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  1. Yes! It does! Except J Lo is probably still experiencing the fan craze that Britney had 2013/2014 since she just started.
  2. 80% of Britney's nightly piece of me audience are random drunk vegas tourists, not Britney fans or pop music fans. It's not like the entire box office traveled to see Britney. It's Vegas.
  3. Wow!! A mom with two kids still putting forth effort?!?!?!!!!!!! I thought it was impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this mythical creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It reminds me the 90s pop girls in general! It's such a throwback vibe. I love HTFY!!!
  5. A fucking BOP!!!!! Bloodshy and Avant are legends in Britney's discography.
  6. Singing live and evoking emotion >>> Piece of Me choreo over and over and over and still not being nailed or executed after four years of doing the exact same thing
  7. Rihanna's performances of Diamonds or Stay at awards shows are something Britney Spears will never accomplish. That's not even counting her tour performances where she pretty much sings everything 100% live. Pre-Unapologetic Rihanna was a struggle but it's clear that Rihanna either took vocal lessons or just naturally became a better performer. You saying she is terrible at singing is so tired because it's simply not true anymore.
  8. lol you always mention iTunes like it's 2009. Make Me's streaming numbers were tragic and had no staying power after the VMAs. It repeaked at like #30 on streaming and then disappeared for the rest of 2016. Nobody cared about the song.
  9. Dude you're so obsessed with dragging others down to put Britney up. News flash: it's not 1999. Nobody cares about choreography, hair flips and Britney's "dancing" when she isn't singing live. People care about EFFORT now. The internet has given everyone a chance to be famous, so everyone judges stars in a pedestal more critically. People who TRY to sing will always have more respect in the eyes of today's pop culture. Britney lipping to Make Me and Slumber Party, SLOW SONGS, will always make her a joke compared to Katy and a Rihanna, even Selena and The Chainsmokers. Catch up with the times.
  10. Lmao!!!!! that user is psychotic
  11. Literally everything you're responding with is a lie. Do your research.
  12. -1 + 9 = 8
  13. Vegas ending is a good step. While I enjoy the fact that Vegas kept Britney performing regularly, I think it was a pretty... odd... career move. While this forum brags about the vegas box office (which hasn't even been selling out for a while now), I feel like a lot of you don't realize.... what Vegas is??? Like she has sold out shows, yes, great, fantastic, but it's not like these are pop music fans or any indication of relevancy. Vegas is a revolving door of drunk, gambling tourists. A seat to the show isn't expensive. I think people seeing Britney while they're in vegas outweighs the number of people who went to Vegas to see Britney. Going to piece of me was bizarre because it was maybe 30% hardcore Britney fans and then the rest just random vacationers, old people, drunk sleazes and random rich people and high rollers at VIP tables. The energy was highest during old tracks and dead during more recent material. I am so ready for her to get OUT of there.
  14. Lmao what? She's still a streaming force. Idk why this forum continues to care about iTunes positions like it's 2009 she's doing fine and the Migos backlash was way more widespread than any comments she made about Britney
  15. No look of Britney's post-VMA 2007 is iconic except this: which became this: Which is the last iconic moment for everyone besides fans and followers of pop music: the conclusion of "the breakdown"