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  1. The age excuse is so f*cking dumb. She's just 35.

    Here's J.Lo, 48, performing last Saturday:

    Here's Janet, 51, performing on her State of The World Tour:

    Madonna, 53 at the time, performing Vogue at her Super Bowl Halftime Show:

    Meanwhile, Britney at 35:


    Age isn't the reason her dancing is tragic and her costumes are crap. It's the fact that she has no passion and just does it for the money, not the fans or the paying audiences.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Brichney. said:

    Now you know why Brit's gotten radio-banned in the past (and still managed to sell millions of albums) and never won a Grammy (except for Toxic). She must've pissed off or bruised one of those inflated-ass ego-ed white and/orJewish PSYCHO men running the industry's egos.

    Cool, really cool and interesting. :mj:

  3. 1 minute ago, Chris343 said:

    The leotard was probs too 'risque' for kids. At least show parts of 4 mins

    They should've done this video with teenagers to be honest. She really isn't meant for kids. :nyschool: I'm not expecting teens to know every one of her songs but at least they'd know who she is. :nyschool:

  4. 17 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:

    I wonder if Britney is this disconnected with today's youth :ponderney:

    Teenagers still recognize her classics (Baby, Oops and Toxic) but I don't know about kids. Watch one of them say "Is she Ariana Grande when she was younger?". :orangu: