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  1. I mean, I do not think it is that simple. I do not think she is going out of her way to try to be younger. She just does not seem like she has had a chance to grow up in the last 9 years, being cooped up like a child with her handlers making all of her decisions for her. She made Circus, which was a total mainstream side to music that she tried to shy away from ever since her self titled Britney album. She then made Femme Fatale that was taken over by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. She was pushed in so many different directions from Britney Jean to Pretty Girls. Glory is the first project where she has been hands on and she has had a chance to grow. She almost sounded like her 20 year old self again because that was the last time she was really herself and completely free of all the problems that her failed marriage and other problems brought upon her. We have also seen so much free spirited personality traits coming out since 2015. She is just now looking like she has freedom to do more of what she wants, spending time with her brother who she loves, and just having fun with whatever project she does. It is going to take a while before she finds her groove in all ways where we can all be satisfied.
  2. Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Beyonce are coming for you in 2020. Bookmark me
  3. Britney always knows what she is doing more than her team or anybody at her label. Baby One More Time could have been a cartoonish music video if it were not for Britney.
  4. Take Justin Bieber and how he is the biggest superstar in the world right now, her fame was 100 times as big, only Britney herself became popular for more than just being a talented singer with young female fans that ate her up right from the jump. She did not just have a hit single. Her music video was so impactful that it is still talked about today. She became a superstar right away and from that point on, she constantly elevated her attention by releasing more iconic hits and music videos and people were OBSESSED! Her performances were all people talked about at what is called the SuperBowl" of music: the VMAS and she was only a newly young artist. I like what Justin has done with his career now with Purpose but he had released two official albums that made no pop culture impact and he had already been out of control with his behavior a few years in, yet no one made it that big of a deal. Everything Britney did was HUGE, from her breakdown to her most epic moments.
  5. Actually, I would take the combination of those artists and times it by 10. To be honest, Britney's popularity was a combination of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce now since every time they come out with something, it becomes this huge thing in the media and the industry.
  6. Well, she has admitted having lip fillers and they look TERRIBLE on her. Ugh, I am sure though that is not the only reason she does not turn out great in pictures. Just imagine though being treated like a child and feeling helpless because of it. She just says yes to some of the dumbest ideas for pictures and her team, who is supposed to have her back, does not make any better choices. Seriously, if they know she is personally making the wrong choice(they are not the ones being babysat and taking medication) and they control every other aspect of her life, they can not refuse certain photos be released because it will "ruin her image" or tell her it is unattractive? I mean, seriously. She is not the only one there. Since most of us fans and regular people are outsiders, we do not realize how huge the team behind every artist is and they all need to help her out. That is why they are there.
  7. Yes. Remember, she grew up in a small, ultra conservative town. Do you know how country music always has gospel songs? Most southern cities celebrate conservative Republican, and religious viewpoints. It was everywhere in her life from her home to the church that was walking distance from her house(I'm assuming since her town was tiny). It was shoved down her throat her whole life and has basically been a part of her identity since childhood. I do believe though that when she started to get all the negative press beginning 2002, she started to doubt religion because she started to party, have sex, and basically abandon all of her belief systems and I think that getting her life back on track made her believe again. I hope this answers your question.
  8. You mean the plastic surgery? Well, if you look at Britney's lifestyle over the past 9 years, it pretty much sums it up. She is cooped up in a house around her parents, assistant, and bodyguards unless she is at work where she has babysitters there too. She had a curfew in place(or so I have heard) and is not allowed to drink, party, or have fun at all. There is proof she has a hard time using the internet. The world keeps changing it's style but Britney is not keeping up and whatever medication she is on affected her in such a negative way that now she went from a secure woman to highly self conscious and obsessed with plastic surgery while downgrading her already very casual style. It's so unfortunate but it is what it is. Ever since 2015, she has shown us a glimmer of hope that she is far healthier and happier, so maybe it means a step forward with her attitude and she will hopefully get with the times the more freedom she gets to explore the world around her.
  9. Yeah, I feel like that about a lot of people that they just have consistently top notch pictures because most celebrities keep up with perfect appearances. Britney is going through this phase(a very long one, I might add) of being really careless in terms of beauty in all ways, so it kind of comes out in her photos as well, unfortunately. It's weird because Britney did not make much of an effort in her prime yet still looked beautiful. Her makeup had always been natural, her hair was always straight, and most of her outfits consisted of jeans and a cute top. The world has changed and Britney has not.
  10. Sorry, I did not know you were talking about the singer from Brazil. Honestly, I think Britney being her own manager is the wrong step for someone like her. Given her background and maturity level, I do not think it would work out best. In fact, I think that is exactly what she tried to do when she fired Larry as her manager. I do think she needs new management. I think it would help if she had someone responsible but younger and does not prior history with Britney, so they could establish their brand and business together. That person, he or she, could handle managing her while Britney makes whatever creative decision she wants. It would be someone who really gets her and is someone on her team but is an expert as well, so it will not be someone who will not take her career to the next level.
  11. I just read this but I do not know who that is. That's Britney's manager?
  12. You know, people act like Britney's situation with her record company and team in general is unique compared to others but all artists have a problem establishing their creative independence. The difference with them and Britney is that she lets them walk all over her and it caught up with her after so many years of.... anigif_enhanced-10178-1413257152-8.gif Unlike other artists, she goes out of her way to defend some of her label's worst ideas and then we find out during In The Zone that she has never done what she wanted. Then, she marries twice and starts not wearing underwear when leaving a club in paparazzi pictures.
  13. It was supposed to be the original Baby One More Time video, so since it was not released, they saved it for Break the Ice.
  14. I'm a girl and that video is sh!t
  15. I mean, not really. She has had great music videos and looks but overall photos have always been a little strange or at least I think that is how it had been perceived. I mean, the In The Zone cover was okay. Circus was very weird and so was Femme Fatale. Britney(third album) either was very clever or very odd.