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  1. Yep. If she's only gonna do a couple major carpets, she has to make the looks count. These are the photos that get circulated and blogs buy the rights to use in articles and stuff.
  2. I know about TSAR... her only album and did I not give Shether props in my post? Conceited was a moderate hit at best, and I'm being generous, especially for the time it was released in, but it was def all over BET I remember but it didn't really become a mainstream hit... Lean Back is when she was in that group but it's definitely an iconic song in our community.. All The Way Up yeah she's lead... with Fat Joe... featuring French Montana.... and it'll be hard to find someone who says "I listen for Remy's verse" Remy has no shining moment alone except... Shether. You are acting like Nicki came up on pop. She came up on mixtapes including a track... ITTY BITTY PIGGY... taking the streets by storm. Remy does not have an Itty Bitty Piggy. From her mixtapes alone, Nicki Minaj was approached by heavyweights Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z, etc to this day still getting praised by and working with the greats. It has nothing to do with pop. There is no Remy verse that anyone will ever recite like Monster. Remy has not reached the peak of Nicki's urban popularity nor will she ever touch her mainstream popularity. Even Bodak Yellow is shaping up to be bigger than anything Remy has done by herself. I have found this whole Fat Joe era to be boring. I'm excited to hear Remy's solo album and see what she brings. I'm not a pressed Nicki stan; I think Shether was great. More importantly, I think it sparked some competition, which is nice. The thing is everyone knows Nicki got bodied but she's way too popular for it to matter. I love female rap and would love to see more come up and I'm actually hoping Nicki and Remy stop being idiots and hop on a track together soon. Male rappers and artists squash beefs and collab constantly.
  3. She's saying she wants what he wants which is her but for her it's him because she's her not him
  4. A missed opportunity summer thot Snapchat caption and mouthing the words smash hit.
  5. Sis, you sound extremely ignorant. Male rappers hop on pop tracks all the time or have pop girls sing their choruses and nobody bats an eyelash. But when Nicki does pop, it's a problem. Double standard and misogyny. Nicki can't help it that she appealed to mainstream and succeeded in it and continues to do so. Remy Ma is a decent lyricist, but her flow and delivery sucks d*ck and she has no versatility whatsoever. She will never be able to ride a beat like Nicki or have multiple verses that people can recite at the drop of a hat or have legendary hip hop AND pop artists calling her for a verse. Remy's rap is no more "real" than Nicki's just because she's a flop. Yes, Shether was a brilliant diss track, but it will remain only that and it will remain the highlight of Remy's career, because of Nicki Minaj.
  6. SB? Remy Ma? The only reason anyone talks about Remy Ma is because of Nicki Minaj, not vice versa. Nobody is streaming her music or buying her album and she will never be mainstream and nobody will care about her once this beef is over, which it pretty much already is. And nobody knows Remy worldwide Nicki will still be getting begged for features (some of which always become hits, as me and others pointed out Swalla is a worldwide smash right now with crazy longevity, Rake It Up is going to destroy US urban and crossover and Side to Side was huge), still getting millions of video views, and still signing multimillion dollar brand deals. Not everyone has that. And she hasn't had an album since 2014 and has been part of a major hit every year since She's so over
  7. Well according to this forum's conspiracy theories, she wouldn't have had a choice, now would she?
  8. Criminal halted what could have been a 5+ singles era. There were much more melodic love/relationship songs with interesting production (Inside Out, Trip To Your Heart, Trouble For Me) and dubstep-infused pop anthems (How I Roll, Seal It With A Kiss, Up N Down, one could debate Drop Dead Beautiful but that Sabi verse.... but, hey, a lotta popular rap features have horrible lyrics) that could have extended the era. First era with three top 10 hits, radio was at Britney's feet and her video views were great. Slow, boring production, explicit-for-no-reason music video Criminal halted everything. Fans should never be allowed to vote for anything ever again
  9. I'm thirsty for an upbeat video so yes Clumsy, Do You Wanna Come Over?, or Love Me Down please
  10. I'm very happy for Britney as a person. As a fan, I'm disappointed. I don't even really care about the dancing or stuff like some people. I just miss music videos; it's one of the reasons I fell in love with Britney. Janet still put out several videos for her album and she's 50; same with Madonna and J Lo and plenty of other artists, young and old, with kids and without. Janet was just dancing in front of a white wall, Miley was rolling around in a bed, half of Beyonce's videos on her visual albums are just beautifully shot glamour shots in random houses, streets, fields, beds, Ariana was just walking around a street and in a laundromat, that Duo Lip chick was just walking through a house and is getting views, like Not every music video has to be a giant event or be a big suck of Britney's time. They could shoot a video in one day if they wanted to. Pretty Girls only took two. To me, music videos are part of a pop artist's job. It's like if you're at a restaurant and you order a drink, an appetizer, an entree and dessert but the restaurant closes after the appetizer is served and you don't get your money back. When we buy albums, we are supporting the artist and getting an experience in exchange: usually new songs, new music videos and a tour. I'm so happy to see the confidence that Piece of Me has given Britney, but we haven't had a true album experience since Femme Fatale: new songs, 4 music videos and a tour tied into the album theme. I get that Piece of Me gives her stability, so I respect that and can deal with no tour, but not shooting music videos is rude to me for some reason. Especially when she has time to try on 350 dresses and walk down the hallway!!!
  11. Nicki is not flopping; she works on a rap/hip-hop schedule. Features, features, features. And of those, Swalla is still currently a worldwide smash, Rake It Up is shaping to be a crossover hit, Side to Side was one of the biggest hits of 2016 and she's one of the most streamed artists currently with NO album out since 2014. No Frauds is a bit of a flop, but it's just something she threw out there as she builds hype. The same thing happened with Pills N Potions and then came Anaconda Some teams know how to recover from underwhelming first singles
  12. ........ but didn't you just make an entire thread making assumptions about Nicki's decisions... ?
  13. She has never ever defended her brother publicly and their mother bailed him out. And even if she had, I'm sure if your relative was accused of something, you'd try to support them until they're proven guilty in a court of law. She did not mock a disabled person. And she paid for everyone's tuition except for a girl who lied and said she was in medical school. And she has already collabed with Britney and toured with Britney so
  14. Lmao when this came out I was in middle/high school and I thought she looked crazy