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  1. Looks good but it makes me sad also
  2. -Upbeat, fresh, catchy music fitting her style. Something à la jason derulo, pop with r'n'b/funky/hip-hop influences, would do wonders. Songs recorded in her natural register that she could feel comfortable singing live, no more forced baby vocals. Good lyrics regarding dancing, having fun, having sex, heartbreak, being a woman, paparazzi, her babies and the usual stuff, but decently written and more mature and classy. No more cheesy, vulgar or repetitive lines please. Let her work with people like Bloodshy, Max Martin, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Danja and new, inspiring people. -Renewed public image. New hair color, new haircut, always good makeup, no more extreme tanning and "fun stuff" and new, "younger" style. Simple but classy and not tacky outfits for performances and appearances. -Prerecorded vocals for the performances with some live singing here and there.Good appearance, good choreography, good stage and props. Here it is
  3. I swear this is the official one. I have it in the 2004-2005 itz dvd special edition and it's just like this, but you can barely notice it in the vocal version.
  4. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    when the ooh ooh beat dropped and she started dancing my heart skipped a beat. Why can't she fucking do performances like this nowadays? All we have is her fucking knee tapping in lingerie

    I'm pleasantly surprised her team didn't mistakenly used Yael vocal track for the pom mix too...
  6. Part 2 of Primeney dancing to her current music

    Lol it should be easy with this choreography tragically looks like something pomney would do The rest is great, even if (of course) not 100% in synch. Man on the moon is GOLD! Bravo!
  7. Slave at Oprah

    If you watch not a girl live @ Oprah you can see the same girl singing along This slave performance, despite being AMAZING, it's one of the most "half-assed" of the era. It's great and she gives life in it, but if you compare it to other live performances (letterman above all) it lacks some sparks. Of course if you compare it to pomney circusney or ffney it's pure gold
  8. Good Parts of POM

    Ok, I'm legit SLAYED by this video As much as I despise pom (the continuous choreographies cutting, the horrible outfits, the awful make up and hair, the 17 years old vocals and so on...) she had PLENTY of GREAT moments, way more than FFT and Circus tour combined. I get angry watching this video by looking at her wasted potential: if this was taken from a SINGLE show ok, she would be a really good performer! The problem is that this amazing 30 mins are taken from a 4 years old residency in which she was extremely inconsistent. For every good slave dancebreak, for example, there are 10 half assed ones. :(
  9. This one would have looked great for bom / tomh tho, that one she uses it's like 3,99$ at Target
  10. Guys what if it's like Pom 3.0? Same show with just two - three different performances and a couple new dancebreaks (like Pom 2.0) ?