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  1. Good for her. She got to experience fame, money and power at such an early age and nearly squandered her money to bankruptcy with impulsive decisions (she was young, no one is perfect). she probably realized that the younger her kids are the more likely they'll fall into the same thing. It's a very smart move. I'm so proud of her.
  2. Watching Britney Ever After ri8ght now

    Yeah, we did. That scene with Sam Lutfi and her mom was terrifying. It's one thing to hear about it, it's another to actually see it and see how she would react to it in the privacy of her own home.
  3. Watching Britney Ever After ri8ght now

    Take it for what it is. It's just a lifetime movie. It was terrible but I actually liked it. It showed things from the inside. When Britney's breakdown happened, we all saw it from the outside and it was easy for people to rip her apart and judge her. In the movie, we got to see things from her perspective. We saw things from the inside, almost like we were her. By the end of it, you genuinely felt bad for her. It wasn't as much 'fun' or 'entertaining' to watch on the inside as much as it was from the outside. And just to clarify, I'm not saying it was fun in any way, but seeing things from the outside made it easier for people to judge others because you're just an observer. You're not the one going through that difficult time. The movie made it more real and way more terrifying than the way the rest of us saw it.
  4. What's the deal with Feet On The Ground?

    I always wished she released this instead as a first single off Circus. It would have been a great comeback song. It would made people talk about her more and it would have been another iconic song in her discography.
  5. her timing in WB is so off now

    It's really weird. In the beginning of Vegas, she actually danced well. She did some chores and was a bit more fluid. Sometime around Pom 2.0, she started doing all those repetitive moves and moving in such an awkward way. I wonder what happened.
  6. Because she's lazy and irrelevant so we want to make her look good even if that means lying to ourselves. Back in the day, nobody compares her to anyone because she was in a league of her own.
  7. MESS: Comedian makes fun of PomNey + compares her to Donald Trump.

    You guys are fucking lunatics. So fucking what if she made a joke. It was a good joke. Britneys dancing is garbage and you know it. She and her awkward holding hands to get from one place to another is borderline pathetic. Grow some fucking balls!