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  1. Let's have our own therapy session. What's something that has been bothering you lately or causing you a great deal of distress? Come here, tell us, share your issues and maybe you'll leave feeling better, who knows?
  2. most iconic britney's dancer for me

    TJ and Sarah 150%
  3. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    Silly goose...
  4. what are you top 3 albums by Madge

    1) Bedtime Stories 2) Music 3) Americal Life This was actually really tough to do, I have to give honorable mentions to Erotica and Hard Candy.
  5. Marina and the Diamonds

    She's a very solid artist though I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be. I guess I just listened to her music waaay too much. Her 1st album I don't care much for but Electra Heart and FROOT are really good. Solitaire from FROOT is probably my favorite. Savages, Happy, Immortal are awesome too.
  6. Rihanna, Kylie, Avril, Taylor, Sia's christmas album. What is going on? Can't wait!
  7. "Born to Make You Happy" was playing in the dining area of my hotel in Turkey. Slay us with that international 99 blast from the past bop. :brit:

    1. SlayOut
    2. IUSAtonight


      Underated masterpiece. Sometimes could never :mhm: 

  8. Britney is enjoying life

    Good for her, though I wonder if she could enjoy her life as much if she didn't charge large ammounts of money for shitty shows.
  9. How good or bad this would be? LEAD SINGLE B10

    Obviously, that's why Make Me died so fast. Video was not only released after the song but it was also sh!t.
  10. Should Britney be the executive producer of B10?

    Yes but with another exec to guide her.
  11. Ideas for B10

    Exec: Britney + someone else to guide her, maybe Jack Antonoff Producers: Jack Antonoff, Max Martin, Pharrell, Bloodshy & Avant Features: Ummm... Someone with a lot of buzz but also has to be genuine. Maybe JT, Rihanna seems a bit much for our anxious lil' Britney, I hooonestly have no idea. Nicki always brings in views, maybe P!nk or Avril. Maybe even Christina. I want at least 2 of the 00s queens to unite for a song.
  12. Not sure how many times this thread has been done already but whatever... Mine is "Britney Jean", the album is obvious trash as most of us know but the cover art is simply magnificent!
  13. Diplo copied Private Show