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  1. 1 hour ago, pablitonizer said:

    "you don't have to roll like a millonaire, baby I would go with you anywhere...we don't need no gold, we'll be shining anyway, we'll see" :yasqueen:

    and a few months later...

    "You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work bitch" :whitney:


    Kween of changing her mind in 3 months :imok:


  2. 8 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    I mean the people she is working with are great and talented people. i wont judge the album before I hear it. I will critisize her shitty promo tho. She is so lazy.  But Yeah I would love an album full of ballads because those are allways her standout songs anyway.

    I don’t think she’s lazy,  I think her team is limiting the amount of money they are willing to spend since she’s flopped in the past.  I’m looking forward to her album  art,  I know she always delivers in that aspect lol

  3. 2 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    yeah no Im the fat ugly ho. :sendinglove:

    Im not into the whole drag race thing but i hope it will be fun. Hope she has better promo  with new music to come tho. I jsut really need this era to go well. Im so sick and tired of her flopping and giving up.


    I agree,  I don’t understand why she doesn’t have better song writers.  She should be making a Whitney album and should be teaming up with big ballads and urban pop like stripped.