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  1. In the past days Fergie posted a lot of music videos from her new visual album : Double dutches and to be honest it looks pretty promising. I thought that the videos will be very low budget but they are perfectly fine. I am really curious if the album and this era Fergie is gonna flop but at least she tried, unlike Britney that after the first inconvenient she abandoned the project. I started listening to Fergie like 2 weeks ago so I'm not that used to her songs, my fav being Big Girls dont cry. So what do you think?


  2. We all know that Liar was recorded in 2015. I think it would have been a great ideea to release Liar instead of PG. Also, if Britney really would have wanted a feature on the track she could have chose Lady Gaga(telephone 2.0). Idk why but I see them doing a kickass video for Liar. I dont know about you but Liar is such a BOP, meaningful song and it is in my top 5 songs from Glory.:urite: I imagine the video being country like, cowboy oriented about a adventure in the western( you can hear the western influences in last 5-10 sec of the song). This paired with bbma 2015 performance it would have become a hit :queenflopga:

    what do you think?:mattafact: