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    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    This forum is so rude to Max. It’s no coincidence he was last seen on Femme Fatale, which is the last time Britney remotely connected to the masses, unless you count Work Bitch. He makes brilliant pop music.

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    Max Martin produced Ariana’s Dangerous Woman and Side to Side, Pink’s Just Like Fire, Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling (all MASSIVE POP HITS of the last two years) and wrote No Tears Left To Cry as well as half of Taylor Swift’s reputation, which was the highest selling female album of last year. If Britney returned to pure pop with Max, it would be magical, smart and more well received than her slow watered down “urban” wannabe music.
  3. It’s awful. I try to be mindful that there are international fans here, but the song is a mess and rightfully a bonus track. Her delivery of the verses would sound awkward on radio cuz she’s basically just talking, she sounds like she’s straining in the prechorus (“but imma make you change your MIND” ... so sloppy) and the spoken word bridge is a mess and anticlimactic. Nothing about this song screams “hit” - it’s nowhere near as anthemic as Havana, Despacito, One Dance, etc (and Britney has no ethnic authenticity compared to Camila, Luis, Drake, Bad Bunny, Cardi B, etc) so idk why everyone here keeps comparing it to other island-style hits.

    music Why do you hate My Baby so much?

    The whole “smell your breath” thing is ignorant and it’s apparent how many people have spent zero time with infants or mothers and know the magic of oxygen coming out of something you created and tears of happiness, like you have to be dense or trying to be funny to hear that lyric and think “hahahaha her baby’s breath stinks”. Grow up. Not only that, baby’s breath flowers are a symbol of pureness and innocence, so for Britney to have written it, it’s a layered and impressive lyric. I would find the song awkward if it was like track 8 or something, but it’s the closer and she’s reflecting so it’s never bugged me. Same with Why Should I Be Sad. I don’t see how this fan base thinks something doesn’t fit if it’s at the end.
  5. She mentioned she’s started the album in that article, so just a bit longer. Anytime Britney alludes to anything concrete, it never really takes long to get into gear. We can almost be 100% we are getting a Q4 2018 or Q1 2019 release at this point. I don’t want a summer single with her tour or an Ooh La La/Work Bitch situation. I want a proper single, a proper campaign. No false starts and interrupting the buildup and hype. This is a crucial album for Britney commercially. Confessions on a Dance Floor was Madonna’s 10th album, for comparison. Between it being a landmark 10th album and the anniversary of BOMT, this entire album cycle should be monumental for Britney, her team and her label.
  6. How about he loses custody until he can provide for his kids?

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    No promo. 11 weeks in the top 10. An infectious pop masterpiece. A moment. f**king Queen.