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  1. Alex_1991

    music 6 Days!!!

    6 days until the Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony and Britney Spears latino-inspired bubbling under 200 semi-hit "I feel so free with U" debuts Featuring a Britney cameo in the video (with her dancers) Britney sings "come and get my apple pie, when you touch me I feel so free with you te quiero baby" Slay
  2. Alex_1991

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    I hope it's not a song off her album jesus christ
  3. Alex_1991

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    Omg my worst nightmare
  4. Alex_1991

    tour Let's Argue

    Circus performed like primeney who took sleeping pills Pom 2.0 performed like femme fataleney after 25 redbull cans
  5. I think he's trolling us. He would never reveal real lyrics guys cmon
  6. I think she was just training. Her dancing skills were still amazing back then
  7. I just hope the real title isn't Apple Pie becuase it's awful
  8. The problems with Pretty Girls are: 1) The title and the lyrics: cringy and childish. Worst lyrics of Britney's career, they make the song unlistenable. 2) The chorus: the "aaaaall around the world..." is a good intro, but not a good chorus. The song needed a powerful, catchy chorus to explode. 3) Its "dated" sound: The melody and the production would have worked better in 2013/ early 2014. Not to mention the song sounds like a bad Fancy rip-off. 4) The video: it's stupid, it's cringy, it's not funny. 5) Iggy: