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  1. She seriously invited Beyonce who just gave birth lol why didn't she just invite Xtina and she'll be gifted with trucks of oreos
  2. Nnnnnnnn Brinny girl is butthurt by the question. every artists who perform live in crowds use IEM to hear their voices, even those who lipsync like Beyonce. Britney, you tried. You could taste the dishonesty it's all over your breath.
  3. I'm interested to know what category does Pretty Girls should have been nominated. Boys was a complete flop in the US but it got a nomination during the 2003 ceremony so. but if we're talking about artist relevance then yes, Britney will not be nominated
  4. Exactly. She composed My Baby too, only says one thing, Britney should not be singing about babies. It's awful.
  5. she did and she is credited as the only songwriter. i think it's the only song so far she composed all by herself, thiefonce could neva. but i'm not really fond of this song. i mean it came out after the slutty ITZ and post-ITZ era, then suddenly she was singing about babies? i can't Momney happened too soon. it flopped because it should not have been released as a single. also, it's inappropriate for her to perform this song if she's not pregnant, so i can't believe some of you are wondering why she hasn't performed this live.
  6. Worst: Petty Gorillaz, It Should Be Deleted, My Babboon, Chillin' with Your Granny Best: Toxic, Everytime, I'm a Slave 4 U, so many more but those are my top 3
  7. Wow, what a comprehensive analysis. Good job @pgl! If you have the resources, can you also do one for Passenger?
  8. it was during the Thailand show, not sure if it was day 1 or 2 but it happened there. you can check the official threads for those. you'll be fine, sis. who knows, she might replace I Love Rock 'n' Roll with My Baby and perform it on the same guitar since it is acoustic and we'd all be slayed.
  9. In terms of physical image she should bring her old facial features back. If the nose job can't be undone, then at least stop with the lip fillers. And if there's something she needs to work on her face that would be the wrinkles. Also she doesn't need to experiment a lot on makeup, I am content with how she used to look pre-FF eras. Musically, she has 2 options. Continue with the dance pop genre she is known for or experiment on a different genre. Or at least attempt to incorporate other genre to her sound and see how that works for her and her audience - country, soft rock, R&B, hip-hop, idk she used to experiment with her music a lot and started trends (electropop, dubstep, etc.), but recently she was the one joining trends (Belinda Jocasta, Glory). Performances - need I say more? Its good that she has a live band, but please bring back the background vocalists. If live singing is really a challenge for her now, then use pre-recorded vocals. But please, sing live, even for just three or four songs in a setlist, or some lines per song. It is sad that we are being deprived of the very nature of her career - singing. If dancing is a challenge again, then she should stop dancing. I mean it's all or nothing. She could give us a stripped down performance with just idk a guitar or piano I would be happy with that instead of her constantly embarrassing herself by doing granny zumba moves. Also, interact some more. I don't understand what's stopping her from being more interactive, but giving scripted interactions to your fans is very terrible. To summarize, she should watch her pre-breakdown concert tours and school herself again with the art of a Britney performance. Costumes - she should start employing designers to design costumes for her instead of wearing lingerie and leotards from Walmart or Sears. She is Britney fucking Spears, she can afford them! If she's still into collaborations, then she should collaborate with people who will help her grow artistically. From music video directors to guest vocalists. No more D-listers please, we're talking about the woman who shared the stage with Michael Jackson and Madonna. World tour! 4 years of exclusively performing in one city is a cruel punishment to fans all over the world. Try to be more articulate and less boring in interviews. I still believe that Britney is not a dumb bitch whose vocabulary is limited to "cool" and "yeah". Try to let loose a little. that's all i can think of as of the moment
  10. nobody did but i think that's the whole point of her being placed under a still ongoing conservatorship. otherwise, if she does have an illness but is no longer serious, she should be free already. good for you though and i hope you will get even better. and Britney too. thanks for enlightening me on this piece.
  11. they should scrap the entire show cause clearly it just didn't work
  12. i get your point. so if Britney is really suffering something serious, performing is not what she should be doing right now, or even before. we don't have a clear understanding of her situation. only that she is placed under conservatorship due to undisclosed mental condition. if anything, a seriously mentally ill person should not have released 4 albums, had 3 ww tours and a 4-year residency, been a judge on a national tv competition, and some other projects in between. especially if her illness was exacerbated by her career and the media frenzy around her as some others here have insinuated, then isn't it horrible and cruel to have her do the things that are "destroying" her.
  13. 1. We already have the new BOMT dance break 2. Given that she almost fell during Do Somethin', they'll probably scrap the chairs 3. Britney has probably forgotten how to perform Everytime and I Love Rock 'n' Roll so they won't add those back again
  14. 1. Everytime, Onyx Hotel Tour 2004 2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Oops!...I Did It Again, MTV VMA 2000 3. ...Baby One More Time, Dream Within a Dream Tour 2001-2002 4. I'm a Slave 4 U, MTV VMA 2001 5. Me Against the Music & (I Got That) Boom Boom, TRL 2003 6. Shadow, Onyx Hotel Tour 2004 7. I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Dream Within a Dream Tour 2001-2002 8. Get Naked (I Got a Plan), The Circus Starring Britney Spears 2009 9. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, AMA 2002 10. Breathe on Me, Onyx Hotel Tour 2004
  15. isn't it that's why the conservatorship existed because apparently she is incapable of making decisions due to her condition? just thinking out loud. if it's true that she is suffering from something psychological or mental illness, wouldn't it be actually cruel to still send her to work? idk i may be wrong but people with serious illness should be recuperating or rehabilitating and not out there releasing music and performing.