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  1. I have no problem with artists doing tour bundles and I don't mind it counting for the charts but Billboard should also give us the numbers without the bundle.

    Just my opinion. :mj:

  2. Listened to Janet's The Velvet Rope today for the first time and absolutely loved it. Great songs, really cohesive, truly amazing... :feelingmyself:

    It was the first Janet album I listened to and I wanna know: which one should I listen to next? Rhythm Nation 1814? Control? :ponderney:

    1. fucknfurter


      Rhythm Nation 1814. :mhm:

  3. I heard Slumber Party on the radio today. It was on a radio ad, it was one of the remixes and it went on for like 40 seconds. :milkney:

  4. Spoiler


    Just seeing if Imgur works properly this way.

    1. Pedro Dantas

      Pedro Dantas

      It doesn't. :rihit: Does anyone know how to insert a imgur photo here?

  5. How do I bookmark a post? :ponderney:

  6. Will Cuca have longevity like Madonna or will she be a fad like Gaga? Discuss.


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    2. Pedro Dantas

      Pedro Dantas

      Why don't we have Gretchen emotes on this forum? :beyfedup: The woman has GIFs for every ocasion.

      Can you send me your Gretchen emotes please?

    3. SlayOut
    4. SexyJeans


      I need those gretchen emotes too bby 10migdh.jpg