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  1. What is Britney's best album? (2008-2016)

    FF Glory Circus B in the mix vol.2 The single Collection Oops I Did It Again The very best Lemonade Berta Joloide
  2. She looks like 192882304340293586368305903849534958903 times better in the backstage pics than in the actual phothoshoot what the actual f**k
  3. He's irresistible (irresistable)Up close and personalNow inescapableI can hardly breathe (i can hardly breath)More than just physicalDeeper than spiritual (oh yeah)His ways are powerfulIrresistible to me
  4. Sexy-AF "Baby One More Time" Dance Cover

    the chorus looks so easy but well done, wonder why britney can't do it like that
  5. She looks like a CG videogame model Like a new Final Fantasy character or something
  6. Anyone else worried about her face?

    Her mouth is a problem for me.
  7. I swear this whole "comeback" thing started with in the zone
  8. New Britney Leak Coming Soon?

    It's amazing! I pitched down your version to the original song tone and it sounds even better <3