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  1. I want to get married.. :lowkeyno:

  2. Welp. Lindsay Lohan Is Now A Spokeswoman For Lawyer.com

    yeah.. while I do think that people should be allowed to do whatever the f*ck they want and I try not to be judgemental, the makeup trends these days are gross.. the whole overbaking and overcaking is a big turnoff, especially with all the false lashes, caterpillar eyebrows and overdrawn lips.. oh and also.. the totally impractical witch nails..
  3. Is Britney a "chick"?????? lool (CRUCIALLY UPDATED WITH THE CURRENT VERDICT)

    night version is better
  4. Sugarfall Instrumental makes you feel so comfortable!

    it turns me on, Pharrell is a genius
  5. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I wanted to get into Blackpink (one of the only few big girl groups I haven't checked out) but I didn't like "Boombayah".. any other good place to start for Blackpink other than "Boombayah"?
  6. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    tell him! @Dark.Knight you got bamboozled!
  7. Is Britney a "chick"?????? lool (CRUCIALLY UPDATED WITH THE CURRENT VERDICT)

    chick1 tʃɪk/ noun 1. a young bird, especially one newly hatched. "the cattle egrets hatched and reared two chicks" 2. informal a young woman. "she's a great-looking chick" not sure about the first definition but yes.. she's a chick!
  8. Yahoo article about Britneys new face

    almost 1'900 comments on the article, the f*ck?!
  9. Even my technology knows what's up

    bless your soul then, sorry for accusing you of committing an atrocity
  10. Even my technology knows what's up

    shouldn't have had "Body Ache" in your library in the first place.. I've been "Basic Jingles" free for the past months and I feel better than ever, DOCTORS HATE ME!!!
  11. 100% PROOF That Myah Sang Work Bitch

    the booklet is not something you can trust.. the writing credits are obviously fake because Britney has NEVER EVER participated in writing every single song on the album, it's usually 4 or 5.. it was clearly done to go with the whole "personal" shtick.. who's to say the vocal credits aren't just as fake..
  12. Why can't she experiment with sounds like this?

    CAN THE F*CKING EDM DROP TREND DIE ALREADY? It has been going strong for so many years already and it's so cringy.. I CAN'T effin STAND IT.. Where have acoustic instruments gone.. Mainstream music is the most shitty it has ever been and that's a fact..
  13. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    ^ I don't get why people don't like "What You Need".. "Private Show" is a bit more subjective (I still love PS though) but "What You Need" is so much fun and it shows the most personality Britney has had in YEARS..
  14. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    I still listen to "Man on the Moon" while hugging my pillow at night.. even if "Glory" is all over the place cohesively, it fuckin' slays!
  15. nah, people love 'em, they kind of have a cult following for both their music and Brendon.. I have to say, I'm kind of wet for Brendon as well.. their last album went Platinum and #1