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  1. I Always Sing Live

    K-Popstars Are Slaves!?! :O

    yeah and that's not even a conspiracy, that's just facts on top of facts.. also consider the fact that groups have to pay off a lot of debt before they actually start earning, good luck with that if your group ends up flopping after debut..
  2. I Always Sing Live

    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    my reaction to "Man on the Moon":
  3. I Always Sing Live

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    I hope she doesn't attempt to sing spanish because god knows how she's going to be able to lip sync to that.. also this:
  4. I Always Sing Live

    other Do you think Brit is collaborating with Madonna?

    I'd be super down but the song has to be something unique because I won't be able to look at Madonna being desperate again.. MDNA era was enough of that already..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    rumor Apple Tree/Pie is a "less electronic Womanizer"

    "less electronic" sounds exciting because geez louise am I tired of how void and empty music feels these days..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    news BLACKPINK New song was inspired by TOXIC

    I definitely do not hear it.. but if the producer says it, must be true I guess..
  7. I Always Sing Live


    eh, I didn't like any of their previous songs that much at all (BOOMBAYAH is fine but the rap lyrics are cringeworthy) so I was excited for this comeback because I wanted to like BLACKPINK but idk.. this song didn't strike me either.. it's very generic and it seems like 3 different songs mashed together.. the visuals are amazing, the video was flawless and Lisa killed her part but overall.. a total miss for me personally.. onto the MOMOLAND and Tayeon comebacks next week and TWICE next month!
  8. I Always Sing Live

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    I want to be excited for new music but Pitbull? ugh.. I think I'd rather have her collab with Ronald McDonald or some sh*t.. whatever, if she does end up doing this sh*t, then I hope she gets a sh*t ton of exposure from it..
  9. ok, for the next month I refuse to use any form of pop culture news outlet and I'm unsubscribing from all "celebrity news" channels because I won't put up with all that ass licking that's about to commence..
  10. I Always Sing Live

    How do you not be ugly

    thank you so much.. it ended up being great and very uplifting both hanging with the family and then having an afterparty with the friends.. ended up drinking a sh*t ton but I feel amazing today and there's no trace of a hangover surprisingly.. I'm sure that feeling will subside once I get my exam results on the 29th though..
  11. I Always Sing Live

    music If Britney Was Still Hugely Popular & Relevant....

    ugh, one can dream..
  12. I Always Sing Live

    How do you not be ugly

    I don't get why people find Zac attractive.. his face is fine I guess but his body is so bulky and his abs look like concrete, it's actually kinda gross.. to each their own I guess.. some people like wakling slabs of meat..
  13. bullsh*t.. how am I supposed to know everyone especially if most of these so called iconic members aren't even that active and I haven't seen them before.. give me a break and be happy that Britney manages to get new fans (such as myself) while being a trashy, go go dancer in Vegas and not putting in any effort at all.. being here for a longer time doesn't make you an authority, stop getting your panties twisted..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    How do you not be ugly

    has been going on for like 3 years already and today is my graduation.. woohoo.. whatever though, everyone has their own cross to bear..