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  1. Urban Outfitters never fails to be both ridiculous and "take all of my money" at the same time.
  2. who are the holy trinity of pop for the 2010s?

    Bey, Rih solid and then there's options for the third: Taylor, Adele, Ari.
  3. She hasn't had a good tour in a really long while. Even the Circus tour isn't that great. POM is actually better than both FFT and Circus Tour IMO, though it's still trash.
  4. I don't want to be too harsh on her because I can tell she truly had an amazing time creating the album and visuals and she truly believes in it, but it's a big MEH!
  5. Something to Talk About would be a good reaction.
  6. .

    Way to encourage new members.
  7. .

    It's not bad, guys. It looks like the cover of an 80s workout VHS tape.
  8. Stream Fergie’s New Album ‘Double Dutchess’

    So many collabs with rappers, Fergie why U such a wannabe tryhard, I want to like you.
  9. The best dancers Britney ever had...

    Sarah from POM and that guy from BOMT days with the big cute smile.
  10. Best and worst album title?

    I love Oops, it was such a "f**k you" to anyone who said she'd be a 1-hit wonder. It was perfectly cheeky! I picked Glory as the worst but then instantly regretted it. Glory is actually a really nice name. BRITNEY JEAN ON THE OTHER HAND. If she hadn't destroyed all my brain cells with the "term of endearment" shtick, I would tolerate it more than I do now.
  11. DO Britney's dancers know the choreo is whack?

    Lol, thanks Russian keyboard, you the MVP. What I was trying to say: *Britney is literally 0 without her dancers. I wouldn't care though, pretty sure they get paid a lot, I'm certain they love getting paid to do sh*t choreo, I know I would.
  12. DO Britney's dancers know the choreo is whack?

    Икшетун шы дшеукфддн 0 цшерщге рук вфтсукыю
  13. I just fell down a WebMD hole and I'm scared I might have colon cancer. :juggingu:

    1. JustLuvMe


      Stop right there :oknolol:

    2. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      I just noticed I had an unintentional pun in there. :omgreallyney:

  14. D/L: State of Grace (Remastered)

    Welp, opinions are opinions for a reason!