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  1. I feel like I spent too much time at POM taking videos and pics on my phone once in a lifetime opportunity for me because I'm from the UK I really dislike Anticipating and every fan seems to love it I think some songs on Britney Jean are underrated
  2. I stan Robyn, Gaga, Adam Lambert all VERY talented and unique
  3. £45 for a CD I already have, no thanks I quoted the wrong comment
  4. I don't really listen to BOMT besides BOMT (song), You Drive Me Crazy and Autumn Goodbye Other than that, I'm not really into Drop Dead (Beautiful) and My Baby
  5. I'm 17, and everyone I know seem to dislike Britney or think she can't sing etc, it sucks, it really does I know no one who likes Britney Spears and I'm honestly in shock at it This needs to change.
  6. I think they will release a greatest hits album, new merchandise and nothing else
  7. I'm still waiting for a racy neon video for DYWCO Britney, Larry WYD