mhm:

  5. 2 hours ago, The_Original_Toy said:

    I LOVE light years :groovin: we need more trance pop

    We really do! i actually was looking for trance pop, missing the EDM era of the 2010s. Light Years (along with Rhythm of Love) is my fave Kylie album mainly for the trance. Britney should do a full trance pop album for B10. Trance pop full of bops :groovin:

  6. 15 hours ago, ralphynno said:

    This sounds SO Kylie Minogue tho

    It sounds like What Do I Have To Do & Light Years (which are my 2 fave Kylie songs) combined meets Donna Summer I Feel Love. Which all Heavenly/Dream pop bops!  :jamout:

    This is my all time fave! We need a performance of God On Earth. Would we even be alive if a performance of this song happened or music video? :unreal:

    I'd rather have HOE on every album as bonus track #13 with a music video than anything off Belinda Joanne.

    • Borderline
    • I Know It
    • Over and Over
    • Open Your Heart
    • True Blue
    • Oh Father
    • Dear Jessie
    • Justify My Love
    • Rescue Me
    • Erotica
    • Bad Girl
    • Where Life Begins
    • Words
    • Secret Garden
    • Take A Bow
    • Sanctuary 
    • Drowned World/Substitute For Love
    • Swim
    • Nobody's Perfect
    • Love Profusion
    • Nobody Knows Me
    • Mother and Father
    • Future Lovers
    • Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
    • Love Spent
    • Im Addicted
    • Ghosttown 
    • Wash All Over Me

  7. On 2/11/2018 at 7:09 PM, HuffingAndPuffingOnStage said:

    Her early music actually reminds me of some of Britney's early music! It's really cheesy but still enjoyable and fun. 

    I agree! Kylie in this early phase of her career reminds me of Britney if we had her in a late 80s/early 90s style ever. 

    54 minutes ago, Applejack said:

    Tears In My Pillow, I Guess I Like It Like That (although it's like a fan did a mashup of 5 popular songs), Je Ne Suis Pa Pourquai, Wouldn't Change a Thing are some I have a soft spot in my heart...

    Better the Devil You Know, Shocked, Finer Feelings are all freaking fire

    And I love her modern live versions of Loco-Motion and I Should Be Lucky, her tours are always incredible

    YES Finer Feelings been getting into that too. Rhythm Of Love singles are fire! :hipney:

    I LOVE the ShowGirl version of Lucky! 

    I wish she would perform Wouldn't Change A Thing again that hasn't been performed in almost 2 decades. :meltdown:

    On 2/11/2018 at 1:24 PM, Dripping For Britney said:

    So many bops! What do I have to do, What kind of fool and step back in time are 3 of my all time favourite Kylie songs :hibebe:

    What Do I Have To Do is literally my fave Kylie song of all time. Its literally her version of Vogue in my opinion. If she was an American artist that would of been a Number one single everywhere. Its absolutely flawless! :brit:

    On 2/11/2018 at 5:26 PM, Isla. said:

    I Should Be So Lucky and Better the Devil You Know are BOPS

    Both fantastic! Love the music videos too! 

  8. Hey, just wondering do any of you guys like Kylie's early music & even if you don't and your a huge Kylie fan. What are your faves from her early catalogue? 

    I never really listened to her early music that much until recently and I actually enjoy a lot of it. 



    I am loving lately What Do I Have To Do and Shocked I think there are some of her best songs ever. Rhythm Of Love I am really liking this album the best out of any of her early music. I also love Wouldn't Change A Thing, as well as I Should Be So Lucky. Also got into Confide In Me. All these Bops that I didn't know about I am so ashamed of myself. I don't know if you consider the later part of the 90s her early work but love those albums too. Rhythm Of Love is like one of the last albums that has these early 90s/late 80s types of Freedom Anthems like Vogue, Freedom.:carpoolney:



  9. On 2/6/2018 at 6:50 PM, goldenboi92 said:

    this is still my favorite single from her. i wish she would give it more attention. it would have been perfect for piece of me. 

    I think so too! she could of done it similar to the Lucky performance in POM. 

  10. 1. From the bottom of my broken heart (Beautiful storybook video)

    2. Overprotected (both mixes are amazing visually and so tragic this didn't chart well in the US)

    3. Im not a girl not yet a woman (Beautiful music video makes me think of the early 00s)


    Honorable Mention: Someday (I Will Understand), My Prerogative, Born to make you happy.

  11. 17 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    I mean, true. I was a big fan of the show as a kid too, so it's likely. I was just thinking about how she mentioned being a Saved By The Bell fan, and that typically went hand-in-hand with 90210 or Melrose Place; Married with Children was the opposite of those and the anti-family sitcom, lol. But given that she's surprised me with her taste in stuff before, I could see that. :soyeah:

    Exactly even though it was an anti-family sitcom everyone watched everything back then especially families. My family watched Full House, The Cosby Show and then we would watch Married with children, The Simpsons and then Golden Girls, 90210, Sweet Valley High, same at other houses in the street. So I could see her watching it she probably is a fan of both. I always felt as well she was the 2000s version of Christina Applegate. :hipney:

  12. 10 hours ago, fucknfurter said:

    To be fair, y'all, Ed O'Neill is, I mean-- he's old. I just still think its hilarious that Britney's a fan. It has to be Modern Family that made her one, because I can't see Britney loving Married with Children. But hey, who knows?

    This is still adorable. I love Ed so much.

    I could see her being a fan of Married with Children probably as a child/teenager she grew up in the decade it was on. 

  13. 8 hours ago, RedCarpet said:

    I've never actually listened to MJ's discography. Of course I know his singles/hits but maybe I should listen to more of his stuff because this sounds very good 

    Im glad this thread inspired you to listen to more. He has some beautiful album tracks especially on HIStory and Invincible that don't see the light of day. :tear:

    5 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

    Holy s--t Strangee in Moscow is my s--t. It also makes me think of Britney. I remember her saying in one of her interviews that even though she is surrounded by people, she can still feel lonely sometimes and that’s exactly the reason micheal wrote the song. He was adored by millions, had tons of people around him but he still felt lonely.

    Stranger In Moscow is everything its literally like Alien by Britney. I remember an interview from around the time Original Doll was still a project probably the same thing were talking about. 

  14. 14 hours ago, ralphynno said:

    Nah those HIStory tracks are masterpieces, result of maturing, result of a whole career in the business, and also the album has a very well-built concept. It's to be thought as a school history book (even the album itself was a double album, like a book, and called 'book I'), and explore themes like war, poverty, hunger, politics in general, the media, scary news of the world (Little Susie), it's really a contemporary statement on all contemporary problems...It's really a big deal, and not only an album bashing the media. I think The Original Doll was going on another direction. It would be about Britney acknowledging her place in the industry, reaffirming her status as an icon (which she had clearly achieved and cemented, specially after Toxic) and not letting the newbies coming for her place and her achievements. A bit of media bashing, yes, perhaps, but in a different tone than Michael Jackson in HIStory, in a more bitchy way. To be quite honest, I think she followed a bit of that concept for Gimme More and Piece of Me in Blackout. We always feel like we've 'missed' something with The Original Doll being scrapped, but I think what we got for Blackout wasn't much far from the original thing.

    Interesting take on Original Doll and even Blackout I always associated Blackout as something completely different from Original Doll never made the connections. Actually when I was younger my parents compared Piece Of Me to Leave Me Alone from MJ Bad, as giving off a similar message. I agree I couldn't see Britney doing these types of themes, I wish she did work with them.


    13 hours ago, blurryface said:

    HIStory is such an underrated album :kyliecry:

    It is! Its my favourite but it gets ignored so badly even Invincible gets more recognition. :meltdown:

  15. I was just listening to Michael Jackson's HIStory (1995) and came to this realization/thought a lot of the tracks especially "Tabloid Junkie" & "Money" remind me of "Mona Lisa" & "Rebellion" ones that were suppose to be for the unreleased album "Original Doll". Most of this album HIStory is Michael literally dissing his label and the media and exposing them for what they are. Along with other songs like "Scream", "They Don't Care About Us", "2 Bad" because they totally destroyed him his whole life and he had enough. 10 years later Britney began having the same problem with the media. I think this was the path Britney was planning to take with "Original Doll" if the project ever carried I could see her having it in mind. Lyrically this is my favourite Michael Jackson album especially the song "Stranger In Moscow" touches me most and "Earth Song". We also know Britney was writing a lot of beautiful ballads like "State Of Grace" and "Let Go" during this time too, bringing those to light in an album would of been beautiful. Many of these songs were produced and written by MJ himself mainly the ballads, Britney I think was trying to follow this path as well since I remember her saying she wanted to learn to produce music. This album sold 20 million copies in 20 years, wonder what the charts would of been for Original Doll if it went through. What do you guys think? :umsaywhat:





  16. Overprotected at 78M views on youtube gonna be 100M possibly this year or next year (No performance)

    Sometimes at 97M gonna beat 100M in just a few weeks (No performance)

    Im Not A Girl at 78M Views on youtube gonna be 100M possibly this year or next year (No performance)

    Criminal at 78M Views on youtube gonna be 100M possibly this year or next year (No performance)

    Ooh La La at 84M Views on youtube gonna be 100M possibly this year (No performance though I don't expect it)

    3, Radar & My Prerogative (No performance)


    Boys 42M Views on youtube gonna be at 50M by the end of this year or next year (100000030423498320 performances)


    Ok Brit & Larry. :umsaywhat:

  17. 15 hours ago, The_Original_Toy said:

    unpopular opinion probably, but i feel like it does a really good job of closing the album 

    This is why I love it! I think its perfect as a closer track for her first album. 

    Love the live version she did even more. I use to bop to this all the time. it was my fave for a while tbh.