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  1. Any Scots Britney fans?

    so did I. just shows she actually does have fans in Scotland and should bloody come here on her next uk tour. probably wont happen though
  2. Does Britney have a best friend?

    She probably does but doesn't feel the need to be photographed with them publicly. its not like shes gunna go out and be like 'HEY EVERYONE!! MEET MY FRIEND MICHELLE!' [Dunno why I thought of that name but first name that popped into my head]. Same with p!nk , Madonna, kylie etc. If you think about it, its a good thing we don't know anything about her friends as it shows her friends are not just her friend because of her money/fame
  3. Any Scots Britney fans?

    I'm from Fife. Shame Britney only performed in Scotland once and probably will never again
  4. Britney Promo on Snapchat - UK Tour

    That's my thinking to be honest. But it is getting on my nerves that her team has still said nothing
  5. Britney Promo on Snapchat - UK Tour

    To be fair she hasn't done a UK Tour in 7 years so to the UK it kind of is a 'comeback'