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  1. I'm awkward when meeting new people. I've got anxiety when I got all eyes on me and I can't escape...I'm not very social also when I was younger I was sucker for love. When I love somebody I give my all... This is something I've always seen myself having just like Britney... But I guess now when I'm older after few relationships and broken heart I've changed and I'm more focus on myself and for the first time in my life I got to this point where I feel happier I ever been and I feel like my happiness doesn't have to depend on somebody. I'm more peaceful spiritual and grateful for life and little small things... I definitely more living in my own world and I prefer it that way.

  2. I just wish she takes care of her skin as it looks rough here... I love Britney to bits, but those pictures makes me a bit sad. There are so many great non surgical facial treatments that can make your skin look really good and glow. It cost some money, but she has them.

    Recently I got few sessions for facial collagen wave and got the right facial products and my skin is more tight clean and glowy right now. I'm 29 I never had such a good skin and I even got few times asked if I was under 18years old. I thought that person was joking first time I been asked, second time it made me laugh. After getting that treatment for a month once a week and looking after my skin made a big change. So why can not she.

  3. I always been between In The Zone & Blackout when it comes to choosing as my favourite album of them all. Blackout is a masterpiece ,but I would place In The Zone as my No.1 album. Britney was so much involved in creating process and so many great producers stepped in that made each song so different from one another. It's such a shame because of her knee the promo was canceled and we lost on "Outrageous". Blackout and In The Zone albums should have had like 6 singles released. Would have been great visual albums tho.... Only if... :(

  4. See, I don't realy get what's the real deal is with RCA. They released only two singles from Glory and no other two because she wasn't doing a world tour, promoting it more or because it wasn't selling well or whatever the reason...

    Iggy Azelia was complaining they didn't allowed her release a third single from her album because of poor album sell or whatever, but then there are other artist on RCA like Chris Brown who releases an album and five music videos straight away and he doesn't promote much either and tours only in US since he's not allowed in europe and many other countries because of his criminal record. And he's selling no better than Britney these days.

    So who knows. I miss JIVE when they would release 4-5 singles and the actual single CD's.