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  1. It's weird seeing jt kissing and touching another woman since jessica seems like the wife that would go bat sh!t crazy if someone touches her man... I'm surprised he was allowed to do that .
  2. the look is cool but she's always wearing big and baggy now... like it's either something that's covering neck to toe or something that is black... in this case both.
  3. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    I never noticed her outfit had that extra clothing piece on her arm... I always thought she started that with the 'Britney' era with Slave...
  4. Interesting. Quite unfair, Make Me deserved to peak higher. Youtube counts as streaming? If so then if MM video dropped at the same time it would have had that extra streaming and debuted higher?... imagine if it was the original MM video
  5. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    It seems like a lot of people are taking being called a 'loner' as a bad thing, which it isn't . I'm a loner and always have been. In Britney's case she no longer seems to keep up with celebrities or have any close 'famous' friends so it we don't see her at any events or people's bday bashes etc. But I'm sure she has a good handful of close friends that she trust, I mean people have been using her her whole life... she's bound to be more guarded with people she lets in her life.