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  1. It's fanmade, nothing new leaked, it's not a demo. Change the title or we'll report it.
  2. Just a couple weeks ago he said that Britney is a great artist and a great person and that he's totally cool with her even after perfume
  3. But he wasn't being shady! He was defending his work and was even defending britney.
  4. I'm listening to the full thing right now and I'm quite slayed Baby one more time remix is PERFECTION, and the passage between toxic and ttwe is beautiful and gives me chill. Not to mention the AMAZING break the ice intro! You have talent!
  5. New IG

    I can barely recognize brit brit
  6. New IG

    That's why britney doesn't rehearse for her show darling...
  7. Do A My Only Wish Performance!

    I'm slayed, we basically summarized the entire piece of me show in one single performance
  8. That said, you have talent and your versions sound amazing!
  9. I'm tired of her celebrating herself. I want a new record, new songs, new videos, new tour, new things. Stop with this "hey I'm the most famous I had plenty of hits I was so good look at me bla bla" sh!t