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  1. Happy 25th Anniversary to Madonna's "Erotica" album + SEX book

    It truly is, Without this album would we even have Britney and all of the popstars from the 00s & this decade the way they presented themselves. It would of been completely different. God bless Madge's Erotica Era
  2. Happy 25th Anniversary to "Erotica" and the Sex book written by Dita. This is considered one of the biggest backlashes in pop music history, she was EVERYWHERE in a negative light. Honestly this is my favourite Madonna era she was courageous and risky, it would of been exciting to watch this all unfold. This is her best album in my opinion I love every song on the album, my faves are Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Secret Garden, Where Life Begins, Words & the criminally underrated single Bad Girl. She also had the fun and entertaining "The Girlie Show" tour which was banned in multiple countries as well. Let me know what your guys thoughts on this era, the album and the sex book? Anyone here who was alive and lived through this eventful era too? Favourite tracks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNqHKS-Udxg