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  1. My experience at Piece of Me

    I actually already saw her at the IHeartRadio Festival last year but then again, Britney's modern day self is a little underwhelming to see because she is not really the same person she was when she had all of those epic career moments. She seems like this sweet and normal person, not star-esque like other artist's.
  2. My experience at Piece of Me

    I know it's unnecessary to randomly just assume that but people always assume she is just lazy and I don't think that's true. From seeing everything about her over the years, it's a theory I have developed that I don't think people are even considering when talking about how much she has changed. They just completely blame her and I don't think it's fair. Next time though, I will be more sensitive when talking about or mentioning it.
  3. My experience at Piece of Me

    If she would just pretend she was singing the song and just emoted with her expressions, that would have been enough
  4. My experience at Piece of Me

    I saw T-shirts and the tour program but I did not see the glass. I did see some of the audience members have it though, so...
  5. My experience at Piece of Me

    I'm apologetic
  6. My experience at Piece of Me

    I don't watch the show that much online. I see snippets here and there but that's all. I became a fan of her because of her particular style of dancing she did in her prime and the modern day style is not for me, so I have a hard time getting through it. I was just being honest about how she sounded. I also don't think that has anything to do with POM not being amazing. I actually liked the show and I am not even a fan of audience interaction as much as most people, so I could care less if she talked that much. I felt she was cute and pleasant. She just can be cheesy sometimes and it does not fit the mood of the show but it is just an observation. It did not ruin the show at all for me.
  7. My experience at Piece of Me

    It was a pretty great experience. I don't like just hearing about what it's like from others. I liked that I could see it first hand. It was an overall fun show. The production was great and it was really high energy. The band was also great as well.
  8. My experience at Piece of Me

    The production was pretty good, a lot better than people on Exhale said it would be. I also loved seeing the snippets of all her old videos
  9. My experience at Piece of Me

    Because I said she acted like she was a mom talking to her kids to the audience? I thought that was pretty tame compared to the extremely harsh things that people say most of the time on here. I also made a ton of excuses for her as well, so fishy review? Most people on this forum say "She sucks at this this and that" I gave both good and bad points. I am even giving her a ton of credit for things that others don't. I'm sorry though. Honestly, "Everytime" was so cringeworthy that it was hard to get through, so I wanted to warn people about it. Even if I was being harsh, I felt what she did during that part of the show was unnecessary and it did not even go with what the song was about.
  10. I went on the 16th and it was somewhat what I expected. 1. The AXIS is a pretty great auditorium. Most places have really bad acoustics, based on my past concert experiences. This one was flawless. However, she was not singing live, so maybe that is a huge part of it. The band though did not overpower it either. So, good signs. The venue was also small enough that any seat you get is a pretty good seat(except you just don't see the front of her face too often and a little part of the stage is hidden. 2. Speaking of her band, it was louder than her recorded voice. She also ended some songs after the bridges. 3. Her lip syncing was so obvious to the point that my friend (who took me), who is not even a fan and barely knew anything about her, noticed it and said that her mouth was not even moving at some points. "Everytime" was the worst when her old recorded vocals were SO loud and all she did was move her arms up and down like she was putting on a show for kids, trying to demonstrate how an angel flies. 4. Everyone on here has said that she is very lazy. In person, she actually had a huge amount of energy. She was trying to execute every move, mark her cues, correct every placement, and go to the right place at the moment that she needed too. She ran around the stage A LOT. She worked hard. Her moves were just terrible. She might be too lazy in her willingness to learn how to do better moves but she also came off as robotic, so like I have said many times, it seems like medication more than anything that might be making her so stiff and not the dancer she used to be. 5. Her sets were cool, somewhat cheap but then again, I feel that way about most artists' concerts. So therefore, Britney's sets are no better or worse than any other hugely named entertainer. The production was pretty good but some looked a little old school, like one right before she came out to perform the song Circus. It's a reminder of her album booklet for that record. 6. She sounds like a mom talking to her kids in the audience. THE END! Oh and PS. (I was SO pissed about this) Even though I disliked Piece of Me in the past and what it represented, I still decided to buy the tour program. It is the same old one from 2013 with the previous performance outfits and sets. It was $30 and a huge waste of money. I would have been better off buying the expensive a** t-shirts and the Glory album that costs way less in stores.