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  1. No Britney in...

    Is she?
  2. Madame Tussauds HK. They have Elvis, Beatles, MJ, Madonna so i understood that perhaps they only have legends but then there's also Gaga. and Taylor Swift. And when i wrote in the survey which artist i want to see in the future the people assisting didn't know Britney as well as Beyonce HK army do something about this plz
  3. Promote: Blur Vegas: Overprotected Scrap: Ooh Ooh Baby Trouble, He About to Lose Me, I Run Away
  4. indeed. pretty girls and make me too @ClarkKent why not reveal the entire results
  5. If u weren't stanning Britney

    and why isn't she on the list?
  6. What a username i will email her pu$$y because s/he forgot to include Shadow on that list i am offended anyway, let's stream it some more, bitches
  7. Rank her albums

    1. In the Zone 2. Blackout 3. Britney 4. Oops!... I Did It Again 5. Femme Fatale 6. Circus 7. Glory 8. ...Baby One More Time 9. Britney Jean
  8. Top 5 | In the Zone

    Slutney songs are the best but i'm giving love to Shadow. One of Britney's best ballads and it breaks my heart thinking it won't win is that where you get your username @Shadow.
  9. what?? it's one of her videos that has an actual storyline, one that even foreshadowed her future struggles. It's not horrible This actually. I love Danceney but Emoteney also slays