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  1. This song is so underrated...

    One of her best songs. Yay at it being VEVO certified though. Streaming queen!
  2. Unpopular opinions

    I made a thread like this a while ago but I decided to make another one. Here's the link if you wanna see it: http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/746495-unpopular-opinions/# Please don't quote the entire post. Kiss It Better is very good, but overrated. The second part is the same as the first one and it's kinda repetitive. No matter how hard the "PURE SALES!1!" stans try, streaming does matter and is the future (and the present). The charts exist to measure public consumption of music. The public uses streaming. And that's why BB counts streaming to their charts. Get used to it. You don't need the US to be global. Ariana's Into You is overrated to hell and back. Beyoncé isn't local. I don't get the hate for Pitbull. I'm not a big fan of his music but he seems like a genuinly nice guy and a very charitable one as well. No matter how many times pop stans ask if Rihanna is over, the awnser will still be no. The girl is a force and that's a fact. Even though I don't like the Kardashians, I really like Kim. I can't explain why, but I do. Adele isn't half as frontloaded as pop stans claim she is. Jay needs Beyoncé more than Beyoncé needs Jay. What are your unpopular opinion? Post them.
  3. I can't at the people sayng "The GP has no taste". Ya'll sure weren't saying that when BOMT and OIDIA were going diamond. Was it the Army that bought those 10 million plus copies of each album?
  4. No, but if the song is good enough, they'll eat it. I highly doubt the public wanted new J.Lo music in 2011, but she released OTF, promoted it with amazing performances (who can forget this), shot a great video for it, the public liked it and it ended up becoming the 5th biggest song of 2011 and J.Lo's biggest song ever. She was 42 when that hapenned, so age isn't an excuse. The public isn't here for stuff like SP from Britney, with pink and blue videos and sh!t like that. She needs to mature artistically, start giving a f*ck about her career, stop releasing sh!t like SP and release something worthy of smashing.
  5. Queen of saving her vocals chords for the future...
  6. JT is already doing it next year.
  7. Although I have my doubts about this case, I wish her well and hope the tour does go on. Love you Shak!
  8. The fact that they feel the need to put "break the internet" on every one of those types of covers says a lot. If the cover was truly ""break the internet"-able", they wouldn't need to tell us.