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  1. flop magazine, vogue is better, by
  2. i hope you'll have fun be safe
  3. you can get every copy from D&R
  4. lust for life is better than the orginal we want you for B10 album cover, please teamb hire him
  5. make me is boring and mm music video is one of the worst music video of this planet, dumb and bad edited. work bitch is iconic because of title and music video is really one of britney's bests
  6. christina herself said that not myself tonight video is inspired from madonna, i think it's too childish thing it was 13 years ago and also christina was right about mtv vma kiss, they really cut her scene because of justin's face. and reminder to you: britney is flopping since 2013 at least christina still can sing high notes and doing her own stuff. she always said she has respect for britney, she looks better than britney in nowadays
  7. omg she was so cute here
  8. she is talented but her stuff is basic
  9. yeah, i don't even watch her speech, it was so stupid, :/ we're really unlucky about it, she is not good at speeches
  10. i'm talking about RDMA, speech is one of the most important thing for an artist so i just wanna listen a beautiful speech from her then want to cry. but i mean really emotional and important speech. she has been in the industry about 20 years, she experienced so many things about life and fame. disney is the place that her fame was born. i hope her team will see it and tell her about speech
  11. it's better than every pom choreo* imo
  12. justin is such an attention whore, i can't
  13. 0 only her fans knows the album
  14. it's impossible lol