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  1. Ofcourse no! As a hairstylist myself I can tell that colour like Britney's roots should get touched up every two month even up to three depends how fast your hair is growing. platinum blonds should get it done every once a month...

    The extensions she's using last two to three month, but I know for fact she doesn't keep them up to three month to get them refreshed. I'd say she get's her roots colour done in about every two month and get's her extensions refreshed at the same time. After pasing two month because of the regrowth with hair extensions it doesn't feel as neet as when they're freshly done so girls often prefer to get it refreshed every two month. Some of those who's trying to safe money keep them on for three month and even longer sometimes,but then it gets messy...

  2. I would say it describes little monsters ....

    Britneys fans a quit nice and behaving. Especially when you go to the concert you can compare how different every artists fans are. I find Britney fans extremely nice to people, they are good people.

  3. They just have to change gun law in America. They have to stop it!!

    when I first heard on the news they showed this guy instastory himself while running away.... so I found him on Instagram just to check those instastories he made while it was happening and then I checked his pictures. Basically he's some rich guy showing his luxury lifestyle ,private jets ,topless women always around and that's fine by me, but what really bothered me that he had lots pictures of guns, like collections of guns.... this is flipping sick, I mean sick in the head. America has to stop the whole easy gun allowance. Why nobody talks about it. It's why it keeps happening.

  4. However Beyoncé probably paying all those wiki and stuff to praise her up as she's the new Michael Jackson.... seriously she's making me sick sometimes since the day when she tried to own I'm a slave 4 u dance moves on Pepsi commercial. Soon it will be updated that Slave dance routine was inspired by Beyoncé.


  5. 48 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    It was a big deal because of the trip to Australia to begin with. I don't want to go as far as to say it was Britney's first time there, but I believe I could be right? I think I am, because I believe the whole reason she had a press shoot with the koalas was because she'd never been there before and they were welcoming her there. Like I said, this was back when she was everywhere-- so that picture (and I think there was a few others of her with the bottle in her hand) caused a stir among dirt mags and even fairly credible magazines/news places, so they couldn't not respond to it. Everyone was paying attention.

    It was a bad move on her part. :yaknow: Had no real noticeable effect when it occurred other than all the talk it caused, but they held enough of a grudge about it to cite it as a reason to let her go later on.

    You're right actually, Britney was on top back then and every move she would make was under microscope even tho she's done things that every human being were doing... Those days of primeney were hella good and hella insane on the other hand. So much pressure on her to be perfect....

  6. 4 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Well, not quite. Britney was indisputably a huge pop phenomenon, but Pepsi's previous spokespersons included MJ (arguably most notably), Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, etc etc.

    You're right. But probably I wasn't even born when all the other legends have done pepsi... all I can remember is those iconic pepsi comercials with Britney on it.

  7. Was it really a 75million Pepsi contract she got? I though she was paid 9-14 million for Pepsi commercial and stuff.

    however the statement Pepsi made of her drinking Coca Cola and stuff was silly, nobody would have payed attention ,so why make such a big deal, or maybe that was part of a plan to bring Pepsi on spot once again.

    Pepsi Having Britney was the biggest deal they ever had in history and it was iconic even tho she ended up promoting Fanta!

  8. 2 hours ago, carlogiovanni said:

    I'm pretty sure Sam met them ages ago, at least since airBnB gifted Britney that mansion rental in Malibu. 

    I thought so too ,but according to my investigations Sam didn't spend the whole time in the Malibu  mansion... I think she first got there with kids and then she spend the last few days with Sam out there as kids where gone to Kevins...

    Same swap happen when she was touring in Asia this summer....

  9. 4 hours ago, FranzD said:

    It's a nightmare. I should've never said anything to my friends and colleagues.

    I think before turning 20 yrs old and having same age people around me might would turn it into a nightmare If I told everyone I was Britney fan, but now being almost 30 I don't give a damn what other people would think... and actually everyone respects me and no one ever made any fun of me being Britney's fan....

    or maybe it happened that people you work with are just a bunch of bitchesss. A good human being just CAN NOT dislike Britney.... even tho they're not fans of hers.