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  1. Britney Spears: "He looked like a lizard."

    IF that story is true, it's ok to not feel attracted to someone because of how they look, but there's no need to run away like that if it's a date, you can be nice and let the person know you're not interested... and then she says she was looking for someone who's just a nice guy... wtf
  2. She just can't be bothered
  3. Least favourite songs from Blackout?

    I was thinking of these two too. I like them, but they're definitely my least favorite ones on the album...
  4. the secret project = backdrop for tour?

    Well she said it was a secret so the secret is not secret anymore but the secret itself is still a secret so why would she reveal it? apples are just apples, it is what it is
  5. My 3 posters of Britney

    so was i
  6. My 3 posters of Britney

    I can't afford that and I don´t have a boyfriend and that's not the holy trinity but it's so great Slé
  7. It's not her! She clearly says NAH SIAS CARTIS and then the other woman says the sentence in perfect spanish doesn't make any sense does it?
  8. Senior quote

    Who's the boss now? I dare you to stand in my way Make sure you catch me from my good side