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  1. The media has changed A LOT since then... They don't chase as crazy as they used to... LA was always the real deal when it comes to paparazzi ,but lets say in europe especially these days celebs they call paparazzi them self to be photographed, it's publicity... I witness many times celebs coming to a restaurant here in London without any paparazzi following them and then they inform pappz where they are and that they'll be leaving the place in a hour or so and when they leave they don't even speed up to get in the car (or taxi-part is never on the pictures as they work as a team with papps),they let them take pictures...

    In Britney's case ,I think she's not that interesting anymore and she keeps in very low key, as she once said she even wears the same clothes and doesn't dress up much so she's less interesting to them and i think she is still followed ,but she can manage to escape them... And as much I would like some candids more often I'm happy for her, because after all that's all she wanted, to make it as normal as possible for her kids and hersef.

  2. 17 hours ago, tommy_boy said:

    If it's in terms of current work, It doesn't matter being popular or not, there's plenty of populars who don't get candids as Britney did back in 2005-2008 (well, nobody does actually). Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid, for example, they were unemployed back then but yet they were so followed by the paps, so... Today I just see Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, her sisters and that's it for the most part. Then Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Ariana Grande. But still it is not a chaos or bunch of annoying paps on their faces, times have changed and I truly believe that happened after Britney's breakdown, I mean there's new laws for paps in California and they can't do a lot of stuff they did with Brit.

    What are these new laws for pappz?

  3. 4 hours ago, indyRS said:

    Britney has some great comedic timing but she could be a better actress at times.

    I love your opinion for Hot Chick!

    I'm still hoping one day, her and Britney could play sisters.

    I love this tv series called "MOM" with Anna Farris. I keep commenting on @mom_cbs instagram for them to invite Britney for cameo to do an episode or two. I need your help on this if you guys could comment too. They do read and answer sometimes to people.

  4. I hope this is true, but not too sure either. Speaking of no snaps by papzzz of her heading or leaving the studio doesn't mean anything these days. I think Britney can escape paparazzi these days and she's not that interesting to them anymore and she used to be.... now they all chasing kardashians and stuff... Altho media has changed a lot. celebs has more air to breath if they want to.

  5. 3 hours ago, Paulino999 said:

    :cinderellaney: is a legend and an icon... 


    but tbh, I'm scared that her show disappoints ...

    imagine the media... after all the buzz,. I'm pretty sure she is going to dissapont so much...    

    I don't think she will. She is in a great shape and energetic on stage lately. Who ever went to see POM show in Vegas, everyone said it was fun and the show was great and that is just not what we see on instagram videos taken from the show... Even when I went to see Femme Fatale when she was out of shape and wasn't dancing well ,people still including myself had a great time.

    It's gonna be AWESOME! And I can't wait.

  6. Well, someone asked me at work the other day if i got my ticket to see Britney's show and when I said that I did that person was like "I've heard that the shows got sold out already..." and then the third person who was around and heard  our conversation said "Well, she has a lot of great songs, i like her songs"

    Britney is a living legend. People do admire her and her music! It's just something about Britney that people like her even if they have to in secret...

  7. 52 minutes ago, UKasz.b said:

    Oh I just noticed that my ticket (Official Platinum) can't be resale. All tickets should be like this one.

    Really?! Are u sure. am I in trouble if I buy those re-selling expensive tickets for A section?

    I just remember there was a situacion in London when people got re-sell tickets and they didn't let them in because it didn't mach the purchase name and ID, I don't remember what band was it for.

  8. I remember when I was trying few times to get tickets for Lady Gaga "The Monster Ball" and "Born This Way Ball" there were no available tickets, but I kept on trying every once in a while as it wasn't a big deal for me and then both times I found tickets for normal price and I was in front of the stage.

    I'm super upset right now because it's Britney and I'm a huge FAN,but I'm trying to chill here and wait.  The 24th it's says on the best spots SOLD OUT witch mean no chance for sure ,but for 25th they're holding the best tickets and they probably release them little by little as they always tryng to push the worst seats to be sold too.