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  1. thank you and it's my first time encountering someone here who's also into Naruto (well I've only been here couple of months). and yes I also hate the ending, but was very sentimental when it ended because it also defined my childhood to adulthood (pretty much like Britney). sure we can discuss it in general section
  2. also, #1 ww? the delusion
  3. No, I was never insulted for listening to Britney. But that guy's actions were uncalled for. Chill it out and don't let that incident put you down. Although the next time a similar incident happens, put your middle fingers up and blast them off with Chillin' With You, Private Show or What You Need. The better way to shut off haters is to annoy them even more.
  4. Live vocals? From Britney...
  5. not Britney's best ballad imo, but it's a pleasant one. What can you say about the other ballad from Circus though i can't when i found out about that too
  6. oh yes, that would have also helped big time. nnn they must be looking for another article that will show "Britney has sold 100M albums", idk maybe from Nat Geo or whatever since they find Sony Pictures highly accurate
  7. from a remix album as their argument implies
  8. who knows. she might be the wedding singer.
  9. this too. that's how inaccurate their reporting was @button yet those 2 you were arguing with still sticks to it
  10. yeah and why would they believe Sony pictures anyway when there are other more reliable sources out there that literally contradicts the figures reported by Sony pictures
  11. exactly, they wouldn't use the exact figures because they will always want to increase their artist's profile. i don't understand OP's side comment that Chartmasters is biased towards Britney, even saying that the writer/author is a fan of Giselle (Beyonce?). the article explained well how the results were generated. the fact that @button has to go up against receipts from Sony Pictures
  12. Lorde kinda freaks me out in that gif though