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  1. I'm sorry everyone. ive loved britney since I was a teenager. reasons why? I wasn't a fan of her until the boys remix With Pharrell. I remember seeing it on MTV and remembering that it was something I wanted to hear louder so I bought the Austin powers soundtrack. Shortly after, she performed like a virgin with Madonna and Christina at the vmas. I wasn't even aloud to watch at that time because I was 16 but that performanc literally made me feel Michael Jackson vibes (icon status) from Britney Spears. She was sexy, confident and in the zone of the music. It wasn't about sex at that time, she felt the music and performed like an artist. I remember loving me against the music because of the acoustic guitar and her energy on the song. I bought the album when it came out and fell in love with it, toxic was my favorite. Then it bexame a single! And it was the most fun I've ever had watching a video. Britney was so in sync with the beat in a way that I've never seen an artist feel the music before. It inspired me to want to remix and accentuate her vocals/Peformance on the track. The reason why I'm done is because as a gay man, I don't think she really has time/effort to give back to us (most of her fans are gay now). I'll miss her and maybe because I'm grown now , I'm 32. It's not the same. I hope she is happy with her family and her future but it's a good time let go of this woman who I was so inspired by. It was mostly confidence and the ability to translate that through music. But like a relationship, it's time to move on and grow up. Britney was something that I held onto for so long through so many eras. She made me feel that if I could be in sync with the music, that I could get through anything. Bye Britney, bye exhale. If you think I wrote this to make it all about me, I'm sorry. It's like Drop Dead Fred, you have to leave your imaginary friend sometime.