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  1. I miss those days!!
  2. Urban Outfitters replied to my tweet where I asked for ...baby one more time vinyl in Europe as well saying they will pass on the request to someone in charge.
  3. Well ,it's a show time! Make up and big hair always needed !
  4. Y'all favorite Circus bonus track?

    Amnesia. Wait ,Dangerous ,Abroad !! I don't even know these song?! Have they ever been officially released as bonus tracks? Does it exist in HQ? If yes can somebody link those to me pls?
  5. Just ordered my copy ! Can you guys imagine if they release Oops I Did It Again and Britney!!! And In The Zone!!! That would be freakin' awesome!! And then Blackout and Circus!!! That be great stuff to add to my Britney collection!!
  6. I'm definitely getting it. Wonder if they'll be having any in stores? I brought "Glory" vinyl from UA that cost 30£. They had like 7 "Glory" vinyl copies at Urban Outfitets when it was released while at HMV music stores got sold out within few days. i would always pop in to Urban Outfitets close to my home in London and I would always make sure that Glory vinyl is up on a wall as they have some of them on a wall hanging and the rest on the shelfs. Sometimes I would come again and I would find it taken down and I Would put it up again. ... at the end I guess they stop fighting me and I would always find it up on a wall and as I checked a week ago there was only one copy left witch is hanging on the wall. I'll make sure baby one time vinyl is up on the wall if it will come up at the stores so all the shoppers can see it around the store!