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    Plaidatlo reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in On this day... 10/17 CANDIDS   
    17 years ago - 2000
    Out in Germany with Jamie Lynn/press conference in Bremen, Germany

    14 years ago - 2003
    Headed to soundcheck/surprise concert at Show nightclub in NYC/leaving the Avalon club

    13 years ago - 2004
    Honeymoon on Turtle Island in Fiji

    10 years ago - 2007
    At Sunset Tan in Hollywood/McDonald's/shopping

    9 years ago - 2008
    Picking Jayden up from school in Tarzana, CA with Jamie/at International Dance Academy in L.A.

    5 years ago - 2012
    In her backyard, promoting her team on X Factor

    4 years ago - 2013
    Leaving the Dorchester Hotel in London

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    Plaidatlo reacted to naturalplayboy in New Britney Shirt   
    At Hot Topic http://www.hottopic.com/product/britney-spears-...baby-one-more-time-tie-dye-t-shirt/11027830.html

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    Plaidatlo reacted to jamesedward94 in BRITNEY HAS BEEN SLAYING POM LATELY   
    Seems likes she’s really giving it her all for this last run of shows!!
    So much energy and confidence and she looks FIERCE!!! 
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    Plaidatlo reacted to jamesedward94 in Is it just me, or is this one of the best POM Me Against the Music openings she’s done???   
    I just looked up POM videos for the first time in forever and I’m SLAYED!!!!!!!!
    I mean, look at the energy!!! This truly has to be one of the best she’s done!!
    The outfit is pretty decent, the hair is perfect, and that fierce look she gives is just like the old Britney!! And I love how she drops down and back up so quick and how she whips her hair so intensely! 
    I’ve been quickly giving up on her recently, but this impressed me!
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    Plaidatlo reacted to vitalikblackout in HOT SLUMBER PARTY FULL PERFOMANCE   
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    Plaidatlo reacted to DownAndUp in Bored of negative fans   
    I’m so bored of ‘fans’ who do nothing but moan about Britney, every time she changes a costume it’s ‘OMG what is she wearing’, or does her make up ‘her eyeliner’ if you don’t like what she’s doing stop following what’s she doing because nobody really cares. I have to say this but TheHolySpearit Twitter account is the most negative depressing complaining person I’ve ever come across and I have no idea why this person has an account dedicated to Britney just to continuously diss her and her decisions. 
    What ever happened to be just being a fan loving their music and the artisti, when did it turn into every single thing she does being analysed by morons 
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    Plaidatlo reacted to Bernardo in Britney is enjoying life   
    I agree. 
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    Plaidatlo reacted to -Liar. in Britney is enjoying life   
    She is living life, spending time with her children and boyfriend, she doesn't give a f**k what you STRANGERS think about her.
    I actually LOVE that she is doing that. She spent so much time being miserable, she has a right to enjoy herself.
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    Plaidatlo reacted to MM in Does Britney bleach her hair 3 times a month?   
    um idk but we need brunetteney back 
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    Plaidatlo reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in On this day... 10/10 CANDIDS   
    19 years ago - 1998
    Signing autographs at Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA

    17 years ago - 2000
    Top of the Pops interview in London

    15 years ago - 2002
    At a restaurant in L.A.

    10 years ago - 2007
    At the doctor's office/having lunch at Cabo Cantina in L.A./shopping at L'Occitane/at Target/out and about

    9 years ago - 2008
    Picking Jayden up from school in Tarzana, CA with Jamie/getting ice cream at Diddy Riese in West Hollywood

    8 years ago - 2009
    Driving around Beverly Hills with Jason

    5 years ago - 2012
    Shopping on Robertson Blvd. in L.A./City of Hope event

    2 years ago - 2015
    At Rock It Dance Studio in Calabasas with Lexie and Bryan

    1 year ago - 2016
    Selfies at home

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    Plaidatlo reacted to Shadow. in She was stunning   
    and she still is
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    Plaidatlo reacted to RN. in AWESOME QUALITY   
    And performance 
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    Plaidatlo reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in On this weekend... 10/6-10/8 CANDIDS *UPDATED   
    Today, October 6
    17 years ago - 2000
    At a Starbucks in Beverly Hills

    16 years ago - 2001
    At Millenium Dance Complex in Hollywood

    10 years ago - 2007
    With Jamie Lynn at Taco Bell in L.A.

    7 years ago - 2010
    Shopping at Only Hearts in Brentwood, CA

    6 years ago - 2011
    Leaving her hotel in Paris, France

    5 years ago - 2012
    At Albertson's in L.A.

    4 years ago - 2013
    At a dance studio in Thousand Oaks

    3 years ago - 2014
    Leaving an office building in Thousand Oaks/at Starbucks in Calabasas

    Tomorrow, October 7
    10 years ago - 2007
    Dinner at Sushi House in L.A. with Jamie Lynn/at a gas station

    9 years ago - 2008
    At B2V Borrelli-Vo Salon in L.A./lunch at the Chateau Marmont

    5 years ago - 2012
    At a Halloween store in Calabasas with Jason/McDonald's with the boys

    4 years ago - 2013
    At a dance studio in Thousand Oaks

    2 years ago - 2015
    At Corner Bakery in Westlake Village, CA


    Sunday, October 8
    14 years ago - 2003
    Leaving the Trump Hotel in NYC with Columbus Short

    13 years ago - 2004
    At Hair, Skin, Body and Beyond in Westwood, CA

    10 years ago - 2007
    Dropping her kids off with Kevin's security guard/at Coffee Bean in L.A./at a phone store/at a gas station/out driving

    9 years ago - 2008
    At her lawyer's office in L.A./shopping for sunglasses at Wasteland

    7 years ago - 2010
    Shopping at the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks

    5 years ago - 2012
    Vevo Certified interview

    4 years ago - 2013
    At a dance studio in Thousand Oaks/at Forever Bella Spa

    2 years ago - 2015
    In the studio with producers

    1 year ago - 2016
    Selfie/teaching kids dance class

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    Plaidatlo got a reaction from Ryan Godspeed in Just one gif that describes our fan base?   
    I would say it describes little monsters ....
    Britneys fans a quit nice and behaving. Especially when you go to the concert you can compare how different every artists fans are. I find Britney fans extremely nice to people, they are good people.
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    Plaidatlo reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in On this day... 10/5 CANDIDS   
    13 years ago - 2004
    At Legally Tan in Santa Monica/throwing her drink at paparazzi at Subway with Kevin

    10 years ago - 2007
    Shopping on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and a recording studio with JR Rotem/at a Starbucks/at a Rite Aid and gas station in L.A. with JR Rotem/getting a flat tire on Mulholland Drive

    9 years ago - 2008
    Riding go-karts at Dromo One in Anaheim, CA

    6 years ago - 2011
    At her hotel in Paris, France with Jason and the boys

    1 year ago - 2016
    At a tanning salon in Calabasas, CA

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    Plaidatlo reacted to brintyjoan in MTV posts Britney Then and Now   
    Maybe give her more awards instead of using her name to gain likes/views
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    Plaidatlo reacted to CJMCH in Britney recorded two other songs: "Stay" & "Strip" during the same sessions as Touch of my Hand...   
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    Plaidatlo reacted to RedBloodedWoman in Britney recorded two other songs: "Stay" & "Strip" during the same sessions as Touch of my Hand...   
    I interviewed Jimmy Harry (the producer of TOMH) last year and this is what he had to say about the songs:

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    Plaidatlo reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in On this day... 10/4 CANDIDS   
    17 years ago - 2000
    Leaving a cafe on Sunset Blvd. in L.A. with Justin and Fe

    14 years ago - 2003
    Cruising down 49th Street in NYC

    10 years ago - 2007
    Out for dinner at Casa Escobar in Malibu with Sam/at the Viceroy Hotel/ McDonald's in Santa Monica with JR Rotem

    9 years ago - 2008
    Leaving the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood with Jamie and the boys

    6 years ago - 2011
    Shopping in Paris with Jason and the boys

    5 years ago - 2012
    At a Starbucks in L.A.

    4 years ago - 2013
    At a recording studio in Burbank, CA

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    Plaidatlo reacted to BreatheOnMoi in Awkwardney strikes again   
    Delete it
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    Plaidatlo reacted to danny1994 in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    There’s a conspiracy for everything. Don’t listen to it, it’s not true
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    Plaidatlo reacted to AndrejBLV in Britney shaving her head is apparently a conspiracy   
    I don't believe that she was paid, but I believe that media was more focused purposely on Britney back then, then on political situation in US and in the World.
    She was great distraction from real world problems.