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  1. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    Why can't she get a vocal coach to train her natural voice so she can stop mixing it with the 'baby' voice ... then she could come back and sing... the whole gp would gain back interest and quite frankly she would be back on top and get some respect back. Her voice is strong it's just hidden and rusty... her team and herself need to stop the whole popstar poptart and make more mature music... she's a mid 30's mom of 2 who's been through hell and back... she has ALOT to say ... she always had a lot to say!! I love watching these videos
  2. Sam is only 23?

    Holy crap his mother looks young!! I don't know what's the backstory because that would mean he didn't see her since he was 11... but it is very common in other countries... if there is an opportunity for the kids to leave their country, the parents will send them and then as the kids get older and are able to establish a better life they will try to bring their parents over.
  3. No way xtina upstaged britney... even before the kiss. I Think it was pretty equal up until then I mean queen Brit shows up singing Madonna and then her 'rival' Christina shows up on the same stage ... that alone was HUGE!! I think her team definitely knew about it tho, didn't they say they rehearsed it or something ?
  4. Bebe Rexha tweets about Britney

    The question [Britney vs Christina] remains more relevant today than the girls itself... no shade I love them LOL
  5. I don't think this is true but Justin does think too highly of himself... but it wouldn't make sense to perform so close to superbowl... he will be eligible for grammys in 2019 so logically he will perform then...