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  1. Yeah, I wish for official DVD till this day.

    I think they supposed to release an official DVD, but something went wrong....

    Also “Oops I Did It Again” Live From London would have been an amazing on official DVD, but it didn’t happen I think because she was singing live over pre-recorded “live”. She sung some parts live during “Live From Las Vegas” but they managed to cut those parts off  so they could still release it on DVD.

    All theses tours on official DVD would have been HEAVEN !!!

  2. I thought so too... and that’s fine by me as long as she’s healthy ... But the only thing is that every time I get to see her in concert she’s not in top form ( Circus tour in Berlin, Femme Fetale in London)

    Will see.

  3. 2 hours ago, Snesh! said:

    C'mon guys! You maybe don't understand Photoshop but you know how bodies work so I took 2 minutes of my time to recreate how the original photo might look like so you would see it


    You need to be blind to keep on thinkin Brit doesn't airbursh her body on Instagram

    She shouldn’t photoshop it so much, still looked great without photoshop!

  4. Good luck, just kindly ask for a picture without coming to close before. Show respect to her privacy and then will see.

    It really depends on the situación.... 

    one I was waiting on my own for her with the album in my hands for her to sign and when she got off the car she completely ignored me... there were no other fans or paps. Her mom gave me a “sorry” look tho.

  5. 1 hour ago, sue the expectional earner said:

    another flop is coming, get ready exhale :janet: i'm so ready for this sh!t, make me is her worst lead single and she is working with him again, you team b, you will never learn and you deserve to be flop like christina's latest single with your shitty titled song apple sh!t :trash:

    uh, i'm mad :sippinga:

    I strongly dissagree with you. “Make Me” is one of Britney’s most unappreciated mega hits.... This song is so damn good!