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  1. I watched the Naruto Shippuden episode where Neji died. And dammnnn them ninjas cutting onions. :tear::tifftear::tiffsniffle::crying1::crying4::kidcries:

  2. Been replaying "H.AT.E.U." by Mariah Carey. Brings back so many college memories. And I love how sweet it sounds every time she says "hate." Such an underrated ballad. :mcry:

    1. JustLuvMe


      It such a beautiful song, very relatable too :mcry:

    2. slaveneytbh


      I love it. I just went through a bad patch of my life and that song has been on repeat :meltdown:

      why do i love to torture myself :mhm:

    3. SlayOut


      Seriously an underrated soothing bop and one I had on serious rotation not long ago. :otears:

  3. I love you, Britney! :kiss: Advanced happy birthday and merry xmas. :mcorangu:

  4. Is there any of you here who stan for Prince? I only knew 2 songs from him, "Purple Rain" and "Nothing Compares 2 U," and because I got addicted to the Youtube parody show, TLP, I got interested in him. I checked his discography and it is too much! :surprisedney: Any recommendations for starters? I definitely can't stream 40+ albums in one weekend lol

    1. BoyToySoldier


      Listen to 1999 and Purple Rain, those are his ITZ / Blackout imo. :) 

    2. Kammunist.


      I've only heard Kiss because Britney sampled it.

  5. Philippine Congress just put into motion and approved a 20 USD annual budget for the following agencies: Commission of Human Rights, Energy Regulatory Commission, and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. 20 USD for a year, and highlighting it for the human rights commission, is that what's the 104M people's human rights worth for this stupid administration? Losing hope for this country. If only I could rush grad school so I can get the f**k out of this modern Nazi country.

  6. Mother nature is on a leash. Praaaaaaying that everyone's safe.

  7. First time to watch Schindler's List and I had to pause the movie five times because of it's brutality. I don't think I can ever watch it again. I am so heartbroken right now. :otears:

    1. falka


      This movie made me cry so hard.

    2. mtfknstarboy


      Are you from USA? you betta re watch that movie and learn all the jews tricks cuz NorthKorea is about to bomb you back and forth

    3. Itachi


      No. :xcuseme: are you trying to imply something :xcuseme:

  8. "Even Hitler tried to hide his gas chambers. President Duterte goes around parading heads!"

    Somebody save the Philippines from this madman. :tiffsniffle:

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    2. Itachi


      I wanna undress him using my mouth :thirsty:

      No worries, sis. I just really feel helpless and upset that I can't do something in my power to stop the genocide that psycho is doing. Children and teenagers are dying. :crying2:

    3. HAUNTED


      Me too. Either him, or Kim Woo Bin. They're both my - platonic -  Korean daddies because School 2013 was my first Kdrama. I've been following both ever since. :milkney:

      I'm really sorry about what's happening in the Philippines; I looked up recent news on the country, and I found very alarming reports with high death counts. I hope you stay safe, and also, I hope, from the bottom of my heart, it gets better. :(

      It is a very messed up world we live in these days. The Philippines, and Barcelona yesterday too. It isn't safe anywhere. :ehno:

    4. Itachi


      Tough times. There's even a threat of world war due to tensions between North Korea and the US. :tiffsniffle: Thanks, bb. Stay safe as well. Let's all hope and pray for a better world to live in. As Jiraiya-sama (if you're watching/reading Naruto) says, I also believe that there's gonna be a time that people will truly understand one another. :mcry:

  9. Anybody in Lan Kwai Fong right now? I'm celebrating. Join me. :drinky:

  10. Anybody here from HK? I'll be there from 5-13. Let's hang out ;)