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  1. I don't think Glory was that amazing. She sang on it, so that's something to be thankful for I guess. But there are some awful tracks on it, which I know is a matter of opinion. She just shows no evolution in her music *sigh*
  2. HairFlipQueen

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Omg...I won't let myself believe this for a second but- Mariah has been my queen since I was 12, Britney has been my princess since I was 18...my birthday is coming up next week...this HAS to be one of the best things to ever happen if it's true!!!!
  3. The sad fact is, (as someone else has already touched on) is that back in her prime NO ONE even came close to how amazing, dedicated, stunning and entertaining Britney was. But now, NO ONE half asses things as much as Britney does. New era coming...I'm so excited for it but she needs to bring it and PROVE that she's worth all that ticket money!! Let's see what happens!