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  1. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    If she gets pregnant before a full b10 era I'm having the biggest meltdown ever, and I've been a fan since 2000. She cannot do this. Please Britney, drop a fucking album, promote it, tour and then get pregnant. PLEASE BRITNEY DON'T DO IT TO ME
  2. TTWE/HIAM Mashup

  3. Watch || New Ig Video

    So we're gonna have instagram vids til 2021, when B10 hits the world
  4. Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    Waiting for that blonde c*nt to flop <3
  5. I kinda want to see it 'cause i know it will be horrible and we'll be laughing our asses off
  6. Judas/TTWE Mashup

    I did
  7. FFtourney will look like a Goddess compared to this talentless ugly ass bitch
  8. Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)

    Have fun you nasty power bottom
  9. Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)

    I'm happy because I don't think we'll se again that Stronger / Crazy Torture Medley I'm sad becase I'm quite sure she ain't doing anything until like 2019 2020
  10. An underrated performance

    This is the only Primeney's performance (along with Bomt@Grammy's) I STRONGLY dislike. I don't like her outfits, I don't like the songs' remixing work, I hate how she doesn't lip the right words (guys this is 100% prerecorded, stop being delusional, she mouths to the wrong words and "oohs" lots of time), I hate the choreography, I hate the whole concept, I don't like how everything looks rushed, like... not well rehearsed. Her stage presence was perfect of course, but you know, we're talking about primeney here and she still slayed every pop girl.
  11. Judas/TTWE Mashup

    The prechorus are so damn good On another note, I just cannot with how processed her vocals were on this song