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  1. "how did you come up with "it's britney bitch" "well I was in the studio with Will.I.Am..."
  2. Her make up was horrid on both occasions. She's such a beauty, but this is the worst she's looked in years
  3. probably. I wish she would read this forum and get her ass in a dance studio
  4. I love this kind of topics, +1 sis! Your track list actually flows a little better, nice! Here's my take. Without the "weakest points" (Clumsy, Private Show and Htfy) this looks like a hit - filled record! It even flows better sonically STANDARD: 01. Invitation 02. Do You Wanna Come Over? (it's fun, upbeat, a nice change of pace between invitation and make me) 03. Make Me 04. Change Your Mind (it needed to be in the standard version and it sounds so good after Make Me, try for yourselves) 05. Man On The Moon 06. Liar (it sounds so good after the dreamy Motm and it fits Clumsy spot perfectly) 07. Love Me Down (Just Like Me and Liar concept are quite similar, so I wanted some space between the two songs) 08. Slumber Party (so damn relaxing after going hard with Liar and Lmd) 09. Just Like Me 10. Better (I like Hard To Forget Ya but this one is better and deserved its own spot in the standard) 11. What You Need (I loved its position in the original track list. I'm really feeling this song and it deserves to be the closure for "up tempos" tracks) 12. Just Love Me (Jlv is the closest thing to a ballad we have on Glory (along with Invitation), so it really is the perfect ending for a really good record) DELUXE: 13. Hard To Forget Ya (still a really good pop song. I'd switch it with better cause that song... it's actually better lol) 14. If I'm Dancing (this song is PERFECT, but I really can't place it in the standard track list. It doesn't really fit in. It would have been perfect for Femme Fatale) 15. Coupure Electrique (same as If I'm Dancing. PERFECT song but I can't place it in the standard track list. It's so damn good though, a little gem) JAPANESE DELUXE: 16. Mood Ring (good song, I know is a fan favorite but it sounds a little bit unfinished to me. It's a good bonus track) LEAKED UNRELEASED TRACKS: 17. Clumsy (it's fun but sounds like an unfinished demo. Vocal treatment is quite bad too. It's not "Body Ache" bad though) 18. Private Show ()
  5. THIS IS SO GOOD, +1! It makes me sad 'cause we're never ever getting something like this from her though
  6. They avoided any close up