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  1. She's a very solid artist though I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be. I guess I just listened to her music waaay too much. Her 1st album I don't care much for but Electra Heart and FROOT are really good. Solitaire from FROOT is probably my favorite. Savages, Happy, Immortal are awesome too. 

  2. Exec: Britney + someone else to guide her, maybe Jack Antonoff

    Producers: Jack Antonoff, Max Martin, Pharrell, Bloodshy & Avant

    Features: Ummm... Someone with a lot of buzz but also has to be genuine. Maybe JT, Rihanna seems a bit much for our anxious lil' Britney, I hooonestly have no idea. Nicki always brings in views, maybe P!nk or Avril. Maybe even Christina. I want at least 2 of the 00s queens to unite for a song. :outwithit:

  3. 5 hours ago, danny1994 said:

    I like this thread idea. A couple things have been bothering me lately.

    Firstly, group projects in school. No explanation needed. Somehow, most of the work usually falls on me and other members don’t pull their weight :britdrown:

    Also, why do some drivers think they can park anywhere they want just because they have their hazard lights on? That’s not how it works shitheads, you only do that in an emergency. You can’t just pull over to the side of the road and park. :triggered:

    Yeah, I always avoid group projects if I can because I always end up doing everything myself anyways. Can relate! :mhm:

  4. Creepy YouTube phenomenon gone major label pop star has released a new album.


    Initially I wasn't going to give it a listen because I wrote Poppy off as a gimmicky YouTube fad BUT then I saw a good review for it from one of my favorite music reviewers. He gave it a 4/5 (8/10). That's really f*cking good for a pop album if you ask me. :mhm:

    The album on the surface is completely mindless pop but beneath the layers there's a deeper meaning behind every song. I'd say this is similar to Melanie Martinez though quite a bit lighter and with lighter production. The songs ironically speak about modern pop culture, celebrity culture, internet culture and social media as well as vain behaviour in terms of appearance (makeup, fashion, style). :donewithit: Pretty genius if you ask me, she adapts the exact style that she is parodying making this album kind of a paradox. :mhm: 

    The sound at it's core is electronic pop music slightly infused with some KPop and synthpop influences.

    I'd give this one a 7.5 or an 8 out of 10, it's really, really good and I came to that conclusion in 2 listens. The first time around I was paying attention to the sound and production and the second time I paid attention to the lyrics. :mhm: Take note that the album is barely 30 minutes long so, give it a go, might end up being worth it! :lollistare:


  5. If that's what she truly wants then sure why not. I mean, what's the point in continuing if you have 0 passion left. Whether or not she's still passionate about music and performing, that's up to her. :mhm: Forcing it for the sake of pleasing people and / or making money is very sad. :mhm:

  6. 4 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    Why must us guys be shitheads? Why can't we just want to be together at the same time? Why must we use each other for sex even tho we know we both want more than that but it just doesn't happen because one or the other is scared? Why must I be attracted to the "DL" type? 

    Why is it just all so hard? 


    I wonder if this is due to FOMO. I mean, at least I think there's a really big case of FOMO in our community. I have a friend who has started partying and fucking around behind trees with older men and I KNOW I do not want that at all but I still keep questioning everyday, if he's a better f@ggot than me, whatever that means, and if I'm missing out...  For some reason having no chains and no commitment is very appealing to a lot of gay men, but IMO partying, hooking up and especially doing drugs are not a long term solution and actually lead to unhappiness. :mhm: Crazy how "we" fought for marriage equality in the US yet "we" are some of the sluttiest, non-commital people out there. Am I slutshaming? :NYcackle: The whole DL situation must be rough, I can't imagine...

  7. I don't know, I'm sure Britney was just insecure, besides lip fillers are all the rage these days and it's probably harder to find celebrities who haven't done them than ones who have. :donewithit: She isn't exactly aging gracefully (sorry not sorry, just statings facts), so I can see why she felt the need to get them. She looks good but she could have looked much better for her age. :mhm: