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  1. Gimme more
  2. https://youtu.be/j3uerjJUz2I?t=3m8s That collab is definitely happening. few years later and still waiting
  3. I agree
  4. Yep, 1:07 that hair looks so "natural" and real
  5. Wow! Thank you! I enjoyed reading you (and taking a second look at BJ) Alien has always been one of my favorite ballads from Britney since the first time I heard it. Work Bitch, Hold on Tight and Perfume are great songs too I think what bothers me the most about this album is William's work actually. Body Ache (0:00-0:40) and Till it's Gone (gone gone part?) are kinda overaggressive. Some songs could have been wayyyyy better with a different instrumental/arrangement (Don't Cry and Passenger). Same for Now that I found you, could have been good if only it didn't have that effect on the chorus that makes her voice sound silly. It Should be Easy is probably that One song that I hate on Britney's discography and kinda ruined my whole vision of the album tbh. There are some good songs but yeah... as far as Im concerned f**k William
  6. at 4:15 till the end (4:51 you can clearly tell it's circus)
  7. omg you are I need to know what you find interesting on BJ.
  8. Omg Thank you for that! Love that perf
  9. I love it! But I already got a fanmade cover for blackout that I love. Still cool to see yours!
  10. You kidding right? I have so many questions right now
  11. Well, now I know. An area.
  12. Thanks sweety! why tf do I get "If U Seek Amy" vibes from it? Lol
  13. Thank you for trying to let me see it though
  14. Can you screenshot it? I don't care enough to add Tinasha on my Snap
  15. Well, Im kinda disappointed lol