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  1. Great. Now time for The hookup or I got that Boom Boom (OHT) choreography.
  2. Remember when

    Why are you always on edge when someone says something about Britney? It's VERY obvious she did most of it for her own self. It's not like Britney ever listens to anybody. And please stop referring to us as 'forum members', it's insulting to make it seem like we don't matter when we're the ones who constantly buy her stuff and who made her famous to begin with. If Britney ever listened to the public, her entire breakdown wouldn't have happened and her gorgeous smile wouldn't look so creepy. Hell, even her career would be booming now. As for her weight, good for her. She's always been athletic. Nobody here was against her fixing her droopy eyes back in 2011 but if she wanted to do that, that's where it should have stopped. She's naturally a beautiful woman. Anyway, she's doing what she wants. She's always done that so good for her. But please, don't get annoyed when you see people criticizing Britney or handing in their stan card. A lot of the times, she's her own worse enemy. Oh and one more thing, I wasn't talking about her look as a way of criticizing her. I was just saying that she constantly changes her looks up. Let's not pretend none of us were relieved when we saw that ET? interview when she started opening up to the interviewer (saying baby blue was her favourite colour and stuff) and how she suddenly started looking beyond stunning looks wise and physically. Exhalers spent weeks talking about her sudden transformation back when she was shooting Make Me and the Private Show commercial.
  3. Tricia Miranda does "Outrageous"

    I've been dancing since I was 16, sweety. I've done street jazz, Hip-hop, Latin, Charleston, Jive and Contemporary. And no, I'm not trying to 'insult' those dancers, I just see things differently. I've done similar dances like this one and frankly, it is insulting to every dance genre there is out there. This is what distinguishes good choreography from bad choreography. Stop making assumptions about my background in dance to make yourself feel better. I'm not saying Britney is a dancer and they're not. I'm talking about the choreography she was given and the choreography they're doing. Yes, they're extremely different dance styles but there is also a way to go about creating choreo that doesn't make you look like you're seizing. I get it. This new style is in right now but it's also visually unappealing and makes the choreo look it's following the words, not the beat even though it is. Choreographers are trying to compete on who looks the most feisty, sassy, sexy etc.. by treating every move like it's going to be framed on a wall.
  4. Azealia Banks talks Britney remix + performing it in Vegas

    I don't give a crap how great Azalea banks is, she needs to stay away from Britney and needs to leave the spotlight. She's a lunatic. As a matter of fact, all these new female rappers need to get lost. Britney deserves to collaborate with EVE or Lil Kim or someone who is more respectable. I'm sick of her being associated with people like G-eazy and that tacky fest Minaj.
  5. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

  6. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    I love how we all feel entitled to get stuff from Britney. I swear, despite the fact that she's been laying low for years now, she's still one of the most if not the most interesting celebrity out there. I don't think it has to do with the fact that she was a teenager when she first burst onto the scene because many celebrities did that. I think it's because she was born to be on camera and loved sharing everything with us to a point where it got her in trouble by the public. So when she closed off, we were intrigued by her even more.
  7. So why didn't Britney sing more during Carpool Karaoke?

    I might be delusional but I really do believe that she sang everything at Carpool Karaoke. I really think her vocals sound exactly the same as they did on the record. (I'm not making fun, lol) Because if you think about it, she's been doing that baby voice since BOMT so I think she can easily play with her vocals to make them sound VERY similar if not the same as they did back then. I think the baby voice comes a bit more effortlessly to her now because she's been doing it for so long.
  8. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    He knows that someday she'll release Rebellion and Secret. LEAK REBELLION AND SECRET! AND EXTRA FOOTAGE OF CHAOTIC WHILE YOU'RE AT IT.
  9. Remember when

    More like do you remember when Britney looked like this? I'm not bashing. I'm just saying that the B Army (and Xtina fanbase) deserves some sort of medal for putting up with insane changes. Xtina's fan base should change their names from Fighters to Deceased because X is taking forever to release a new single and album. Britney's fans have put with up with her ever-changing looks, attitude, dance style, musical style (Britney Jean), weight, boyfriends, wardrobe etc.. I swear, I feel like those 2 fanbases endured what no other fanbase has endured. She looks so different in that video even though if you think about it, Britney's looks, body and attitude didn't change that long ago.
  10. Tricia Miranda does "Outrageous"

    I know that but what I'm saying is that it's so spastic and there are 3 to 5 different moves between one move and the other. At some point during BOM, from 1:45 to 2:40, the, 'dance becomes beyond terrible. U know how sometimes we criticie Britney at her moves don't go together? This is the same. Dancing isn't just about beat and rhythm, it's also making sure your moves somehow fit the song. This is why we fall in love with certain choreographies and not others. Your moves have to flow, u can't just throw in a bunch of front kicks, then tap your arms then shake your ass. It won't make any sense. These people aren't dancers.
  11. Chad Spears... is it true?

    Yeah, it's her cousin.
  12. I kinda feel like she wouldn't have another breakdown. I mean I don't think her team or family would let her break-down in public considering how controlling they are and I dont think she'd do it because she knows that her kids might be taken away from her the way like last time.
  13. I know. I get what you're saying but based on the clips small clips that she posts on instagram with him, he seems to really care for her unlike Kevin. But yeah I mean, I don't know. Breakups really hurt her. I guess she knows best.
  14. At the risk of getting slammed here, I really want her to get married (even though I prefer Single Britney all the way). I think marriage makes her feel happy and loved.