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  1. 6 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    I'm more concerned about their choice of picture? :gloria: 

    I share my birthday with:

    Sarah Harding

    Jonathon Ross


    Danny DeVito

    Rachel McAdams

    Kim Yu-gyeom (my sister would kill me if I didn't put this here, she's made it very clear one of her fave K pop stars shares my birthday with me nnnn)

    Jeff Buckley (RIP)

    That's a very impressive list actually! :yay:

  2. Just now, cesarmbs said:

    I had really bad luck lately :anxiety: I live in Belgium and every concert I was supposed to attend was cancelled or postponed:

    Mariah Carey: The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour

    Selena Gomez: Revival Tour

    Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Tour

    Lady Gaga: Joanne World Tour

    Shakira: El Dorado World Tour


    I can't :kyliecry:

    Ah I'd love to go to the Dangerous Woman tour. I imagine "Touch It" live is even more euphoric than blasting it through your headphones! I'd probably hyper-ventilate from all that knee-high boot slayage! :anxiety:

  3. 4 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:

    'Tis the season to stan :bang:

    Aw, that's awesome, Britney needs to take outfit notes cuz that's one hell of a ringleader outfit! :flawlessbye:

    What's with that Harvey Weinstein bear at the beginning though? :calculating:

  4. I wonder if the Bangerz era was a scam and it was similar to FF / BJ eras for Britney in terms of input. Maybe that's why she keeps shitting on it so much. Idk, if I were an artist I wouldn't be so careless about my legacy and discography, have some dignity and stand up for your craft. :imok: It might be easier said than done though, I'm sure I don't know half of the ways a label can punish an artist for disobeying but artists like Kelly Clarkson have been speaking up about it so it can't be that bad. :outwithit: 

  5. 22 hours ago, JustLuvMe said:

    I went to POM last year and this year I went to Mariah's Infinity show, it was everything 


    3 hours ago, FeedTheStans said:

    Mariah Carey - Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour:carpoolney:

    Mariah must be amazing as well... I'm getting into her music, I'm sure I'd enjoy a show just as much if not more. How's her voice these days? :snooptoya: