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  1. when will some of you realize that iTunes is becoming a non-factor? it is not 2010. STREAMING is key and make me has shitty streaming numbers and it had shitty streaming numbers after the VMAs, only peaking at #33, the highest it reached in its entire run. that is tragic and not the position of a "hit" song. radio gave up on the song because IT WASN'T POPULAR ANYWHERE. harry styles just got #1 on digital songs w 140k copies. remember when Britney debuted w 400k with hold it against me? times have changed. iTunes positions mean nothing. make me did not connect with the public; that's why radio dropped it and that's why it failed.
  2. lmao some of y'all really believe make me was a good single it is easily the most generic, forgettable, trying-to-sound-like-everything-else-on-radio first single of Britney's career. bomt, oops, slave, matm, womanizer, hiam and work bitch all hit hard or brought something exciting and fresh to the table (though I don't really care for matm, but it was MADONNA), which is why make me is such a dud and shitstain on her discography.
  3. 3 being so low is a complete tragedy. It's one of the most solid and hard-hitting pop releases in Britney's discography. Have no idea why Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know, Boys, Me Against The Music or Perfume are so high.
  4. I think they just used that image because it was the start of the show. That being said, Britney seems to have a good relationship with BBMA and DCP (they produce the program). The award show is purely chart based, which is why they respect Britney a lot because she's a Billboard legend. I'd be excited because she wouldn't dare do Piece of Me again. She'd probably do Make Me
  5. I get what you're saying, and I don't necessarily disagree, but the records will show I Wanna Go as Britney's biggest radio hit, longevity or not. The peak is what matters. Nobody cares about the rest except stans.
  6. lmao Gaga dropped the song out of nowhere on a weekend in the middle of Coachella. this is not something to compare or brag about.
  7. They are not talking about charting positions, they are talking about audience. I Wanna Go and Till The World Ends are Britney's highest peaking audience hits, meaning they reached more people on radio at their peaks than Baby One More Time. It is a statistical fact that I Wanna Go is Britney's biggest hit on radio.