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  1. why was the "white gay" thing even brought into the convo, irrelevant
  2. am i the only one who likes pretty gerlas?

    The song is ok-ish but the video is actually really good (minus the car scene, ew...)
  3. Dark mascara dripping down my face

    liveleak is craycray, you can watch things like car crashes and people getting murdered there, it's great
  4. Katy Perry Would Rather Be Real Than Relevant

    When it said "singer, songwriter, chameleon" at the end I at first thought it said "comedian"... well... y'know, she kinda is one
  5. I can't stop lusting over John Cho. He's beyond perfect, god... :otears:

  6. she compared her kooch to an "Easy-Bake Oven" legends only...
  7. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    ugh, I got really drunk this Saturday and apparently I was dabbing all over the club... after the club we were driving in the car and I was talking about how Ariana Grande is the perfect woman, how I would like to f**k her, marry her and have children with her for half an hour (I'm gay)... needless to say, I feel sorry for my friends that had to deal w my bs...
  8. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    I turned 18 very recently and I want to prepare myself for some wild times. I have gotten blackout drunk once but what's the point of having fun when you remember none of it, right? I'm sure most people have stories like these so feel free to share a funny story of what you or a friend of yours did while high / drunk. Disclaimer: Alcohol is harmful to the health of children and pregnant women, and the excess of alcohol is harmful to your health!