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  1. Vegas Gifs And Pictures Collection (Official Thread)

    her outfit is bringing me back to late 90's-early 00's
  2. Beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!! Someday is good. And then we kiss is a really sweet song too, I really recommend 'from this moment on' by Shania Twain, I know it's not a Britney song but it was my mum's wedding song and it's such a lovely song
  3. Open for a surprise

    i miss that outfit
  4. I'm so bored.. gosh

    Glenn nutley followed me on IG when I was like 14 and I freaked out for days
  5. I'm so bored.. gosh

    I get it, the sound is totally different from what she was, big hoops, maneater, say it right etc but I really think it's an amazing album, I've never heard the sound before and I love every single track but that's just me. Some of the tracks reach out to me on a personal level and her songwriting skills are great. I think she's really underrated and it makes me kinda sad, but I guess she's had her fame days you know, back in like 2000-07
  6. I'm so bored.. gosh

    You will absolutely love the album if you're into pop and indie. She's fused the two together and it's perfection
  7. I'm so bored.. gosh

    AHHH!!! It's good to know I'm not the only one who listens to her it seems like it My favourite is practically most of the album. I recently went through a breakup and songs like Cold Hard Truth, Flatline and Magic really help me. I'd say my favourite is either Live or Magic, Paris Sun is also amazing!! Magic is such a beautiful fucking song, especially when you hear that loud sound near the end. I love it, I swear i've heard it before. Did she sample it? She's so so so talented and deserves way more credit for this album. ''I know you still see me, I know I'm in your dreams''
  8. He Comes To Me In My Dreams & Tells Me What I Need To Know

    Hold on tight, Brightest morning star and Perfume made Britney Jean a personal album. EDM songs besides til' it's gone and work bitch should have been left as bonus tracks.
  9. a celebrity dress up house party when I lived with my family (who were quite the middle class) in an estate, all the neighbours who were middle aged had these themed parties every so often. One time it would be oscars themed, they had a celebrity one too
  10. I'm so bored.. gosh

    I stan Nelly Furtado as well as Britney, she has a new album out back in April called the Ride and everyone should check it out
  11. Best and worst album title?

    Spectacular , show stopping and mindblowing
  12. Does anyone have a version of SP without Tinashe?

    I tried finding it on Amazon's music but that only has Britney Jean as the latest album
  13. Best and worst album title?

    At least the femme fatale tour tried to push that image
  14. What's your favorite supposed Britney demo/song

    I feel like Legion would have fitted right in with Britney Jean if she took the personality and depth of the album so much more seriously
  15. What's your favorite supposed Britney demo/song

    this is good, but it sounds like something from 2010-12