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  1. Bored of negative fans

    Thank you honey I agree with you that there's no need to 'come for' someone, it makes the person sound about 10, plus adding meaningless insults like 'fat' and 'loser' just makes that even worse, it's embarrassing! I'm always happy to have a reasoned debate with anyone, happy to admit when I'm wrong and happy to reflect on points made by others. But NOT happy to be told what not to write on a public forum haha!
  2. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    She's white, and we're all cannibals - that's the only explanation I can think of why things aren't the same
  3. Bored of negative fans

    Is that aimed at the person who invited this discussion?
  4. you're all pieces of sh!t

    Agreed, he's just the best. He doesn't have a residency though so he loses points for that
  5. you're all pieces of sh!t

    Well exactly. Us fat ugly losers are like magnets to each other!
  6. you're all pieces of sh!t

    Hahaha! Love Homer <3
  7. you're all pieces of sh!t

    Glad we've cleared that up then Enjoy your day.
  8. Bored of negative fans

    Well, I think a lot of former fans have done that. And yes, I'm on the edge of it. I wouldn't pay to see her live, didn't buy her last album, wouldn't buy any merchandise, don't recommend her to people I know as worth checking out. But I guess it's because of how good she used to be, that's what keeps a lot of us interested. In fact, it's often said on here that her current relevancy is all pretty much owed to her past. She even said herself: "I have nothing to prove". She chooses to perform 20 year old songs and not her new material because she's relying on the nostalgia factor. And it works, it's definitely why a lot of us are still rooting for her. So yes, I've stopped being a fan in a lot of ways, but I still want to check how she's doing and hope that she's improving, and if she isn't then I'll voice it, as will many others. I honestly think ignoring or contacting the mods is your only way forward here.
  9. Bored of negative fans

    Fair enough, I'm not sure what the solution is then.. Ask the admins to make it a 'positive only' forum? Because you can't dictate what people can and can't write, unless they are breaking the rules
  10. you're all pieces of sh!t

    I'm not bitter about Britney! I definitely AM bitter about a lot of things in my life, but she isn't one of them. I come on here, and other forums to escape the shitstorm that is my life. And when I break the rules on here then you have every right to tell me to 'move along'. Until then, I'll keep giving my opinion of her repetitive knee bends and anxiety-inducing hair touches.
  11. Bored of negative fans

    I do understand that angle, however unless rules are being broken, you have no right to demand what people post on here. Can't you just put the people who annoy you on ignore?
  12. Bored of negative fans

    I do hear what you're saying, there's no need to be overly personal and nasty about things, that's not in my nature anyway to be a spiteful person and I hate bullying so I do agree! I'm glad you enjoyed the show in Asia, that's fantastic. And you're right lots of others do as well. I think this place is just an outlet for frustrated fans lol.
  13. you're all pieces of sh!t

    It's not us charging extortionate prices to have fans worship our every knee bend and hair touch. If we were then it'd be an issue. Britney i not performing "very well", people are walking out of her show. Also, it's not ok to comment on her face but you're fine with fat shaming people?
  14. Bored of negative fans

    People are allowed to care that shes taking a lot of money off fans, (some that truly are on minimum wage) and delivers a sub par performance. I've read a couple of people on here in the past few days who were actually at POM and said how bad it is. One poster said several people walked out. She's not delivering, it's that simple. She could very well sing live but chooses not to - can you please defend that? So I think fans of britney have every right to be as 'negative' as they wish. The real question is - why does other people's opinion of her get to you so much that you've made an entire thread about it?
  15. Ugh, it's awful and unwatchable now. There's nothing positive about this show anymore, can't people see it objectively and realise how bad it is? The vocals sound ridiculous, I need to say that again, they sound RIDICULOUS, what other pop stars/artists do that today? Perform an entire concert with NO audible live vocals? She keeps doing that butt grab, over and over and over and over. It's lazy, it's because she's not in the moment and flowing properly, she's just resorting to repetitive familiar movements. The hair touching is beyond irritating, it gives me anxiety. Her hands are off the chart now movement wise, I keep expecting her to take off at any moment. When and why has she allowed herself to become this TERRIBLE performer? (Rhetorical question as I know the answer)