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  1. Unpopular opinions

    Slightly toned stomach > 6-pack; Cutely handsome guys > traditionally handsome guys; Blackout isn't as good or influental as people make it out to be; Oops > Blackout; Toxic is boring; Cathy Dennis' Toxic demo > Britney's Toxic; Watching football or any other sport on TV that you yourself don't play is redundant, stupid and a waste o' time; I'm sure I could think of more, but for now that's about it!
  2. Unpopular opinions

    "Touch It" is a better version of "Into You", not sure how it made it only onto the Deluxe version.
  3. Whats your main perfume/cologne?

    My uncle is a sailor and he's quite rich so he often brings back quite the expensive gifts. This was one of 'em: That whole "Medusa" design is awesome. I've been using it for over a year now I think and it isn't even halfway through, it's magical!
  4. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    The little vocal run in Baby was everything, have to admit!
  5. state of grace or treacherous

    This turned into something else! My favorite from Red is "Begin Again" but from these two def "State of Grace".
  6. Britney thoughts

    Jordan gotta get them coins, y'know!
  7. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    Did you get there from the new Kim episode through "Recommended" videos perhaps?
  8. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    Yeah, I haven't watched a lot of them so I don't have the insight!
  9. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    Ignore the mistakes in the text, this website is a complete mess and I can't edit.
  10. Back in January Khloe Kardashian was on the James Corden show to play "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts". For those that don't know, during this game you get very sensitive questions and you either have to honestly answer them OR eat whatever disgusting feed the other person picks out for you. On Khloe's episode James was asked who the worst singer on Carpool Karaoke was but he refused to answer and had to eat chicken feet. Like the champ that he is, he dug right in and ate 'em. This got me wondering whether or not his answer could have been Britney. I'm not necessarily saying Britney is a bad singer because we know she isn't but I feel like Britney was very lackluster on her episode. Here's the vid (should start at the right timestamp but just in case: @6:58). Thoughts? What would your answer be?
  11. If you remove the 3 or 4 shady tracks from the album you're left with 11 or 12 amazing, mature love songs. It's clear that the whole "Reputation" shtick was just a gimmick to sell the album, it doesn't reflect most of the record.
  12. Good for her, mine wouldn't contain Toxic either. Mmm Papi > Toxic tbh.
  13. As if Britney's music has ever had substance. The rare song she co-wrote here and there but the rest is just sex-me-up!
  14. I don't even have Belly Jiggles in my library, removed it a pretty long while ago, was tired of having to gag randomly when the songs came on shuffle.