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    IonutM reacted to over-protected-life in How scared where you in 2007/2008   
    i will never ever forget leaving school and mum telling me Britney has shaved her head as soon as I got into the car. I did not believe her until I got home and turned on the news and it was literally everywhere. It was a pop tragedy at the time. 
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    IonutM reacted to Andrew338 in A Grindr story to exhalle   
    Britney jean ahad a very strong lead single, that’s why many knew of britney jean existence. With glory... 
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    IonutM reacted to Mystical78 in A Grindr story to exhalle   
    It's a miracle that he even knows BJ exists
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    IonutM reacted to Mayenaise in Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"   
    I'm so sick of seeing her insta vids with her spinning in circles with some dress on
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    IonutM reacted to pablitonizer in Plans for her 20th Aniversary?   
    Greatest hits albums are pointless in streaming era... plus what hits from the past 6 years would she include? 
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    IonutM reacted to Alex_1991 in Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed   
    If she gets pregnant before a full b10 era I'm having the biggest meltdown ever, and I've been a fan since 2000.
    She cannot do this.
    Please Britney, drop a fucking album, promote it, tour and then get pregnant.
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    IonutM reacted to Diamond Horse in Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"   
    Yes. plz collaborate again. and SMS is not bad, but something even more well thought out this time around  would be good
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    IonutM reacted to dahum in Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"   
    That was really sweet of her
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    IonutM reacted to ifuseekari in Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"   
    Miley is so adorable. She's a true stan tbh! <3 
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    IonutM reacted to RaDaRaVeNgEr in BBMA 2016   
    If Make Me was added to that medley as rumored or at least a video of some sort for the song was premiered that night the Glory era might have had a chance. It's like they planned on making this the start of the era and got the hype right (V magazine, revamp, this flawless look), then they scrapped it to wait for the vmas to push the promo and look how that went. I think she only performed because they already confirmed and it was good for vegas promo but she was able to weasel her way out of being presented the award onstage. An award that big deserved a speech tbh and not a costume change and a couple spins. 
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    IonutM reacted to Mayenaise in BBMA 2016   
    She was a little stiff to begin with but overall she totally slayed it - the way she eyefucked the camera during slave was just like Primeney 
    The only 2 downsides for me was what you said: work bitch was too short and she just walked around for ages during womanizer. Secondly, they should have included BTI (with the original choreo) it would have been so fucking iconic!!! 
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    IonutM reacted to BoyToySoldier in BBMA 2016   
    She wasn’t that stiff, definitely better than any other performance since 2008. But the BBMA’s were in like what, May? She also wasn’t televised getting the Millennium Award (which was a stupid move for Larry to let her do that sh!t), and the single didn’t come until like 2 months later. Any impact or hype died.
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    IonutM reacted to annonymous in Sam is film and driving   
    There is a guy on exhale who is very close with Sam and always texts with him, maybe he could tell him 

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    IonutM reacted to andry26 in POM Residency is actually an exception (other residencies are shorter)   
    I remember when she announced the first two years, people in here said that she wouldn't be able to sell shows for two year and that for sure after 1 year Planet Hollywood would cancel her recidency, well  here we are after 4 year  
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    IonutM reacted to Hungry Hun in POM Residency is actually an exception (other residencies are shorter)   
    Vegas became Britney's, thats why 
    But serious, she was the only that brought something new to vegas, her show doesnt have that Vegas formula like JLo's and Mariah's for example. Its a pop show on its core and vegas wont have that with any other artist but Madonna. But since M hates Vegas, that will never happen.
    The last boxscore showed us Britney had more than 90% of attendance after 4 years, 4 F*CKING YEARS of the same show. If she wanted to, she could still be there for more 2 years and she would do good 
    But thank God this sh*t is over. She need to do new and exciting things ASAP, the Army is dying fast 
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    IonutM reacted to Diaz in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   
    Well... she can always try... nothing against her, but she is not hot (on many aspects) enough, she is tooo basic for that... she is better when she is doin'g this Katy/snake thing...

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    IonutM reacted to BKSTYL3 in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   

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    IonutM reacted to MissSpearsSaysSo in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   
    No thanks. That’s a pop classic, she should not cover it. But If she does, it will undoubtably bring a lot of attention to Britney’s Original. That would be cool. 
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    IonutM reacted to BKSTYL3 in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   

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    IonutM reacted to ITZFFGL in Judas/TTWE Mashup   
    2011 was so iconic 
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    IonutM reacted to IUSAtonight in Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)   
    Yes sisters rejoice, it's a holiday miracle

    Now we wait for new stuff.. in a couple of years probably
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