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  1. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    Shouldn't she find new, more modern producers that give her an edge rather than going back to ones who probably are worn out of ideas by now?
  2. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    Yeah but that is what I mean by her being in that state where she feels like she can reflect. The Britney of that time was emotional and impulsive. She is in a much better place now and if she gets more control within her team or gets a new label that follows her lead, it might help her want to do that considering she would never want to answer questions directly like her mom did with her book or an interview.
  3. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    Yeah but throughout her career, she always lacked immediate control so she used her music to vent. If she comes to a place where she is a 100% content, she might feel ready to share her story but more comfortable with it in album form and then it could happen. She could reflect past anger in a story of her life throughout an album without actually being in that state; just reflecting.
  4. Agreed. I mean, one Grammy and not even a nomination for AOTY in 2008 for Blackout and no "Best Dance Song" nomination for Till' The World Ends? The industry people really hate her. I also realized a real pattern with Grammy's. They only give album of the year nomination to artists with writing credits on majority of the songs of the album and the person that wins always has the least amount of co-writers. It has nothing to do with best album.
  5. N'sync was way bigger though, at least in the beginning. She opened up for them before becoming a star.