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    13 minutes ago, Daxx said:

    The video was trash and the more I watch it the trashier it gets. Britney throwing a TV out the window and murdering a hunk on the pool, wow, brilliant idea. :cackling: both versions are TRASH and the trashier one got released :cackling:

    completely agree with you. both versions are bad but at least the original one had some sort of production and chance to be unique and successful :hibebe:

  2. Years&years band is great, all their songs are fire and in 2015 they were on a fire streak. I really hope they will have some hits with this new album. My faves so far are: shelter, desire, eyes shut, king, border, shine, worship.

    Also, they covered Toxic in a live concert in 2015 :sendinglove:


  3. I was completely shocked to see this on my news feed ( I thought was some 5+ years old video). I think this video pretty much sums up Brit's career pretty well. I would have like some 2016-2018 photos of Brit and much more praise of her comeback.:sendinglove:

    Don't you think Britney is up to something? :ohdear: there is a high posibility of something coming up 

  4. 1 minute ago, Catalin said:

    Serios vorbind, mi-aș dori foarte mult să aflu cât interes ar stârni Britney dacă ar veni in România. Habar n-am dacă lumea o place sau nu.

    Nici eu nu prea stiu câtă lume s-ar duce. Rihanna a avut succes, zic eu, in august 2016... majoritatea prietenilor sunt cam reticenți cand aud de Britney =))) nu prea ii intereseaza, drept exemplu, iar cand ii pun sa asculte unele melodii(SP, toxic, slave, GM) isi aduc aminte de ele si sunt placut surprinși.

    Oricum, chiar as vrea sa ajunga Britney in Romania, dar totusi nu prea cred ca sunt șanse...