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  1. New Britney Sweatshirt at Forever21 (21MEN)

    I can't see it. links are still not working and pictures not showing...
  2. It's like two different people..

    I think it's like she said once that her twenties were horrible and when she said that i think there was more in her mind than the break-up's ,divorce ,situation with kids or meltdown... We also know how driven she was in the begging as an artist.... and how she wasn't been able to fully express her talent the way she wanted as there was this big PR machine behind.... For us it might have been the best years of Britney, but not for her. We all change as we get older and so does she... and i totally get it why she's not watching her own performances as some of you says she should... She just has to keep it as normal as possible for herself other wise it can drive you crazy...