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  1. all gays in the world love toxic
  2. Gaga's joanne was n1 at bb200 but sold 1m ww, glory sold 600k, glory britney's 9th album and joanne is Gaga's 5th album
  3. you're clearly trump supporter, racism at finest
  4. #4 Beyonce
  5. first 10 secs are flawless she is not actually but she lives in russia and russia is one of the most homophobe countries in the world, she is not fearless, maybe she just tried to get gp, i don't know
  6. these terroists are not muslim, did you know that isis has even japanese member? i'm not muslim too but this racist comment is disgusting like you.
  7. this woman makes most amazing sounds in the industry, this is why i want britney & azealia collab, for quality. but yeah, her media image is terrible, she needs to fix this before all else
  8. do you guys know azealia's new twitter account has only 4k followers i wonder what she thinks about britney collab
  9. i disagree, madonna's career is full of sexuality but people have respect to her artistary
  10. omg, jordan your site gettin' bigger, congrats
  11. she wears her best outfits in europe, why
  12. i still love her tho, lol. but i still think she is not homophobic. everybody makes mistakes.
  13. i wish they met in 2007. CAN YOU IMAGINE MUSICAL SLAYAGE