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  1. reecejwilson

    exhale Is it just me or Circus album is too weak..

    I love that track, especially when it concludes with just Britney saying 'rock me in, you rock me in' for twenty seconds
  2. reecejwilson

    music READ: This needs to be said about her lyrics.

    I also love the idea of a concept album. I saw a thread here with a concept for an album called 'Jekyll & Hyde' which I thought would work pretty well.
  3. The third track replacing Private Show (could've been a bonus track) 1. Invitation 2. Make Me... 3. Mood Ring this sounds more cohesive as it leads onto Man on the Moon or even Just Luv Me
  4. reecejwilson

    news Britney talks B10

    I would love another track like 'He About to Lose Me', I love that song