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  1. worst-blackout voters:2 we need to kill them here
  2. if she will diss old britney, i'd unstan her forever. i would forever only be fan of 1998-2009 britney
  3. this is so annoying. and not funny. nearly all fandom thinks britney is dumb. and they are not that wrong.
  4. awwwwww most iconic pop trio of all time, we want 2007 throwback.
  5. well she didn't lie. %1 of her voice is her own voice. %99 of it is playback. this is mix of both of them. genius kween
  6. well it's great. she should make it clear. and she must accept she uses her 15 years old vocals.
  7. melodrama is overrated media acclaim like beyonce's lemonade. christina's stripped is 56 on metacritic, i'm done with there.
  8. i used to love her till honeymoon era. she lost her orginality. and looks boring.
  9. more like she's their britney. britney and madonna are too different imo.
  10. zionsm is shaking
  11. lol, coolest fan base ever.