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  1. True. She and Beyoncé both have amazing work ethics. Everyone loves to mock P!nk's acrobatics but that's not an easy thing to do. Same thing with this place joking about Bey's "chicken dancing". She puts more effort into that than Britney and Xtina do into their careers.
  2. I know she had a tour bundle, but DAMN. She really is an underdog. I bet nobody back in the day could've predicted that she'd outlast Britney and Christina.
  3. The video will 100% be released...

    Those who bump seem to have all the fun...
  4. Pink Comments on Britney

    I don't think anyone of the late 90s/early 00s league has reached legend status yet but I'd say Beyoncé is the closest one. She's been around for almost 15 years (solo) and she's still very relevant, has great sales, longevity, consistency, GP respect, acclaim, amazing touring stats, classics, etc. She's a soon-to-be-legend. Britney has great sales and has influenced the newer pop stars but she gave up way too early and nobody respects her artistry. She's an icon who could've been a legend. Shakira is a legend in Latin America but she's (just) an icon everywhere else. JT is an icon. He could've been a legend, but took way too many long breaks. P!nk has amazing consistency but she's just an icon. That's just my opinion.
  5. Pink Comments on Britney

    Britney isn't legend in any way. An icon? Yes. But a legend? Hell no. And if she was a legend by 2005 when she dropped Max as her main producer (which actually hapenned after the Britney era), I guess she stopped being one when she called him back for Circus. Imagine thinking Britney is in the same league as Prince, MJ, Madonna, Whitney, etc.
  6. Pink Comments on Britney

    Where's "money"?
  7. Fiebre Britney is going to Las Vegas

    If any Exhaler sees him there, you know what to do...
  8. Pink Comments on Britney

    Britney also isn't a living legend. Maybe in this forum, but that's it. And it's not just airplay. P!nk has been outselling "Godney" ever since 2001, with the exception of Try This/In The Zone: Missundaztood outsold Britney. I'm Not Dead outsold Blackout. Funhouse outsold Circus. GH... SF outsolf FF. TTAL outsold BJ. And BT will probably outsell Gloryhole in a month. I can post many others if you want.
  9. Pink Comments on Britney

    It's the one where she slays (as usual).
  10. Pink Comments on Britney

    If U + Ur Hand isn't controversial, then neither is that Britney line you talked about. No one, not even this place, cares about it. I guess P!nk's not controversial, but, judging on how her career is doing compared to Paris (or Britney), I'd say that's to her advantage.
  11. Pink Comments on Britney

    @nonoiseplz Call me when Paris does something half as good as this.
  12. Pink Comments on Britney

    Imagine thinking Paris Hilton is on the same level as P!nk.
  13. Will Britney age decently like...

    A woman over 40 with wrinkles on close-up pics... Shocking. Meanwhile, Britney at 35: Kylie at 35. And here's Kylie at 49: BYE.
  14. Will Britney age decently like...

  15. Pink Comments on Britney

    Each to it's own I guess. Have fun with Paris and Kim, I'll stay boppin' to U + Ur Hand. And what is the problem with a song being written by Max? "Godney" also worked with him.
  16. Her team blocks them. I'd assume there are some on Vimeo.
  17. Pink Comments on Britney

    What? P!nk used sex appeal to market her music but her talent was always the main factor. Kim K is just sex appeal, no talent. P!nk also doesn't go around pretending to be dumb like Paris. So no, she's not as much of an image whore as the "stupid girls".
  18. Britney’s team sent SP for SOTY and ROTY

    Did they at least submit it to Best Pop Duo/Group Performance? Because SOTY and ROTY is way too impossible. ? Cause
  19. Will Britney age decently like...

    Kylie looks that good at 50 because: she has a good plastic surgeon; she (reportedly) stopped getting botox this year or last year. And probably good genes too, I guess... I don't know. I love Madonna but her looks were tragic in 2008: Thank God she fixed it in 2009:
  20. Pink Comments on Britney

    She's not afraid of sexual expression. One of her favorite Madonna moments was the SEX book. She just doesn't like when sexiness is used as a substitute for talent (not saying Britney isn't talented), which is why she calls out people like Kim K or Paris Hilton.
  21. Pink Comments on Britney

    Fixed it for you.
  22. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Too late. Plus, I don't hate Mimi's screams. I'll listen to Daydream after it.
  23. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I decided to start with Butterfly a few hours ago (loved it!) and I'm gonna listen to Emancipation now.
  24. It's not that surprising. 5 of Britney's 9 eras did well on radio. I was shocked to see her that high but it still makes sense.