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    Our dried voices,when we whisper together,are quiet& meaningless

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  1. Never seen this picture - just wow. It's the best she's looked in years!!!
  2. Wow you got a flawless M&G photo, love it!
  3. Is anyone else getting tired?

    I think it's just that she gives so little in the way of genuine passion anymore that fans are frustrated and this is a place to vent that. It's unfortunate, but Britney clearly sees what she does as a hobby and doesn't care for fans feelings too much. She cares if her ego is getting a bashing ie the Israeli lip syncing saga - but as far as having that connection with her career, her art and the people that got her here: not so much. Most people on here collectively feel the same kind of disappointment and so it does look like a coven of negativity! But it's a place to express it so I for one am grateful for that. I do agree with your post though, that it's become tiring to be a fan of her and that in itself is not the way it's supposed to be or how you should feel towards an artist you love
  4. Well yes exactly that! Nice little earner for them all, a mere 20 seconds with a civilian and some serious $$$ in the bank.
  5. Poor girl? I wonder why she doesn't say no to this then?
  6. "It's like opening the gates to heaven"

    Another thing I noticed, near the end her hair was literally all over her face, but she leaves it there. She's totally committed to the moment, feeling the song and 100% professional. If that was now, she'd have been furiously touching it at that point.
  7. "It's like opening the gates to heaven"

    Indeed, every soul in that studio was blessed that day. They got to see the Queen in her prime, going hard, looking absolutely stunning, completing the dance moves to perfection, sharing her live actual voice AND touching the floor in the breakdown - as it should be done!