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  1. What's your all time favorite Tour Outfit?

    fck, I came here to post this but you already beat me to it:
  2. It is the 100th birthday of Estonia.. What Britney interview shall I watch ?

    ah, "Babe" is brilliant, HyunA is a goddess! yes, I do think she was sad, honestly, she looked miserable and like she wanted nothing to do with the interview.. one of the most painful cringes I've ever experienced!
  3. It is the 100th birthday of Estonia.. What Britney interview shall I watch ?

    shhh.. don't question it. he's an enlightened indigo child, you'd never understand! he has insight and awareness like no other
  4. It is the 100th birthday of Estonia.. What Britney interview shall I watch ?

    this is the best one she's over done, hope you're eatin' cake!
  5. Beyonce Surprise-Drops A New Remix Of "Sweet Dreams"

    "Blow" is the Bible in terms of how to do a sex song RIGHT!
  6. Brichney, you seem to have a thing against Justin..
  7. Underrated

    when I first got into Britney BIGTIME, I thought "Amy" was on Femme Fatale but once I corrected my mistake I realised how big of a bop this song was. The choreo in the vid is great as well, probably in my top 5 favorite Britney videos!
  8. Which lead single has the best lyrics?

    yeah, it is a bit cheesy, especially the fact that the lyric appears in the build up of the song..
  9. I'm a "free trial" hoe 2 cheap to actually subscribe
  10. Dark.Knight Appreciation Thread

    I'd have to agree.. him and BoyToySoldier are the heroes of Exhale (especially if you consider that Dark.Knight is literally Batman) while Shadow., cheri and Lilith are the anti-heroes (not in a bad way) creates an interesting dynamic
  11. Which lead single has the best lyrics?

    Make Me is magical.. combining the sultry lyrics with the beautiful chimes in the background creates an ethereal experience!
  12. free Spotify on independence day? I wonder if we had that for November 18th, pretty sure we didn't! pretty cool though! happy celebratin', cheers mate!
  13. Should she do performances with wind machines?

    wind machines? is that what they're called? what about fans? regardless.. I think I'd really like that, though.. without overdoing it!
  14. BTMYH vs FTBOMBH ?

    honestly, that's a really hard pick.. both have great videos and both are great cheesy lovesongs.. "BTMYH" is more of a bop but the lyrics are a bit questionable in terms of the title so I might have to go with "FTBOMBH", it's a lot more chill and laid back as well..
  15. Do you get excited by new perfume launches?

    no unless it comes with a gorgeous, non-reused photoshoot
  16. What should not happen in 2018?

    breaking up with Sam because I'm starting to like him
  17. Least favourite songs from Blackout?

    for some reason I would always skip "Toy Soldier" and "Freakshow"... I don't know, I just don't find them interesting enough to listen to..
  18. the secret project = backdrop for tour?

    your nana sounds like a queen!
  19. are those her huge throbbing nipples or is that just like an... idk... weird bra malfunction?
  20. Anyone notice this mistake in the POM video?

    OH MY GOD! I had completely forgotten about this, now I remember being bothered by it when the song first came out... I WAS LIKE 8 BACK THEN!
  21. Ricky Martin - Fiebre (NEW SINGLE)

    true but honestly, when does he NOT look good
  22. Ricky Martin - Fiebre (NEW SINGLE)

    Wisin and Yandel have become Pitbull status annoying..
  23. Beyonce Surprise-Drops A New Remix Of "Sweet Dreams"

    If I had to listen to one Beyonce song for the rest of my life it would be either "Sweet Dreams" or "Blow". I don't even like Beyonce but "Sweet Dreams" was my late 00s BOP!
  24. Troye Sivan Has A Duet With Ariana Grande On New Album

    even if Troye is gay I want them to f**k, they're both so attractive
  25. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    you know how people remove all trace of the ex after a bad break up so that nothing reminds them of them? yeah... do that with "Basic Jingles"... I deleted it from my library months ago! now I don't have to feel bad about skipping so many songs