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  1. I'm straight tho
  2. MTE music overall especially pop is very shitty now and generic it's really hard to find a bop it's like a 10 in 100 chance to find a good song to bop to
  3. f**k all that sh!t I want glory to succeed
  4. This also isisney
  5. MTE , i think britney wants to be creative but in a different way you could see that in 2004-2006 with someday and monalisa even original doll but her record label shut her up and forced her to do songs she didn't like same with femme fatale and Brenda joanne she wanted Brenda joanne to be like blackout 2.0 but they forced her to make it EDM and shuved will.i.am in there I feel so bad for brit she can't express herself with music and she's forced to do music she doesn't like
  6. I hate how they are making her look as if she's scared or worried to talk about her breakdown they are censoring her a lot especially papa spears
  7. But the production quality is sh!t Every thread bashing britney or about piece of me / blic is a definite hit thread
  8. Melanie is very creative with her concepts but saying it's more than Britney's entire life is kind of exaggurating
  9. Well piece of me is sponsored and owned by planet Hollywood so they pay for the props , set etc femme fatale tour was sponsored by jive so they gave team B a budget since it was a album tour m+ms is a mess of a tour don't get me started and BLIC Is sponsored by Asian sponsors that team B found , they probably focused more on promoting it with billboards , signs , advertisements everywhere rather than focusing on the quality of the stage , props , costumes
  10. It's 40 now
  11. Dayum what happened to E! News I remember it looked much better and had a proper set Looks like the budget is cutting down
  12. There's nothing wrong with this performance it's just her singing style