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  1. When did I say that? I wasn't talking about albums, I was talking about equivalent albums. I never said solo Beyoncé sold more than Britney, nor did I say DC sold more than Britney. I said Beyoncé and DC combined sold more than Britney when it comes to CSPC, which is proven by the receipts I posted. I also wasn't trying to prove that Beyoncé solo sold more than Britney, I was just dismissing @Dynasty's false claim that Beyoncé has sold 10 times more than Britney. That's not true even when it comes to album sales: Beyoncé solo full length sales: 38,115,000 DC full lenght sales: 38,598,000 Bey + DC f.l. sales: 76,713,000 Britney full length sales: 79,840,000 So clearly, Bey and DC aren't as far off as you say when combined in terms of album sales. Obviously, 80M is NOT 10 times bigger than 38M the same way 100M isn't 10 times bigger than 70M. @Dynasty
  2. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    True. And Madonna got one of her biggest hits at the age of 47. And even if they can't get big hits nowadays, Celine and Madonna make up for it with touring. The Sticky & Sweet Tour and the Taking Chances Tour are perfect examples. Their latest tours (RH Tour and Celine Dion Live 2017) were completly sold out. They can also still sell albums (look up Rebel Heart's and Encore Un Soir's sales and compare them to Glory's). Britney isn't in the same league as Madonna, Mariah, Celine, Janet, etc. Britney's peers are JT, Beyoncé, P!nk. They are still sucessful, she isn't. And her big prime isn't an excuse. Madonna had a big prime as well and managed to have amazing longevity.
  3. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    Sure she will.
  4. No she didn't. Beyonce (w/ DC): 115,108,000 (update: Dec 2016) Britney: 99,833,000 (update: Jun 2017) Beyoncé: 69,152,000 (update: Dec 2016) In what world is ~100m 10 times more than ~70m? Time to learn some basic math. And before you come at me with "But it's just singles. Britney sold more albums", let me remind you that the methology does not count single sales with the same weight as album sales. http://chartmasters.org/2017/10/cspc-data-collector/3/ In what way is Britney more powerful than Beyoncé in 2017? Touring? No. Album sales? No, just look at the difference between Lemonade and Gloryhole. Single sales? No. GP respect? No. Streaming? No, even with Beyoncé not uploading her new music on Spotify or putting it months later like she did on YouTube. And do you really wanna talk about overrated when Britney doesn't do anything on stage nowadays and you guys still buy everything she does?
  5. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    National radio shows? That's not promo. Live televised performances are promo. The song was actually rising on radio at one point. Private Show and If I'm Dancing better songs than Slumber Party?
  6. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    I hadn't even heard Glory when SP came out. I expected it to do well when the video got good reviews and the song started to rise on radio. It wouldn't have been the next Hotline Bling, but, with promo, it would've gone somewhere. If I'm Having A Seizure and Private Sh!t would flop no matter how hard she promoted.
  7. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    If I'm Dancing? Nice to know @Britneybbhmm found a job as radio DJ after being exposed. Good for him.
  8. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    That's the radio that played Glory in full once and they play lots of Shakira songs as well. I wouldn't be surprised if it was managed by stans.
  9. Slay at her choosing Don't Hurt Yourself! She looks good.
  10. It's a pop radio list. P!nk has been a radio darling ever since the I'm Not Dead era. It's a pop radio list, which hasn't played a Beyoncé song in ages. But good luck using this a receipt. Who cares about current touring gross, album sales, networth, single sales, streaming or stuff like that. It's pop radio that matters when it comes to power. Sure, sweetie...
  11. Beyonce's "Mi Gente" Remix Rockets Up The Hot 100

    I listened to 4 (Expanded Version) on Monday. I loved it. It got a bit tiring at the end with the balads but the songs were great. The vocals were amazing. My ranking now is: ST = B'Day > 4 > Lemonade > IASF.
  12. Find out your Blackout rank

    Shocking results for me. Heaven on Earth Piece of Me Gimme More Break the Ice Radar Freakshow Perfect Lover Get Back Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Ooh Ooh Baby Everybody Toy Soldier Why Should I Be Sad Hot as Ice Outta This World
  13. How could I possible forget about Scream & Shout? That song is a classic. The Billie Jean of it's generation, truly. Still not as good as Body Ache. That song is truly amazing. So sad it wasn't a single.
  14. How could I forget about Womanizer? Her best song together with Love Me Down, 3, Work Bitch and the S&M Remix. Amazing tracks. Elvis is shook.
  15. Some (if not many) of her best songs weren't even singles. It's not surprising this is the only place that knows about them. Plus, Toxic is just in a whole another level.
  16. Are you sure? Because Exhale told me MM (or DWYCO or JLM or SP) is the new Toxic.
  17. Taste. Imagine not stanning for this classic... Can't relate.
  18. It does. How do you think she got to #6 when 4 of her 9 eras bombed on radio?
  19. Clickbait title by Billboard. It's based on pop radio which is why Maroon 5 is so high. The use of the word "greatest" makes no sense here.
  20. The "Ranting, Venting and Getting It off Your Chest" Thread

    Dumb meltdown but here it goes. My grades are a disaster. I'm in 11th grade in a Languages and Humanities course - one of the easiest ones - and last year I had a 13,5 (out of 20) average. The course I'll likely follow is journalism and, if I want to get into the university closest to home, I'll need something like a 16. For me to ever reach that average I'll need to have an average 17/18 both this year and next year. I'm not understanding sh!t in class, I try to pay attention but always get distracted and I say I'm gonna study but I always find myself back in this place. I'm not sure wether I'll reach the 16 average and will probably be placed in a university far away from home. Which would be a nightmare... I have a History A test tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  21. remember when britney spears did that

    What a great day for watching this iconic video.
  22. remember when britney spears did that

    But, seriously, when you said you never heard LAP, did you mean on the radio or ever? If you meant the second one, go watch the video immediatly and clean your soul.
  23. remember when britney spears did that

    Spotify streams: LAP: 75 252 958* LAV: 49 150 239** *There are various versions of LAP on Spotify: Celebration: 51 687 530; Album version: 21 986 589; TIC version: 1 578 839. **Same thing with LAP except the streams on Celebration and TIC are connected. Album version: 27 805 292 and Celebration/TIC version: 21 344 947. The GP has made it's decision.