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  1. i mean critics says madonna became legend in confessions on a dance floor era it means 22 years after her career. hung up was global hit and the album sold 10 million copies around the world, you know it's not east to be legend, she is an icon but i don't think she is respected enough to be a legend so maybe if b10 era will give us #1, good performances and visuals, this can improve her legacy.

  2. some of you guys overreacted again, i think this is sad to see you guys bashing her like this, for the first time her team made me surprised. first of all, have you seen madonna and lady Gaga’s versace shoots? they photoshopped them as hell, we all know britney’s face doesn’t look like this, she ruined her beautiful face with awful surgeries, they are so right to photoshop her face. there are few artist to need less photoshop like rihanna, jennifer lopez, Selena etc. her face is not that beautful to release unphotoshopped photographs of her. sad but true.

  3. interesting question. 

    she’d be happy about her kids and yeah her balance in her life but i think she’d be shocked about her new look (surgeries) and performances, she would be sad about her new personality because she is energic, cherful young woman and now britney’s personality is destroyed by paps and media so if she had known her breakdown also, she’d quit from music industry forever.

  4. 15 minutes ago, John0164 said:

    I was doing Britney’s pics in faceapp and they look better then the one you did. I was gonna make a thread with some of her newest pics filtered in face app but didn’t want stans to pitch fork me. We will leave her face be. Like she needs to do. 







    she looks amazing 

  5. Just now, Godney's Sweet Ass said:


    She probably did her fresh panda eyes one night and then didn't take her make-up off when sleeping so when she woke up the next day to do a workout she had last night's make-up on. #Lazyney

    i think so, she never clear her eye corner make up, i think she lives with that make up :jfallonlol: