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  1. Daymn! Beyonce has some GREAT pre-recorded vocals. She must go to Janet's sound people(Janet is also know for this as well) But yeah, Beyonce lips, A LOT. But she also does a nice mix of lipping some verses and singing some verses LIVE on the same song. However, there are some sings she does completely live, as well Britney on the other hand.... *sigh* its been YEARS since we've seen a concert where she had sung a song(at least one song) completely live. I tjink the last time she did that was on her cirrus tour for "YOK" But then people were saying that was pre-recorded, so IDK. It sounded live when I saw her sing it. Honestly thats where the problem is. It's going on 10 years since she has performed a concert where she had sung a song live. That is embarrassing, honestly. Like no other artist does that LOL.
  2. YASSSSSSS!!! GO AWF, QUEEN CELINE!! I'm here for it! Someone make a GIF of that, Damnit!
  3. Janet is my fav. Britney is the runner up, babe
  4. lmaooo. what are you talking about? LOL. Yes you can. Michael Jackson(while living) went YEEEEARRRRRRS w/o a number 1 song, & even while he was living, he was a VREY powerful. And album sales>>>>> singles boo. Beyonce has consistently out-sold ALL of Britney's albums since 2003. Every, Single. One. Even Beyonce's albums "without hits" sold better than Britney's "with hits" Embarrassing. lmao.