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  1. I don't think career wise. It's fair to be critical of a career, music, performances, red carpets, etc. I think some fans have a weird obsession with Britney's private life. Like the people that make fun of/come up with crazy theories about who she is dating, her dad, what type of medicine and illnesses she supposedly had. It's gross.
  2. Just cuz Britney chose to work with other producers doesn't mean she doesn't like Max. There is NO correlation. By your logic, she doesn't like Glory either because she isn't adding non-singles. She must hate Blackout too because she has never spoken of it. She didn't tour for Britney Jean or Glory so she MUST hate the material!!! i gave ACTUAL, DOCUMENTED evidence above, not random fan theories like you are spewing. You don't know why certain songs are on the set list, you don't know HOW her and Max are in the studio. What I believe is what Britney says.
  3. How has your involvement in the record-making process changed over the years? I have always been heavily involved in every album I have ever made. I'm very stubborn when it comes to recording and will only record songs I love, which is why it takes me a long time to make an album. I have to feel connected before I record and the song has to spark something inside me. Very few songs do that. I guess it's a good process because I love all of my music. I know there are a lot of artists that hate songs they recorded. I don’t feel that way. What was your idea for the overall sound of this album? I wanted to make a fresh-sounding album for the clubs or something that you play in your car when you're going out at night that gets you excited but I wanted it to sound different from everything else out right now. I also wanted to experiment with all the different types of music I love which is why you hear a mixture of pop, hip-hop and dance throughout the album. I also really wanted to play with my voice and change up my sound here and there which was really fun. You hear traces of some real cutting-edge dance music on the album – for instance, the dubstep break on “Hold It Against Me." How do you find new sounds? I listen to a lot of different music from all over the world and I guess I just gravitate towards what sounds fresh and what makes me want to move. I really didn’t want to record anything on this album that could be mistaken for anyone else out there. I think my first two singles, “Hold It Against Me” and “Till The World Ends,” sound completely different from anything else and I think when my fans hear the rest of Femme Fatale they'll see how fresh every song is. Dr. Luke said last fall that "I want [the sound] to get harder in some ways, and maybe a little more deep into electronic -- grimier." Did you have that same agenda for the album? Do you feel like you accomplished that? When we first sat down to talk about Femme Fatale I knew I wanted to make a dance album that was ahead of everything else out there but unique to me which is why I was so picky with the recording process. I only wanted songs that I immediately connected to. I also wanted to make sure that this album was completely different from Circus or anything else I had ever recorded. I love Circus but I wanted something darker and edgier. I also wanted to make an album and didn't want to just record a bunch of songs and put them together. I think Femme Fatale is really connected from start to finish. What is it about Max Martin that makes you so comfortable collaborating with him? How much bigger of a role did he take on this album than he did for "Circus"? Max played a huge role on this album and he has been there since the beginning so there is such a huge level of trust. He gets exactly what I am saying when I tell him what I want and don’t want musically. His melodies are incredible and he is always coming up with weird sounds, which I love. The whistle on "I Wanna Go" still gets me every time I hear it. Who would have thought of that? There is nobody I feel more comfortable collaborating with in the studio. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/britney-spears-on-her-new-album-her-favorite-music-and-working-with-will-i-am-20110317
  4. In The Zone 1 I Got That (Boom Boom) 2 The Hook Up 3 Showdown 4 Breathe On Me Blackout 1 Get Back 2 Freakshow 3 Radar 4 Perfect Lover Circus 1 Amnesia 2 Unusual You 3 Trouble 4 Quicksand Femme Fatale 1 How I Roll 2 Seal It With A Kiss 3 Trouble For Me 4 Inside Out Britney Jean 1 Til It's Gone 2 Alien 3 Passenger 4 Tik Tik Boom Glory 1 Hard To Forget Ya 2 Love Me Down 3 Clumsy 4 Better
  5. When I went, it was all Britney and beautiful and I got like 3 shirts. I'm sorry you just made it out, but it's been 3 years sis.
  6. Any upbeat single will breathe life into this era. The sharp drop offs in success from HIAM/TTWE/I Wanna Go to Criminal and Work Bitch to Perfume are not coincidences. So pushing slow songs to market Glory was a disastrous decision. Britney is not an artist people take seriously so these slow songs she'll never sing live are ridiculous, Slumber Party included. She has a devoted fanbase and is a guilty pleasure for the GP when she releases CATCHY, FUN, WELL-PRODUCED MUSIC. I genuinely believe two or three of the uptempos could carry Glory into fall 2017 on radio and, with good clips, streaming/VEVO. Fingers crossed.
  7. WHY DO YOU GUYS KEEP SAYING THIS Britney LOVES Max Martin; she said he's been there since the beginning of her career and there's literally NOBODY that she feels more comfortable with in the studio. Britney spoke to Rolling Stone IN DEPTH about Femme Fatale about how she loves dance music and wanted to go the opposite direction of Circus and how she thought the album was fantastic start to finish. You guys have NO IDEA why she looked "miserable". But it's not the music. Jesus Christ.
  8. 5/10 Lip synching Make Me is unacceptable. Don't release slow songs if you're not going to sing. The Me, Myself and I bit was awful and her lip synching Make Me at the end was super awkward. I give it a 5 just because I was happy she conquered the VMA stage again. I was very underwhelmed. I mean even Ariana sang live and out of breath while cycling. There's just no excuses anymore.
  9. I'm sorry, but Britney has nothing on Rihanna's shoots. All this you typed ------> Pushed envelopes when it comes to embracing sexuality as a young female which also caused controversy. Her photoshoots were either very sexy or very classy and beautiful with timeless beauty. Each photoshoot were so different from each other. She always stepped her game up. <------ describes Rihanna. Rihanna has an exotic look that Britney will never possess and is one of the most versatile photo muses of all time and that's WHY she has such power in print and in fashion. I love Brit but she could never pull off the things that Rihanna has; I just have to disagree.
  10. I'm just glad Just Luv Me isn't on the fucking poll so we can't get Criminal-d again by this damn base It's time for a banger
  11. Love Me Down, Clumsy, Better and Do You Wanna Come Over are the only options. CYM must be an international fan favorite because that sh!t would flop here. From a fan standpoint, IDGAF. Just give us another video. Hell release all the Private Show footage idc.