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  1. Rise up Apple Pie This is the beginning
  2. I don't think a meltdown is really going to happen. After the legendary desert performance and the make me music video fiasco we are pretty much used to getting treated like pieces of sh!t by britney and her team
  3. Apple pie flavoured popcorns for everybody!
  4. Alex_1991

    socialney Britney Has Been Silent...

    Apple pie Felicia, bye.
  5. Alex_1991

    music 6 Days!!!

    6 days until the Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony and Britney Spears latino-inspired bubbling under 200 semi-hit "I feel so free with U" debuts Featuring a Britney cameo in the video (with her dancers) Britney sings "come and get my apple pie, when you touch me I feel so free with you te quiero baby" Slay