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  1. Why doesn't she fucking dance instead of walking in circles? She looks really good tho
  2. "learn new choreography" "sing a couple of ballads live" "use prerecorded vocals for the uptempos" "get new outfits" "get the show new remixes" "train your dancing abilities" "train your singing abilities" "rehearse more" "improve your performances" "stop messing with your mouth" "care about your career"
  3. Knee tapping says HI BITCH! Try to do something so complex and intense every fucking night. That's what challenging yourself is all about!
  4. Lol I was confused with another one! This is kinda bad actually
  5. Really? I remember loving his vocals... but I was like THIS BITCH HAS NO RECEIPTS THE TRACK IS FAKE f**k HIM Lol it was real
  6. No problem sis I don't think the audio you're talking about is still around, though. I remember the guy having a great voice!
  7. Please change the title 'cause I just had a heart attack
  8. Poor girl. I hope she had a great time with Britney
  9. She really has the "primeney" spark in this two performances, especially toxic. Her face looks really good. But... -she needed good prerecorded vocal (à la fft) -she needed straight hair like the apple music festival (she looks 10x times better at the beginning with the hat on) -she needed to incorporate Toxic bbma chorus choreography and Work Bitch main choreography to spice it up.
  10. You're right, even You Oughta Know was prerecorded (with her screaming here and there during the last performance of the song) But in Circus she sounds a little more "technical", don't know why She was seen going around with a "britney vocal lession #3" cd, so maybe I'm influenced by that But if she sang live now she would would probably sound the same of onyx hotel (but raspier because of the sigarettes / alchol / drugs etc.) , that's why she's not really doing it anymore