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  1. 18 minutes ago, I am Max. said:

    I know, right? She was fierce during the first verses of Circus, but then Walkney ruined it all. And Womanizer had better performances. X Factor and Hey Hey Hey were pretty awesome. 

    I was so upset because she looked absolutely amazing.  I agree Womanizer had good performances, I just didn't ever like the choreography.  I liked when she had dance routines, not choreography that mimicked the lyrics

  2. 6 hours ago, lappyhunt said:

    That is not what happened. . . Christina notoriously has a "my sh!t don't stink" attitude. It wasn't just Pink that fought with her on Lady Marmalade it was all the girls, not because of her voice, but because she is known as a bitch. She literally fights with everyone she works with. Notice. .  .pink gets along with most other artists, same with Britney. Look at Mary J Blige she is nice to everyone, but she did not like Christina. It also sounds like your kinda in defense mode against Christina.

    No, Ron Fair chose Christina specifically for that part.  And all of the girls fought her for that part?  Like Mya and Lil'Kim were gonna sing it? 

  3. 3 hours ago, Gayseus911 said:

    These 00 girls are so violent, first xtina attacked pink and now this ?:forkit:

    Pink was so mad about the praise Christina got for her vocals on lady marmalade that she continued to insult Christina during her solo performances.  She even made a doll that was supposed to be christina and mocked on stage.  I'm not shading Pink but girl was jealous AF

  4. 6 minutes ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

    Hoe sit your ass down. You do realize that if she continues flopping, her music videos will continue to be cheap right? Britney is still doing cheesy themed videos (Make Me) and corny green screen backdrops (Slumber Party) meanwhile artists that actually care about their music videos, fly out to any location and film their sh!t. If she continues doing Jessica Simpson numbers, don't bitch about us not even getting a 2nd single next era. 

    Slumber Party and green screen? :calculating:

  5. 11 minutes ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    There was most likely no more money in the budget to go further

    That does not mean she did not care about GLORY

    She definetly cared about that album in a way she never did about Circus, FF and BJ

    There would be enough money if there wasn't a scrapped music video every era :mattafact: