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  1. Do singers these days have any artistic dignity? I understand it's a business but have some self respect and respect for your own discography.
  2. I had definitely forgotten about both times Britney was on the show but yesterday I rewatched all of the episodes and had some nice chuckles. 1:40 0:48
  3. Toxic is boring, why the f do people love it so much. I wonder if people would like it as much without the video. Maybe I'm a weirdo but it just does not speak to me whatsoever. Just as big of a "SKIP" as Work Bitch and Womanizer. I tried forcing myself to like it, no success. Expecting 80 downvotes by 00:00, get on it, chop chop!
  4. How old is "too old" for dating?

    If the older guy truly loves you then anything goes BUT if he's dating you for the sake of dating someone young then EWW...
  5. Remixes... that are better than original

    None, I hate remixes with a burning passion.
  6. Same, fave of the 3 DEFINITELY.
  7. Nvm, it's a grower, already bopping to it, especially love the bridge where she says: "Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats..."
  8. Radar and not just as a Circus single, in general... I fucking hate Radar.
  9. Meh, I'm still hopeful knowing that Jack and Tay are a combo of geniuses.
  10. Let's have our own therapy session. What's something that has been bothering you lately or causing you a great deal of distress? Come here, tell us, share your issues and maybe you'll leave feeling better, who knows?
  11. most iconic britney's dancer for me

    TJ and Sarah 150%