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    music 8 Britney Spears Songs for Your Pride Month Playlist by Billboard

    how are any of these besides maybe "Alien" and "Stronger" relevant.. and "Freakshow"? is the author of the article implying gays are freaks? pride parades are pretty freaky I guess..
  2. I Always Sing Live

    other Dear Britney Spears TAKE f**king NOTES!

    yeah, the lies about "Toxic" and this song being related somehow were confusing and I'm still baffled by them..
  3. I Always Sing Live

    other Dear Britney Spears TAKE f**king NOTES!

    the song is awful but I found the video to be really creative.. the scene where the red haired chick is looking up at herself was gorgeous, so was the chandelier scene, also the phone-gun scene was brilliant..
  4. I Always Sing Live

    other Dear Britney Spears TAKE f**king NOTES!

    the video is amazing sure but the song is absolute, generic trash.. Teddy needed a whole year to produce this sh*tty song and I'm honestly disappointed.. people were claiming that the B-sides are better but they're just as cringeworthy.. if BLACKPINK keep doing the same old, same old I'm going to give up on them..
  5. no lies detected.. y'all are getting your panties twisted over 86 rumors that literally contradict one another.. let's wait and see and if nothing happens, whatever..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Paris Hilton (And Rapper Lil Xan) Stan Britney

    I want Paris to adopt me..
  7. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Britney'sArmy & Your First "B" Memory

    I only became a legitimate stan a few years ago but my first memory of Britney is seeing "I'm Not a Girl" on TV.. I must have been like 2 or 3 but I clearly remember seeing the video on VH1 or whatever music channel.. Even when I wasn't a stan, I would put Britney on, wrap myself in a blanket and perform for stuffed animals when no one was home.. IMPACT IS REAL!!
  8. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Is anyone even excited for the 20-22 anymore?

    have you checked out all of the CAS and Build/Buy items? there's already a bunch of YouTube videos showcasing all of the stuff.. gotta say, the CAS is amazing for female sims and the male section is pretty good.. glad they didn't leave kids and toddlers out this time.. meanwhile the Build/Buy items I'm still somewhat on the fence about.. they're pretty nice but there's so much clutter decor that I'm probably going to use once.. also pretty much only 2 new wallpapers and no floors from what I saw which is a tad bit disappointing.. ALSO NO NEW KITCHEN COUNTERS but a new plain white boring ol' toilet for some reason.. the gameplay seems really good though..