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  1. it was inspired by this fiasco: I was so pissed over it that I overreacted and changed my name to "I Always Sing Live".. it has stuck with me ever since!
  2. I wouldn't even want her to headline the Superbowl with her current stiffness, lack of passion and work ethic.. also.. lipsyncing might work for POM but when it comes to the biggest event of the year, I don't want her to embarrass herself..
  3. I Always Sing Live

    How do you combat loneliness?

    I get a slice of rye bread, toast it, mash a banana with a fork, spread it on the toasted bread and sprinkle some cinnamon on top!
  4. I Always Sing Live

    other say what you want but this photo is sad.

    damn, you got dragged.. I agree: the photo is sad, but honestly, there's been many examples of her looking great right before and after that event so.. I don't see what you're getting at..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    other Britney'team needs to sue these people

    what the actual f*ck.. I wonder if there's any rational reasoning behind this.. ew, there's something so gross and sinister about it, I can't.. the comments are even weirder, they're in chinese, try to translate them through Google Translate.. THIS MAKES NO SENSE..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    exhale KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    goes to show that the general public has no taste when it comes to entertainment and TV.. and regarding her body, she brought that onto herself by making stupid choices..
  7. "this album is like my baby.." lead single flops proceeds to abandon the whole era and continues to do Instagram runway shows instead
  8. 2 Chainz, Lil Peep, Lil Thug, Lil Pump, Ty Dolla $ign, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap, Tyga, Kid Ink, Future..
  9. I Always Sing Live

    news KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    why does this creature still have a show?! she should legally change her pronouns to "it".. might give her the publicity she so desperately wants..
  10. I Always Sing Live

    other Britney'team needs to sue these people

    already deleted.. got what you wanted!
  11. right before "Coupure" if deluxe still counts.. if not then I have no freakin' idea.. probably next to "Just Luv Me"..
  12. bish, then you haven't lived.. her first two albums might be a bit too sugary-sweet but "Dangerous Woman" was full of bops.. if you don't plan on listening to the album, at least listen to "Touch It", it's literally better than any single she's ever put out (AND IT'S ON THE F*CKING DELUXE, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING).. you have to blast your brain out with headphones on max to fully enjoy the song though!
  13. I Always Sing Live

    exhale How do you feel about your threads outside of exhale?

    this is such a non-issue, I don't get it.. where's the problem? this is a public forum and anyone can see what you post regardless..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Predict Her Next Insta Post...

    minion memes incoming
  15. people care way too much about what celebrities do or don't do with their lives.. live your own lives, folks!