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  1. Britney Spears: Unzipped (2003 Doc)

    Omg what? How do you know that?? How on earth did you even find that out??
  2. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    Not that specific photo. There were other photos from that m&g where she looked really tall and pale. I still don't see anything wrong with her entire look there. The photo u posted is an example of why I think she looked okay. I mean, she's had worse photos. This look was one of the few that get constantly bashed.
  3. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    Is that the one that gets constantly bashed because she looks pale and 'sick'? I personally love that photo and her look here0
  4. Britney Spears: Unzipped (2003 Doc)

    Yeah, she was extremely pissed at this. I read somewhere that she got mad at them for shading her and that she didn't approve it before it released. Is that the one with the annoying little girl who says Britney' s music isn't her taste or some cheap of that sort. There are a lot of shady docs from that time. Check out these: Britney's most shocking moments (2004) Britney s most shocking year ever (2007) Britney: The next act Britney appeared by the paps
  5. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    She looks stunning!! What a gorgeous Meet & Greet! I'm so happy for you! I hope you had a blast!
  6. Anyone remember her 55 hour marriage?

    News stations went into a frenzy when she got married. I don't think anyone really bought it. We all literally thought it was a joke. After it ended, I remember watching an interview with her and Cojo (a guy from ET I think who was pretty famous at the time) where she said she wanted to be a girl and see what was it was like to be married. People dragged her to sh1t for that. It was around that time when she started turning people off.
  7. Listened to Mood Ring for the First Time - SHOOK!

    Mood Ring sucks though. I don't understand the love for Better, Make Me, Mood ring and Snoozefest party. They're all very shitty songs.
  8. her body >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    She needs to get rid of waist belts and anything that's dangly. Her body is phenomenal! She needs to show it off more. I'm so sick of her complicating her ugly lingerie and using leotards. Leotards dont even look good on J-lo. They're just ugly on everyone, especially on her. Her body is beyond incredible. She needs to really show it off properly. She needs to find a way to accentuate her best features.
  9. Pink Says Christina Aguilera Swung At Her In A Club Once

    Is she tanking? Why does she keep bringing up Britney and X?
  10. Okay I'm not being condescending or anything, but I genuinely feel bad for all of you. I can't believe you're all STILL optimistic about Barney ever releasing something good
  11. Pink Comments on Britney

    I hate how fickle this woman is towards Britney. Like make up your mind! Geez!
  12. Wouldn't be surprised. She's always been an athletic person. She needs to release a workout dvd. I think people will eat it up. Anyway, as long as she doesn't try to open a dance studio, she'll be fine.
  13. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    I love how everyone is bashing this. Have u guys been living under a rock since 2007. She's been awful since the 2007 VMA's. Same level of awfulness actually. The fact that her own fans are laughing at her own show speaks volumes about how shitty of a performer she's been the past 10 years.
  14. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    Yes. The minute I saw the video I got so turned off by it that I stopped caring about having another video or era. I got really angry at the idea that she even THOUGHT it was okay to release something that disgusting. That's how grossed out I was. I'm pretty sure other people felt the same. It was a despicable music video and she deserved to tank. Sorry, but the video had no redeemable qualities. I don't care how good she looked. No. Just No.
  15. The hair reminds me of Chaoticney but longer. The only thing bad about those looks is that black charcoal on her eyes.