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  1. And people on here think currentney can't dance
  2. I'm about to throw my desktop computer out of the window I have unreleased Britney songs and Mood Ring on spotify as local files on my PC and I would love if they'd be on my phone. I've followed every instruction on how to sync the music and the playlist I add them to even show up on my phone but when I try and play it on my phone it just says that the song isn't available and that I've to browse or start a radio It's so frustrating, youtube tutorials are useless too, can anyone help? I have an iPhone SE.
  3. I just noticed that after reading this
  4. I hate the Glory tracklist. It sounds so uneven; invitation and then DYWCO? Wtf lol Anyway, this is my ideal tracklist 1. Invitation 2. Mood Ring 3. Make Me... 4. Just Luv Me 5. Man on the Moon 6. Clumsy 7. Do You Wanna Come Over? 8. Slumber Party 9. If I'm Dancing 10. Love Me Down 11. Better 12. Hard to Forget Ya 13. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 14. Just Like Me 15. Liar Bonus Tracks** 16. Coupure Electrique 17. Private Show 18. What You Need Make Me with original video, Just Luv Me, Better and Hard to Forget Ya (I love this song) released as singles and keep Tinashe out of Slumber Party