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  1. we are soooo grateful to have Larry Thanks to him, Britney achieved to be in her prime right now When I read "successful career" I instantly spilled my delicious frappuccino
  2. f**k you, jerk . Why would you mess with us?
  3. IonutM

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    That would be my first real meltdown as a Britney stan
  4. IonutM

    tour about the tour

    We neeeeeed a date in Romania for the tour!!!
  5. IonutM

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    Actually before I was a fan (in 2015 right after PG release) i really liked it It was such a cute poppy song to sing in those joyfull days of summer Ps: I am straight and I jam to this song lolol
  6. Change your mind feat Maluma with a steamy video like criminal would have rocked in summer 2017
  7. Yes, here in Romania every latin song is a hit. It's a shame that Brit is not going to perform here this summer
  8. I think it's more than a moderate hit... you call floptina for a reason tho...
  9. 2 new songs this summer? Apple pie solo version and this despacito 2.0 aka S&S 2.0 with pitbull and mark anthony? In my country they stream everything from Pitbull for yeeeears , even Por Favor by Pitbull and 5H that has 25 mil views on Youtube is really streamed here. Anything latin-esque and Pitbull/Mark Anthony is really well received in Europe and Latin America so I'm up for it if this is a banger, bop, summer smasher and also we get Apple Pie soon
  10. Is this really happening? Is he the real LMD producer cause he doesn t feel like it
  11. IonutM

    other Glory and youtube ?????

    wtf are u speaking,?there is no youtube channel that has Glory songs . that "account" that you are speaking about is most probably fake