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  1. THIS, all her songs are amazing, just not mainstream, is going to snatch my wig thats for sure
  2. JUST A FACT in the United States alone, 36,000 people die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized each year because of the flu. Well, in other actually important global news... So, as always the people everywhere are overreacting some of the comments are: "slogan 4 young girls who will pray 4 flu so they can lose 6 lbs. Be mindful of ur audience! U look same 2 me.” Later that same day she took her flu body to dinner and she even tweet "Flu got me like" along with this candids Seriously... Read the rest of the reactions here http://extratv.com/2017/04/20/kim-kardashian-slammed-for-her-flu-diet-secret-but-shes-motivating-khloe/
  4. LOOOOOOOL ive never seen it till now "are you impress? how woke a popstar can be?, im so awake i never sleep" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL they put so much into these parodies
  5. She give me this vibe, i mean, even if i dont know them personally, i think for example; Miley Cyrus, Gaga, Lana del Rey and Rihanna are super cool and chill people to be around with, they give me that vibe in interviews, with fans, i've been in their concerts too... But with Katy i feel like she thinks she is suuuuper cool, edgy, chill, teeny, fresh and hip, maybe SHE IS and i have the wrong impression, but even in her concerts she is kinda annoying and childish, She tries to be all misterious, rebel, funky and it's just funny i guess becuz she cant pull it off thoughts?