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  1. What I've read though was Telephone was indeed rejected for Circus album, so Lady Gaga decided to use it for Fame Monster. She proposed to have Britney featured instead but Team B negotiated to have it in Singles Collection which Gaga refused. So she got Beyonce on board. Unsurprisingly, Beyonce got writing credits when its exactly the same lyrics that we heard from Britney's demo recorded in 2008 when Beyonce was not yet involved. Na na na diva is a female version of a hustla
  2. Artists: Justin Bieber, Xtinct and Beyonce Producers: Fernando Garibay, Zedd Video Directors: Floria Sigismondi, Melina Matsoukas
  3. To my ex boyfriend: "Tiny hands, yes that's you." OR To the unknown I will be bold. Going to places I can be out of control.
  4. And she seems to be pulling off a Britney too, two consecutive releases with features. I cannot with this stupid hoe.
  5. And original music videos too - Gimme More, Break the Ice, Radar (without the horse), Work Bitch, Perfume, Make Me.
  6. i think it did pay off, i mean look how she touched the mic. Sam must be really happy of her oral vocal performances
  7. Who knows perhaps someone recorded it or sth idk its just a wild fantasy though
  8. I hope someone will leak her rendition of "I Have Nothing" which she sang in auditioning to Jive.
  9. Thailand and Israel sis EDIT: I believe so that Taiwan is already confirmed.
  10. I heard she's going to visit the Vatican. Kidding, just be patient sis, at the start of this sudden world tour, dates in Europe and SA were also rumored so we'll just have to wait and see.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/imesingapore/photos/a.877591645616059.1073741828.877574815617742/1491588357549715/?type=3&theater There's the link ya'll Since this is looking to be an East Asia-South East Asia tour (except for Israel), I'm wondering why there are no rumors for Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea. Those are big markets too.
  12. Well if they will collab now Brinty can outdance Beyonka ......
  13. No, she's no longer selling out her Vegas concerts considering the very small capacity, it tells something about how her star power has greatly diminished. If she no longer feels performing regularly, they better let her be. I'd rather have her take a break for a long time, come back with a decent album with proper promotions and world tour then take a break again. That way she'll keep us and the GP hungry of her presence than seeing her time and again destroy whatever is left of her legacy as a performer.
  14. Let them eat Cheetos
  15. They didn't, but at least it became the most iconic moment of Michelle's career