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  1. Your recae favolite Instagram of Britney bae(*) ?

    this one because it reminds me of the fact that I'm allergic to milk protein but I ate two whole pizzas today.. also.. CATS ARE MY HEART AND SOUL!
  2. You have noticed this on the WB MV?

    caught me
  3. Donkey Kong 64

    ugh, the N64 was a bit before my prime, I'm so jealous, I missed out on a whole generation of gaming classics.. definitely buying one when I have the opportunity..
  4. Glee "Oops I Did It Again"

    spot the pedophile
  5. If you could...

    I'm So Curious (just because it's super underrated and she's never performed it) Where Are You Now (gimme that high note) When I Found You Shadow Heaven on Earth Blur (just imagine that lower register live) Scary (same reason as I'm So Curious) Perfume Man on the Moon
  6. Kylie Minogue Wants To Collaborate With Lady Gaga

    I'm down but I can't really see it.. even if they're both pop divas, they're both very different artists..
  7. today I realised how much better cold, left-over pizza is than regular pizza.. the more you know :useeingthis:

  8. You have noticed this on the WB MV?

    I like your "Popcorn Time" avatar.. way to show everyone you're into piracy.. FBI on their way! piracy is so 00s, the 2010s are all about exploiting free trials!

    I would much rather buy 60 copies of "Britney Jean" and listen to them on repeat till the world ends, than see Perez Hilton's fugly fuggin' mug again..

    Sims avatars, Pokemon avatars.. on a Britney forum.. are we the same person?
  11. Britneys worst music video?

    I want to say "Gimme More" because it's so boring and cheap but at the same time it's so iconic and I remember being so mesmerised by it when I was 8..
  12. Call me by your name

    2 hours long? Thanks but no thanks! Fifty Shades was enough..
  13. Would you like it if she did a dance/Gymnastics/yoga photoshoot??

    so many gorgeous legs.. oh my god..
  14. Songs that give you life

    with less 00s hair and without that earring, that guy would be really cute
  15. Britney perfume for men?

    "Musk Fantasy" "Barbecue Fantasy" "Powertool Fantasy" "Y Chromosome Fantasy" "Testosterone Fantasy" "Lumberjack Fantasy"
  16. Britney perfume for men?

    ugh, I wish.. till that day comes, I will stick with my cologne..
  17. I can see why you wouldn't be down for that but if you think "country inspired" albums are a failed trend then think of it this way: the dance pop Britney has been doing for the past years isn't bringing her much success either, her dance pop is even more cringy than a "country inspired" album would be. for any other artist it might be a bit cheesy but for Britney, an artist that hasn't had much musical growth since the beginning of her career, a "Joanne-esque" album wouldn't be the worst direction. she isn't experimenting, her music is getting stale and quite frankly, sad for a woman her age and with her experience. she doesn't even have to go country to achieve some kind of growth, she could do electronica or whatever. Madonna was 7 albums into her career when she started releasing much more meaningful music and it's not too late for Britney either. "Glory" was good but it was tainted by trend-chasing without building upon those trends..
  18. Hello from Spain!

    hi, bae, enjoy the forum
  19. Songs that give you life

  20. something along the lines of "Something to Talk About". I know the whole "Joanne" thing is getting a bit tired these days BUT.. 10 albums into her career I'd like to see something more raw, personal and mature from her. she's thirty-effin-six.. no more sex-kitten songs, no more songs about fcking, no more songs about random sh*t, SOMETHING MEANINGFUL AND PERSONAL (not BJ personal).. she is a southern girl after all!
  21. POLL : Your age

    @IUSAtonight ^^^ I'm a failure, what is this website!
  22. POLL : Your age

    oh yay, happy birthday, Friend! gratZ on getting old! love you longtime! it didn't let me reply to your status / PM you so... here I am! @breatheheavy fix your website!
  23. What's your all time favorite Tour Outfit?

    fck, I came here to post this but you already beat me to it:
  24. It is the 100th birthday of Estonia.. What Britney interview shall I watch ?

    ah, "Babe" is brilliant, HyunA is a goddess! yes, I do think she was sad, honestly, she looked miserable and like she wanted nothing to do with the interview.. one of the most painful cringes I've ever experienced!