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  1. I don't think she is.I'll never forget her annoyed face at the teen choice awards. She seemed more irritated by her past accomplishments than wanting to repeat them. It's really weird. I think she just blocks out any criticism from her mind. That's why seems a bit oblivious at times. I think she's still 'dirtying' the image her team built up in 1999.
  2. Lol at the people who got irritated by my comment. Just because Britney is in a good place, doesn't mean she's interesting. People fell in love with rebellious britney, not snoozefest britney who likes rice.
  3. That was when Britney was actually an interesting person, not a complete and utter bore.
  4. Stop tagging me. This kevin sh!t has sailed a long time ago when in reality, he was there when Britney was too busy getting out of cars pantyless and severing ties with everyone including her lawyers. And as for Sam @Justney, yes I like him. Grow the f**k up and stop obsessing over Britney's boyfriends. Sam is good looking and is most probably good to Britney so that's all that matters. Go back to stanning for Charlie who, according to rumous, dumped your popstar because she was 'too dumb' for him then had family members say sh!t along the lines of ' you dodged a bullet'.
  5. She had a clearer idea about who she was and what she kinda music she wanted to take at 20 more than she does now.
  6. I like it. I do think the vocals could have been more harmonious though..
  7. Mine isn't a music video. It's this:
  8. Ive been a fan since 98 too and yes she was huge, but it was really until 2001 that she kept going and getting bigger. Even Christina was up there too. I mean Britney and X had more documentaries done on them than anyone else. Anyway, X had a different image. Pre-Gaga, the outrageous looks and outfits weren't considered cool or unique. Both women are insanely talented in their own way. But yeah, Britney's prime was insane.
  9. Wow! I keep forgetting how young some people here are. I was 9 when BOMT came out. Primeney feels like yesterday. Maybe it's because I stopped following her during Circus but tbh, Britney was really something during 2001-2004. There was a britney everything. There were even keychains with Britney's face on them. She was in the news every single day or if not, it was every other day. And u have to remember, this was pre facebook, twitter and all social media. Hell, even tmz didn't exist at that time and in 2007, tmz was huge. I don't know how it happened but everywhere you turned, there was Britney. If u hated Britney during this time then tough luck, you were going to put up with it because she wasn't going anywhere. Literally. She was in your face so much that you went through hate phases with her. I think when the pepsi commercial hit the air, thats when Britney mania truly exploded. After that, it was sexy britney, vma britney, single britney, party girl britney, homewrecker britney(not bashing), 55 hr marriage britney, Chaotic Britney, Married Britney, Mommy Britney etc.. It was a rollercoaster. It was like she was doing all these things with no break at all. Come to think of it, I don't even think she slept well during that time. There wasn't anything she wasn't doing at that time. U really couldn't take a break from Britney. Aside from that, everyone always said that she was doing all those things because she wasn't relevant anymore (LOL). There were Avril Lavigne and the likes of her who were really determined to showcase Britney as a dumbass barbie who had nothing to offer besides sex and it was made cool to hate on britney. She was criticized a lot.. for everything. There were even 'shows' on her 'reckless' behavior that made fun of her. (Ex. Britney's most shocking moments, Britney: Unzipped). People really loved to hate her because in reality, almost everyone out there was jealous of her in some way. Some were jealous because she was a huge popstar, some were jealous because she was pretty, some were jealous because they thought they we more talented than she was yet she was getting all the attention etc.. Chaotic gave people the perfect opportunity to bash her and people loved doing that. Then when the news of Britney's child falling from a hit the news, people took the opportunity to destroy her. Im not defending this at all but most of us arent huge popstars who make mistakes in the public eye. She wasnt a regular celebrity. She was a superstar. Everybody wanted to see her be supermom but she's only human. Every scruitny britney received during her prime was out of jealousy. Yes, there were some people out there who really did hate her because she wasn't their cup of tea but for the most part, it was mainly jealousy. Britney's popularity rubbed people the wrong way and everyone took it out on her. Wow, I spoke a lot! Lol. Honestly, Britney's rise to fame and prime is something you had to experience. I don't think it can be described in details. Even during her breakdown, tmz reporters had specific cellphones only for Britney (Watch Britney: Speared by the paps) I doubt her fame would be repeated anytime soon.