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  1. What exactly makes Double Dutchess so bad

    It is all over the place, isn't cohesive at all, has like 3 songs that are 2 years old and shouln't have even been on the album and ALSO, the whole ''sick beat yo", is cringeworthy.
  2. Britney Needs Juliana Hough's Stylist

    As long as Britney isn't styling herself, we're safe. Literally any 15 year old basic white bitch could do her makeup and outfits and she'd look bomb AF.
  3. The whole album is really good actually. If you haven't gotten to it - I can most definitely recommend!
  4. It Appears Beyonce Is Collaborating With Cardi B

  5. Is Britney a pop icon or tabloid icon?

    ...Baby One More Time Studio album by Britney Spears United States 14× Platinum 12,200,000
  7. Oh hey, look at me, I'm here to say what everyone else has already said: Not an unpopular opinion and yes, I agree, the remix is reductive utter trash!
  9. Sam Smith Says He Feels 'Just As Much Woman As I Am Man'

    And so... no one was surprised... the end...
  10. Taylor Swift’s Music Video For “Ready For It” Looks INSANE

    The only thing sci-fi about this are her CGI titties.
  11. What's on Your Bucket List?

    I know there's a lot of people that think bucket lists are stupid but I for one think it's really quite awesome to set goals for yourself and to fantasize a bit. So, do you have any specific things on your bucket list? What do you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket i.e. die?
  12. Watched "For the Record" for the first time (I know I'm a flop)... damn... first of all I can't believe how much she's changed and second of all it's kind of crazy to see how present she was during that time. I suppose she wasn't on meds yet, because comparing this to FF era is mindblowing. :gaspney:

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    2. BoyToySoldier


      An hour is nothing gerl. Have you seen all the other docs? :orangu:

    3. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      No... and what's sadder is that I've actually watched the whole FF Tour instead. Flop times 10. :ricackle:

    4. BoyToySoldier


      Watch Live And More!, In The Zone ABC Special, In The Zone & Out All Night, I Am Britney Jean.

      And if you want the cringe, Chaotic / I Am The Femme Fatale. :brit:

  13. Justin Bieber’s Torso Is Now Entirely Covered In Tattoos

    "Everything in moderation." This is honestly excessive, tattoos can be gorgeous and amazingly sexy at the same time, this is just too much. I mean, if he likes 'em, then who am I to judge I guess.
  14. Happy 25th Anniversary to Madonna's "Erotica" album + SEX book

    Erotia is one hell of an album but that book though... I can see how impactful it was back in the day, even for today's standards it would probably be a bit much.
  15. I actually don't know the whole shebang so I shouldn't have spoken so adamantly though I wonder, what did JT do afterwards? How did he throw Jan under the bus?
  16. I can't, that cover is gross... Maybe I'm the twisted one, but it gives me strong pedo vibes, always has.
  17. I'm against Janet not being allowed to perform but seriously, that was an obvious publicity stunt, she was wearing fucking bling-bling nipple pasties. Nevertheless, I'm very excited for both the show and new music. Not that JT needs this, he's already adored by literally every demographic besides Britney and Janet fans. Still don't get the buzz around female nipples, that's one feminism talking point I can actually support! Free them!
  18. Let's have our own therapy session. What's something that has been bothering you lately or causing you a great deal of distress? Come here, tell us, share your issues and maybe you'll leave feeling better, who knows?
  19. Her fashion is just ugh... Even the outfits that are considered good among fans look awful to me.
  20. Pink debuts at No. 1 and her sales are impressive!

    I guess people just have a lot of respect for her as an artist which is well deserved I suppose, though this new album is kind of meh.
  21. Nintendo Switch

    Meh, I'll stick with my 3DS. Until a main series Pokemon game comes out on the Switch I won't even consider it.
  22. What are Your Celebrity Crushes?

  23. What are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    Share which celebs make you wet and/or hard. Note: be considerate and keep this thread easier to browse by double clicking on pictures and downscaling them.