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  1. britney herself be like iconic
  2. 5500 tickets in 10 days is plausible considering the huge promotion expected to come (especially the interview in the biggest newspaper of the country) but even if she doesn't it's still a very good number
  3. she has more gymnastic skills than acting skills
  4. even her most hated era is iconic barracuda javiere the most personnal album sung by myah marie desert performance the vegas residency the wigs the painted abs the marco marco costumes britney in interviews thinking she's always singing live and that the performance of wb is in the video her interview with ryan seacrest her makeup in vegas
  5. after circus the real britney took some vacations and her team replaced her with a clone times to times she was coming back to see how is the tour going she saw the disaster and ran off right after iconic
  6. when witness is mentionned katie perrie on the charts
  7. another material for the floor is live singing vs the floor is lip syncing
  8. she became a mermaid the tv show H2O is based on her
  9. icons
  10. you're in the britney spears section if you want to talk about myah's last album Bernadette Jument go to the general section